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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Nov 10, 16 10:10 PM
so I gathered all the parts of the landsong 2nd relic and the flowers came back, but its saying that I have only 4 of the 5 pieces and I cant move on to the farie of light relics without it finishing the landsong relic quest
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 12, 15 12:05 AM
whooo hoooo its bak , fer now I guess
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 11, 15 9:24 PM
I kind of just wasted about 3 hours trying to troubleshoot the situation on my end because it was saying failure to load error 118, 101, & 7, so of course I thought it was the wifi that we have that's always cutting in and out, reset the Comcast box nothing, did a bunch of stuff and finally got on the forums thru the big fish game page, and here I find out every1's having the same issue and now im sad because I work 11-9 most days and I only have a small window where I can get help with my dragons and things like that, and now I find out its crashed and has happened b4 and might b out for a while, well I guess I lost todays dragon attempt. I hope this isn't a constant occurrence. I mean its bad enough that ppl cant do the duels and such, and theres always the occasional inability to load I really hope this game comes bak on I really like playin it n destressin aftr wrkin a 10 hr shift in deli w/out any breaks. ppl need games to relax n distress. oh game hostin server ppl pls fix our game for us we all really really do love the game
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 12, 15 4:43 PM
so i've been playing this game for a good while now, started i think about last spring or summer can't remember, not years like some others, but long enough to notice n decide to quit n come back to n quit again the battle/duel/competition functions of the game among other technical issues that caused me to quit this game for a few months, 3 i think. well here i am trying yet again to test the waters of the different competition features in the game, and again as before it gets stuck doing the loading icon immeadiatly after i either beat my opponent, or the time runs out on competitions, it almost got stuck doing the rock, paper, siscors part of the duel, but then i escaped the full screen mode with the esc button and it finished that part but then froze once i beat the opponent. now dont get me wrong its a nice thing to enjoy a battle of searchin like that with wonderful opponents and i throughly enjoyed the 3 to 5 minutes i spent playing my opponent and will not mention their name either because i feel it has no relevency in the technical issue. but when the thing keeps getting stuck at the end of the things, and im just wasting my pearls it makes me quit the whole against other players portion of this game. if it is not a fully functioning part of the game or the bugs havnt been worked out than why is it even in the game, i've read through some of the posts here and i see its a reccuring issue for this game, so why isnt anything being done to amend this situation? is there some lack in the tech department or is it a game fault or what? i know all of us here who've been playing and have given up on this portion of the game would really like to know, i for one for sure. however i know if it never gets resolved il probably move on to another similar game due to lack of caring after becoming so frustrated almost wanting to do something anything to attempt to resolve the issue as i already know its not my router, because if i can use aim or internet or phone than i know there is internet, and after updating every known flash player or other thing used on my computer and still having the same issue i will ultimatly end up determining that the game is never going to be a fully functioning game and wil remove myself from it and leave the game for one that will actually work and actually has people who care if it works or doesnt since the issue has never been resolved and theres people who've been playing longer than i have who've BEEN having the issue
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 8, 14 9:34 PM
So a little more than a month ago I'd been trying and trying and TRYING until completly frustrated I gave up on it and decided to never come back to this game because it would not load past 2%. Well I tried ta not come back but I just love playin it and missed it so much that of course I;ve come back to try this past week and a few days prior thinking that it was my flash player, updated it no luck, my settings, went through them no change, basically I've been attempting to trubleshoot the issue as much as possible from my end because I really like this game, but since nothing I've tried has worked I'm coming here to see if there's any way I can ever play it again or if I'm stuck not playin it forever
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