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 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Feb 12, 13 4:43 PM
I have wondered that, too.

Obviously, they're dead. The final shot of Risha and Jill at the Prom dancing shows Jill's mom and dad looking down at her "from the clouds/heaven" and smiling.

Can only guess a tragic vehicle/plane accident since both their lives were taken.


Does anyone know? I've always been curious about this...
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Well ... have earned 19 trophies at game end. The following is a list of trophies I've achieved --- however, there seems to be a spot for one more on the top shelf.

The TV
Both Toppers (there are 2 separate trophies)
The Oven
ONE of the Frosters (I have all frosters fully upgraded but you only need to fully upgrade one)
Jill's Shoes
Gran's Decorating Station

Purchasing ALL "Interior" Upgrades
Getting 3 or More Sugar Rushes in a Single Level
Completing 20, 40, 60, and 80 levels (that's 4 separate trophies)
Completing the Game
Completing the Game with "Superstar" on ALL Levels
Achieving 1,000 pts. trophy
Achieving 10,000 pts. trophy
Achieving 50,000 pts. trophy
Not Losing A Single Customer

Sooooo, that's 19 trophies in all. There appears to be an empty space on the top shelf between the "All Superstar" trophy and the "Sugar Rush" trophy .......... does anyone know what that should be and how to achieve it?????

I have completely upgraded EVERYTHING from the equipment to the interior - NO trophy for that. (possible glitch??? dunno ... plus, while a full upgrade of every other piece of equipment earned a trophy, upgrading fully the cookie and freezer gained NO awards ... another glitch??? ... seems strange that every other piece of equipment awarded a fully upgrade trophy except those two???)

I have over 100,000 points, but no trophy was awarded (possible glitch??? dunno ...)

I did have to throw a cake or two away throughout the game, however, I have read in another forum that others have made it through the entire game without doing so and were NOT awarded a trophy for never tossing a cake. (another possible glitch????? hmmmmm ..........)

Anywho ... here is my list. It appears there is at least 1 space for an additional trophy on the top shelf.

A big shout out "THANK YOOOOOOUUUUU" to any/all who can please answer this question!!!
 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Oct 2, 11 6:26 AM
grmf wrote:Delete the content of the folder cutscenes .
There are only 2 files opening_cs and ending_cs.
Works for me.

To grmf: Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!!!!!! Your fix worked!!!! (yay!)

Winemaker Extraordinaire is one of my favorite games and could only play it in 'free' mode, not career mode, for weeks now. I've owned the game for several years and still play it --- such an aesthetically pleasing game (and fun, too!).

To the other individuals who are having the same problem. I, too, tried to run it in Windows XP mode, etc., etc. No luck. I have a 64-bit system running Vista Home Premium (I really dislike Vista --- ugh! --- worst OS ever!).

Anywho .... as grmf stated - delete the "contents" of the cutscene folder. Not the folder plus contents ... just the contents. Open the folder and individually delete the 2 files within the folder. The opening and closing cutscene files --- there are only 2 files in that folder. Delete those two files and VOILA!!! You should now be able to play Career Mode.

I do miss the beginning and ending scenes as it does make the game 'whole' but if you can't play the game at all ... this is better than nothing. Due to the recent flash update, the game now requires a patch/fix to play those cutscenes. Hopefully, one will be coded and available to all of us soon so we can play the full game with the cutscenes as intended. For now, this will have to do as Freeplay mode gets boring quite quickly.

Thanks, again, to grmf!!!!!!!!
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Aug 25, 11 2:18 PM
Does anyone have a complete list of trophies and how to get them? Thx!!
 posted in Lavender`s Botanicals on May 10, 10 5:28 PM
Winemaker Extraordinaire is my most favorite game!!!!! The music is beautiful and relaxing and very relative to the place you are traveling to. I've played it at least a half dozen times and it never gets boring! In fact, some of the gameplay changes up here and there as you replay the game. Love the storyline and the characters, too!

Chocolatier is my second favorite (prefer Decadence over 1 and 2). The Dashboards are very similar in Winemaker Extraordinaire and Decadence whereby you can see every single quest from the beginning of the game. I believe, if I remember correctly, 1 and 2 only allow limited info. The storyline continues from 1 through 2 and then Decadence. (I don't consider "Chocolate Chase" a Chocolatier game. It was awful and had nothing to do with 1, 2 or Decadence.)

I just purchased Lavender's Botanicals and after reading all the threads here at BF ... I am concerned that I have made a mistake. The hour was not long enough of a trial in that there were 22 pages of instructions to read --- as quickly as possible --- so that I could play the game. I was just starting to get into the game when my trial ended. I was intrigued in that it was so similar to Winemaker Extraordinaire and the Chocolatier series ... so I purchased it.

Hmmmmmmm ... after reading all these threads and NOT being able to find a 'walkthough' --- which I generally don't like doing but felt it probably would be best with all the bugs and glitches in Lavender's Botanicals posted by other players --- now I'm really concerned. A game that is 2 years old and NO WALKTHROUGH? Okaaaaaaay ... I am just going to guess that the bugs and glitches have NOT been fixed and this is either going to be a challenge or a frustrating waste of time and money --- and from what I've read, I fear the latter. *sigh* I guess I'll find out tonight ...
 posted in Lavender`s Botanicals on May 10, 10 4:54 PM
Mango Butter can be found in Bangalore, India. The passage to Bangalore is through Kilkenny, Ireland.
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on May 9, 10 9:55 AM
I recently changed my antivirus/firewall program to AVIRA. It keeps telling me that Cake Mania 3 which I downloaded from Big Fish a looooong time ago, has a virus. I've searched for the file which is located in the Big Fish Cake Mania 3 folder ... says its an application ... properties won't tell me anything ... have no idea what it is, what it does, if it is necessary to play the game, if it is part of the DRM .... ????

It is found in:
C:\Users\owner\Documents\GAMES - BIG FISH\Cake Mania 3\vhpbdqt.exe

AVIRA states 'vhpbdqt.exe' is malware. States a virus or unwanted program has been found in the above file. States access to this file was denied and to please select a further action - either remove or details. I've tried to have the program ignore it --- it won't. Comes up every single time! Calls it a 'TR/Agent. 1103176.A' and it is specifically the vhpbdqt.exe file/application.

As I have said, I have searched and found the particular file/application within the Big Fish Cake Mania 3 file ... but I have no idea what it is. The application properties will not tell me anything about it. Tried doing a search on google and had one result ... in french! *sigh*

I've had Cake Mania 3 for years, no malware, virus, etc., notifications prior to my newest virus/firewall of AVIRA.

Can anyone please tell me what the vhpbdqt.exe file is within Cake Mania 3 which I downloaded from Big Fish ... whether you also have this file ... and whether it is a virus or a necessary file for the game???

Thank you for all your help!!!!
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Apr 27, 10 8:30 AM
Purchase the phone. DON'T click on it during gameplay. Let it ring. Wait until the shop is closed AND you have one last customer's money left on the counter. Restock your fridge (if you have one - very important upgrade to have), THEN click on the phone and it will give you one more cake order. Fill the order.

Make sure fridge is restocked with the most expensive cakes (2 tiers with the volcano topper is the most expensive), click the phone for the order --- remember it won't be ringing but will still give you an order --- fill final phone cake order --- then pick up final payment that was laying on counter. VOILA!

(in early stages of game, if you purchased the phone, sometimes the phone WON'T ring - thus, the 'click the phone after shop is closed' trick won't work. Phone must have rung during regular gameplay ... do NOT answer it ... leave it until after the shop is closed and then click on it!)

Hope this helps!

P.S.: For those of you who don't know ... the 'cake display' upgrades to the fridge - a two and three cake fridge.

With all upgrades, you want to save money to upgrade to the highest upgrade possible, otherwise you're wasting money - FOR EXAMPLE: let's say total upgrade for gold for 'item X' is $3000 - you purchase the 1st upgrade at $500, 2nd upgrade at $1000, 3rd upgrade at $2000, and finally 4th upgrade at $3000 --- over time, you've spent $6,500 ... OR you can upgrade all at once for $3000 ... spend wisely or you're wasting money and increasing your frustration! In regards to the fridge, if you can only upgrade to a two cake rather than a three cake fridge - that's better than just having the display. DO IT!!! The fridge is a VERY valuable and wise upgrade!!!

P.S.S.: Also note, the 'trick' of clicking the menu before game ends, save game, continue, etc., to accumulate money ONLY works with the earlier vs. 1.001. If you've upgraded to vs. 1.004 so that you can purchase and play the expansion packs ... unfortunately, this neat little trick of accumulating money will NOT work with vs. 1.004. I've had both versions and have played CM3 dozens of times. Won it dozens of times. Unfortunately, they've fixed that little 'glitch/trick' from the earlier version to the newer version. Just FYI in case you're wondering if there is something wrong with your game/computer. There isn't. It's the version - they caught and fixed that little glitch. (The phone one still works, tho!)
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Apr 26, 10 6:36 PM
This is a very good trick. However, it will only work with the earlier version. I used it all the time with version 1.001. Since I have upgraded to version 1.004 so I could purchase the expansion packs, this neat little trick will NOT work with version 1.004. I have tried it over and over ---- no go! It will only work with the earlier version.

(The phone trick works though! Do NOT click on the phone during gameplay. Wait until the round is over leaving the last customer's money on the counter. Fill your fridge (if you have one), then 'click on the phone' ... it will give you an order even though the round is technically over (but you haven't picked up the last customer's payment yet). This will help those of you who are only a few dollars short of winning - frustrating, I know - but this little trick will get you one last cake. After filling the phone order, and making sure the fridge is restocked ... then pick up the last customer's payment. Make sure you do NOT click on the phone during gameplay as this 'click on phone after shop is closed' trick won't work then. Wait until after the shop is closed. Phone doesn't have to be ringing - just click on it. It must, however, have rung at some point during your gameplay, or it won't work. If it rings, don't answer it - wait until the shop is closed. If it doesn't ring at all (sometimes early on in the game, the phone won't ring) --- then this won't work. Please remember, phone must have rung during gameplay or this 'click on phone after shop is closed' trick won't work.
Hope this helps!)
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CAKE MANIA 3 VERSIONS (Big Fish's 1.001a and Sandlot's 1.004)


"I apologize for your frustration. The latest build of Cake Mania 3 was sent to Big Fish Games on 10/13/08. We just heard back from Big Fish this morning saying that they will push the latest version (1.004) live on their site ASAP."


Per a representative at Big Fish:
"Emily J. Seattle: We are unable to offer that update as it is not compatible with our site due to Sandlot's servers."



Regarding the upgrade to version 1.004 from 1.001a of Cake Mania 3:
"I emailed Sandlot and you cannot upgrade your version there unless you purchased there."

I paid for Cake Mania 3 (through Big Fish). I earned ALL trophies at the Super Goal level. I wanted to purchase the expansion add-ons but I can't because my version is 1.001a and per Big Fish, that's all I can get due to 'server issues' with Sandlot. (The 'free' add-on was compatible through Sandlot Connect ... but I haven't tried to download the 2 remaining add-ons for purchase due to numerous complaints of problems posted by Big Fish members in various threads.)

#1. Can anyone tell me if the present Cake Mania 3 on Big Fish is still version 1.001a (as I don't want to re-download something I already have)?

#2. Will anyone who purchased CM3 from BIG FISH who downloaded the expansion pack add-ons from Sandlot (not the free one - got that) please advise what version of CM3 you have and what problems, if any, you had with the purchasing/downloading/gameplaying of those add-ons?

#3. Will customers who purchased CM3 on BIG FISH please post here as to whether or not they were able to download a more recent version than 1.001a, where, how, and if the expansion add-ons (excluding the free one - got that) work?

(I sent a long detailed email to both Big Fish and Sandlot and will post here what, if any, their answers are in regards to upgrading from version 1.001a to 1.004 for Big Fish Customers.)


Thank you for your help and cooperation!
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