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 posted in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night on Jan 18, 15 5:33 AM
This game is addictive. Energy is not limitless since it depletes faster at the higher levels. I am on level 62 and it seems not to be evolving much at this point. The main reason is that I seem to have collected many of the things that are supposed to help build the "portal" but I can't find out when or how that opportunity will arise. I believe the portal is required to progress further so for the past dozen hours or so I have been accumulating money, continuing to find objects and hoping to finish off several collections that are yet to be finished yet the objects to complete may very well need access to portal. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has yet found the portal and how this was achieved. For now, I will continue in my attempt to increase levels and collections to see if I come across the portal.
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