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Quest: Visit Chateau de Fantome
Yvette: It’s time to try being neighborly. It’s a custom in the South. Plus you get gifts that way. Neighbors are really handy when you want to swap things.
[Visit Chateau de Fantome]
Lawyer: Welcome to Chateau de Fantome, my fright and joy. I invite you to explore the grounds, but beware the flesh-eating trees. They haven’t been fed, yet.
[Get 500 silver]

Quest: Facebook
Yvette: Ah, the benefits of Facebooking.
Sterling: Are you referring to the time I passed out face down into an opened dictionary?
Yvette: Hardly. Facebook allows playing on multiple devices, access to all your wonderful friends and fabulous rewards. Login into Facebook today and start enjoying the startling benefits.
[Connect with Facebook account]
Yvette: Darling, you’ve done it.
Sterling: Yes, indeed. All benefit with a proper Facebooking.
Yvette: Silence, Sterling.
[Get 10 gold and Unicorn (or Man-eating Plant if you skipped)]

Quest: Library Checkout
Yvette (to swamp man): Thanks for turning me into a ghost. Now turn me back.
Swamp man: It was the only way to stop you.
Yvette: Stop me? From what?
Swamp man: Releasing great harm. You’re both guilty.
Ellie: Stop talking, or we’ll leave you like that.
Swamp man: I’d be delighted if you’d help me.
Yvette: I’ve got a pair of hedge clippers…
Swamp man: That’s a bit… extreme. There’s a better way.
[Unlock Ch 4.1 Library Puzzle (Accumulated Knowledge) with 38,500 juju]
Swamp man: This professor kept altered creatures like me. He’d know what to do.
Yvette: Exactly where is this professor?
Swamp man: He’s dead. But he left notes… somewhere. I had a clue…
Ellie: We better help him.
[Complete HOS, find postcard with picture of unicorn and writing, “The Metairie Menagerie.”]
Swamp man: The postcards point to an animal menagerie. We need a lot of ectoplasm!
Yvette: Shall we?
Swamp man: Wait. These, animals only appear at special times.
Ellie: Yeah, your little book told us when.
Swamp man: Book? What are you talking about?
[Get 750 silver]
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Quest: Soul of the Bayou
Ellie: Let’s head to the soul of the bayou.
Yvette: I’m allergic to ghost mosquitoes.
[Unlock Ch 3.3 Soul of the Bayou with 28,050 juju]
Ellie: I know this place! This is where it all went down.
Yvette: She looks like you. Where are we?
Ellie: It’s real, but also a memory. Hurry, get the ecto!
[Complete HOS]
Yvette: Ick. What’s that?
Ellie: That’s when I…changed. To a ghost.
Yvette: Where’s Sterling? Ellesmere, come back!
[Get 5 gold]

Quest: Introducing Sterling
Ellie: Gather 10 vials and return to the manor.
Yvette: You better explain. Don’t you vaporize on me! She’s useless. You might need to start over!
[Collect 10 vials in chapter 3]
Ellie: You got the juice! Give it to the voodoo man.
Voodoo man: I now must find a two-headed chicken and…
Yvette: Stand back. Something’s happening!
Swamp man: GrrrAAAAAAArrrrrr!
Yvette: So much for his voodoo powers.
Swamp man: Ahem. Excuse me. I had a frog in my throat, literally.
Ellie: Sterling!
Swamp man: Ladies, I’m charmed to see you both.
[Get 8000 silver and Swamp Creature]

Quest: Split Trolley
[Unlock Ch 3.4, Trolley Trolley premium scene, with 49 gold and complete HOS]
[Get 10 gold ]

Quest: Trolley Trolley
Yvette: They’re complaining about us haunting the streetcar. Can you cleanse it of leftover ectoplasm?
[Fill 2 vials from Ch 3.4, Trolley Trolley]
Yvette: Now we have our very own streetcar!
[Get Streetcar (2590juju, 3x2, 0xp)]
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Quest: Ecto for Voodoo
Ellie: We need 8 vials this time. Play the desk, and the Double Gypsy and Go Do Voodoo scenes till [sic] you got it.
[Collect 8 vials in Chapter 2]
Voodoo man: I will bring back your Sterling… and more.
Yvette: What more?
Ellie: We’ve got a voodoo man! The neighbors’ll be jealous!
[Get 2,000 silver and Voodoo (245silver/1hr, 1800 juju)]

Quest: General Store Mayhem
[Unlock Ch 2.4, General Store premium scene, with 28 gold and complete HOS]
[Get 10 gold]

Quest: Haunted General Store
Lawyer: Reports say ghosts are haunting the new general store. The previous store burned down. That could be the cause. Trick them into inhabiting the mansion instead.
[Collect 2 vials in Ch 2.4 General Store]
Lawyer: Every Southern mansion needs a burnt-out store.
[Get Dry Goods Store (2580 juju, 3x2)]

Quest: Dregs of the Bayou
Voodoo man: Chicken Bones never lie. Sterling is in the soul of the Bayou.
Yvette: The soul of the Bayou? Isn’t that where you’re from?
Ellie: Depends who you ask. We should go ask someone.
[Unlock Ch 3.1 Swampy Bottom with 14,550 juju]
Yvette: Talk to riff-raff? That figures.
Ellie: Boatmen are always disappearing in the swamp. Their ecto-whatsit will show us the bayou’s soul.
[Complete HOS]
Yvette: Did it work?
Ellie: Yep! I see where it is! I’m just not sure when it is.
[Collect 3 gold]

Quest: Double Beastro
Ellie: We need a when, Yvette.
Yvette: We should look at Sterling’s appointment book.
[See picture of Beastro in appt book]
[Unlock Ch 3.2 Double Beastro for 22,800 juju]
Yvette: Find the differences. I hope this works again.
[Find message, “Midnight at the third full moon.”]
Yvette: Tonight is the third full moon.
Ellie: That’s lucky! Too lucky?
[Collect 2000 silver]
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Quest: Desk Discovery
Yvette: Now what do we do with the ectoplasm?
Ellie: Sterling was chummy with a voodoo priest. Let’s find him.
Yvette: A good idea! Shocking.
Ellie: I’m not sure where they hang out.
Yvette: Try Sterling’s desk. Maybe there’s a receipt!
[Unlock Ch 2.1, Sterling’s Messy Desk, with 875 juju]
Yvette: What a slob.
Ellie: Yeah, good luck with that!
[Complete HOS, Ch 2.1Sterling’s Messy Desk]
[Find photo of fortune teller in an appointment book]
Yvette: Sterling’s appointment book! Who’s in the picture?
Ellie: A fortune teller. Something’s written here…
Yvette: Meet Papa Legba in Hurtado Alley on time.
Ellie: But instead of a time, there are smudges.
Yvette: We know where to find the voodoo guy, just not when.
[Collect 250 silver]

Quest: Seeing Double Gypsy
Ellie: I got a feeling. Let’s take this photo back to the gypsy’s place and see what happens.
[Unlock Ch 2.2, Gypsy in a Picture, with 2625 juju]
Yvette: Here we are, now what?
Ellie: Find any differences between the photo and the real place.
[Complete split scene puzzle]
Yvette: What good did that do?
Ellie: Look at the picture
[See smudged writing clarify “Papa Legba, Hurtado Alley, 2:00am moonless night”]
[Collect 1 gold]

Quest: Go To Voodoo
Ellie: It’s 2am, and there’s no moon. Let’s find our voodoo man.
Yvette: He’ll know how to use ectoplasm to bring back Sterling.
[Unlock 2.3 Papa Legba’s Voodoo Shop with 7500 juju]
Yvette: What does your bayou tell you this time?
Ellie: We need more ecto-goo first. He doesn’t take cash.
Yvette: You heard the swamp queen. Get crackin’!
[Complete HOS]
Voodoo man: Yeeees. But it’ll take much spirit juice.
Yvette: You can’t get that from a fruit, can you?
Ellie: It’s ecto-goo, birdbrain.
Voodoo man: Return with the spirit juice…
[Collect 300 silver]
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Quest: Hello Walker
Ellie: Let’s liven this place up! You can add walkers to your grounds. Some are alive. Some are ghosts. Walkers can up your juju, too.
[Buy and place walker]
Ellie: Ghost walkers only appear at night. People show up in daytime. Others change when the sun goes down.
[Get 100 silver]

Quest: Laying a Path
Yvette: Look at that! The walker’s walking! They’ll walk wherever you build a path for them to go.
[Place 8 path blocks]
Yvette: My, you’ve got good taste. Look at ‘em go!
[Get 100 silver]

Quest: Fortune Ahoy
Lawyer: Hello. Let me give you some background. My law firm has served the Deveraux estate for three generations. I administer the estate’s matters in the physical world. In the physical world, you can’t run an estate on ectoplasm. Fortunately, I know an entrepreneur looking for rental property.
[Buy, place, and summon a Fortune Teller]
Lawyer: Remember, the fortune teller’s rent can only be collected during the daytime.
[Get 100 silver]

Quest: Making Some Elbow Room
Yvette: Soon you’ll have to expand the grounds. Touch any of the woodsy area next to the mansion.
[Expand grounds]
Yvette: Now there’s more room for objects d’art.
[Get 100 silver and Tesla Coil]

Quest: Train Station
[Unlock Ch 1.4, The Haunted Station premium scene, with 12 gold and complete HOS]
[Get 10 gold]

Quest: The Haunted Station
Lawyer: Reports say a train is haunting the Lafayette station.
[Collect 2 vials in Ch 1.4, The Haunted Station]
Lawyer: The trains are back to normal, only an hour late.
[Get Train Station, (5160juju, 4x3)]

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Quest: Gypsy
[Complete HOS, Ch 1.1 Gypsy Tshilaba]
Ellie: Someone dropped off a gift for you at the mansion!
[Click on quest icon (binoculars)]
Ellie: You really know your way around the spirit world. We’ll be free in no time!
[Get 100 silver]
Yvette: There are rules here. The neighbors like to see what you’ve done with the place.
Ellie: I hate to say it, but she’s right. The spirit world loves a good decorator.
Yvette: Now go fix up the grounds. You’ll earn more juju and open up more areas to explore!
[Decorate manor by placing a monument]
Yvette: You can speed up summoning with gold. I’ll buy the first one.
[Speed up summoning with Yvette’s gold, earn 75 juju and unlock Chapter 1.2, Haunted House]

Quest: The Haunted House
Yvette: The mansion’s been a mess since Ellie moved in, but the name we need is here somewhere.
Ellie: Your uncle didn’t marry me for my housekeeping skills.
Yvette: See if you can find the name of his speakeasy.
[Complete HOS, Ch 1.2 Haunted House, find name, “Footloose at the Beastro” written on a peg leg]
Yvette: The Beastro! Now I remember. Sterling opened the place during Mardi Gras.
[Get 100 silver]

Quest: The Beastro
Yvette: It’s Sterling’s Bar. You can collect more ectoplasm there.
Ellie: The Beastro! It’s still here!
Yvette: Looks like he brought in a decorator.
Ellie: I smell Sterling! Go on. Start collecting ectoplasm!
[Complete HOS, Ch 1.3 The Beastro]
Ellie: We need more ecto-gunk to bring Sterling back.
Yvette: Who told you that?
Ellie: The bayou. Don’t you ever listen?
[Get 150 silver]

Quest: Gathering (of Ectoplasm)
Ellie: We need more ecto-whatsit to summon Sterling. Keep looking in the fortune teller’s wagon, the haunted house, and the Beastro. You need 4 ectoplasm vials!
[Fill 4 vials from chapter 1]
Yvette: A parade float?
Ellie: Yep. A haunted Mardi Gras float. We have to store the ecto somewhere. And it’ll pretty the place up.
[Get 1000 silver and Mardi Gras Float (1,000juju, 3x2, 0xp)]

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It's been so long since I began playing that I really wanted to review the Dark Manor storyline and haven't been able to find a thread of that nature. So I started new manors to record the dialogue, which I'd like to share here, if it's okay.

To keep the thread less cluttered and for continuity, I'd appreciate it if readers refrain from posting here and send me a PM if you find errors or want to communicate with me. Thank you.

__Aaraphinas Aerie and 1 Aarachnid Rd

ETA: Note to new players: With the updated version on 10/15/2014, most of the following dialogue from the first chapter have been removed. I leave this dialogue here unchanged for those who want a more complete story and characters with some character.

Ellesmere (Ellie) = blonde, Sterling’s 2nd wife
Yvette = brunette, Sterling’s 1st wife
Sterling = your uncle, from whom you inherited the manor
Voodoo man = acquaintance of Sterling
Lawyer = manages finances of Deveraux estate
Swamp man = Sterling before he is cured
Geisha = ghost who knew the captain of the Houqua
Drake = shady salvage operator

Ellie: Oh, did I scare you? Most people can’t see ghosts!
Yvette: Her face scares me, too. See if you can collect the ectoplasm holding us here, and we’ll be free of her.
[Click on object]
Yvette: You’re a natural. You must be Sterling’s heir.
Ellie: Let’s see if you have his touch. Get the ghost goo off the other items in here.
[Complete HOS in trolley]
Yvette: You’re definitely my late husband’s heir. His mansion is now yours.
[Scene changes to manor]
Yvette: Well, we’re free of this train, but not this Dixieland trollop. She’s my runner-up, your uncle’s second wife.
Ellie: What “starter wife” means is, we seem to be trapped here together. But you can set us free.
Yvette: You’ll need a lot more ectoplasm to free us. Let’s head to the fortune teller’s wagon. It’s covered in it.

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No, can't cash in your winnings. Only thing you can get worthwhile in the game is if you win the jackpot. You will get gold and a jackpot attraction for your manor.
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Oops, sorry, redundant post. I see LadySparkle55 got it covered.
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Thanks, Doofus09, for the last bonus category.

Ch 16.3 The Cable is Out (75 total items):

On the Piano (16):
Binoculars, Car, Conch Shell, Demon Head, Doll Legs, Dragon Head, Halberd, Heart, Mouse*, Music Sheet, Real Duck, Rodent Skull, Rose, Scissors*, Smiley Face*, Wine Glass

(Not Guitar)

Animals (13):
Ant, Antelope, Armadillo, Boar Head, Cat, Crow, Ladybug, Moth, Mouse*, Octopus, Snail*, Snake*, Spider*

(Not Real Duck, Horse, Owl, Parrot, or Stuffed Animal, which are all depictions of animals)

Starts With a S (11):
Saxophone, Scarf, Scissors*, Shoe, Skulls, Smiley Face*, Snail*, Snake*, Spider*, Stuffed Animal, Sun

*=Item appears in more than one bonus category.

Remainder (non-bonus) items (41):
Ace of Hearts, Alarm Clock, Baseball, Baseball Bat, Beer Glass, Bottle, Camera, Clown, Clown Suit, Cuckoo Clock, Door Handle, Dream Catcher, Eyeball, Flute, Glasses, Globe, Guitar, Hand Prints, Hat, Help, Horse, Knife, Locomotive, Mask, Matches, Mirror, Moon, Mustache, Owl, Parrot, Phone, Photo, Pliers, Ram Shadow, Rubber Ducky, Tape Measure, Teddy Bear, Toy Blocks, Tricycle, Umbrella, Vacuum

If you find any errors, feel free to send me a private message.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 23, 14 12:58 AM
16.3 Cable is Out bonus groupings:
1. Animals
2. On the Piano
3. Starts with a S (thanks to Doofus09)
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 22, 14 9:36 PM
Thanks, eli173. Boredom led me to tackle the split scenes.

I'll work on chapter 16.3. Help, especially in finding groups, is always appreciated.
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Ch 2.2 Gypsy in a Picture (19):

In general, clockwise from bottom left:
(Sputnik, License Plate)
(Boar, Well, Dragon)
(Eightball, Monkey, Lion)
(Cowboy Hat, Sun, Alien, Medusa, Earth)
(Brain, Machete)
(Lap Top, Bull, Heart, Scales)

ETA 8/31/14: Scene shifted, recognizable for NO gypsy in the picture *sigh*, mostly table of stuff.
Ch 2.2b Gypsy in a Picture:
In general, clockwise from top left:
(Pretzel, Pocket Watch, Golden Apple, Astronaut, Dragon, Saturn)
(Wishing Well, Boar, Sheep, Tuba)
(Shoe, Cricket Ball, Green Bottle, Femur)
(Skull, Pipe, Avocado, Tarantula)

Thanks to Nelle9666 for the 2.2b list.
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Ch 3.4 Trolley (20):

In general, clockwise from bottom left:
(Crow, Origami Bird)
(Feather, Bottle, Bird Cage, Umbrella, Heart)
(Beads, Jester Hat, Map)
(Exit Sign, Spider, Photo)
(Scratch, Trumpet, Pizza Box)
(Round Bag, Washboard, Baseball, Newspaper)

**On 10/9/14, this scene was replaced by Ch 3.4b Mansion Gate, the items of which are listed on p. 16.
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Ch 4.2 Papa Legba on Film (18):

In general, clockwise from bottom left:
(Snowglobe, Jelly Beans, Guitar, Potion)
(Rabbit's Foot, Lantern, Corn Husks, Psychic, Do Not Enter)
(Bat, Eye, Owl, Target, Pumpkin)
(Theater Masks, Maple Leaf, Birthday Candle, Orange)
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Ch 5.2 Swampy Bottoms (22):

In general, clockwise from bottom left:
(Trombone, Grapes, Pie, Pickles)
(Eyeball, Lion, Record, Phone)
(Club Clover, Beehive, Coconut, Antlers)
(Anchor, Rose, Sock)
(Tree, Pigeon, Liberty Bell, Trumpet)
(Goggles, Blue Ribbon, Poker Chips)
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Ch 6.2 Two Souls to the Bayou (19):

In general, clockwise from bottom center:
(Turtle, Dog,Violin)
(Fleur de Lis, Fish, Baseball Hat, Cookies)
(Bowl of Rice, Fly Swatter, Blue Jay, Eagle)
(French Flag, Giant Crawdad, Guitar, Triangle Bell, Honeybee)
(Fried Chicken, Bug Spray, Fish Net)
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Ch 7.2 Double Menagerie (15):

In general, clockwise from bottom left:
(Gloves, Hand Mirror, Steak, Saber Tooth Tiger)
(Eagle, Blow Torch, Lantern, Violin)
(Shield, Anaconda)
(Greek Column, Harp, Mop)
(Sword, Rope)
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Ch 8.2 Double Loch (18):

Generally, clockwise from bottom left:
(Pumpkin, Tea Cup, Nest, Telescope)
(Dragonfly, Loaf of Bread, Stonehenge)
(Horse, Boat, Nail)
(Spider, Phone, Bagpipes, Starfish, Cheese)
(Fish, Octopus, Bobber)
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Ch 9.2 Double Booked (20):

Generally from bottom left, going clockwise:
(Snake, Mask)
(Newspaper, Duct Tape, Pool Cue, Candle, Globe, License Plate, Hammer)
(Pipe, Self Help, Parrot)
(Hallebarde, Sheriff Star)
(Scissors, Four of Spades, Dartboard, Spittoon, Man's Hat, Umbrella)
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