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 posted in Fairy Maids on Oct 28, 11 10:03 PM
Liasmani wrote:Graphics – 2.5 stars
Story – 2.5 stars
Music/Sounds – 3 stars
Gameplay – 2.5 stars
Overall – 2.625 stars

My ratings of games can be high as 5 and can be low as 1.

Ratings Explained:

1 star: Poor
2 stars: Okay
3 stars: Good
4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent

I won’t be purchasing this game at all. For those who did – Happy Gaming!
 posted in Fairy Maids on Oct 28, 11 9:58 PM
Stevihj wrote:The graphics are nice. The gameplay is different. Sadly I don't like to clean my own house, much less other peoples' homes. The cleaning gets incredibly dull. The storyline is cute but really cleaning?

This game is a B-.

housework never killed anyone but why take the chance? heh
 posted in Fairy Maids on Oct 28, 11 9:46 PM
OMG whatta a piece of crap,i cant believe they call this a TM game... what were u thinking???? icky icky i played for 5 minutes and almost got sick, i am embarrassed to have tried it.... shame shame shame

hey ur better off giving this game for FREE it doesnt seem to be worthy of pricing.... sry to say since i've bought over 120 games from this site, plus i NEVER complain..... good luck w/this one... =/
 posted in Bee Garden on Aug 24, 10 1:40 AM
60schild wrote:Re:Bee Garden
by Fransje66 on Aug 24, 10 12:12 AM
Me too!

Another day with no HOG.
You know, the beauty is that there are other game sites where TM's and M3's are the rule and HOGs are the exception, if you're that unhappy with the amount of HOGs on BF.

well, i dont know what that had to do with the game but i want to know where TMs rule, because i absolutely them!!! this game is "ok" not the best but the goals r attainable, the movable screen is kind of annoying, the bees do move slow but im sure there will be an upgrade to make them go faster. i dont know if this one is a buy yet, i gotta see how hard it gets, it may go into my 7 yr old's folder...she is a huge TM fan too and plays some hard games all the way thru...what a trooper!

as for another day with no HOG... when i log onto
BFG and see a TM waiting to be tried, i get really happy so i can relate to the statement too
 posted in Gwen the Magic Nanny on Aug 2, 10 4:30 AM
heatherington wrote:Just thought I would drop by here to see what these forums are like. I know the hidden object forums really get the work out, but apparently there is not a big following of the time management games. What does that tell you?

the only thing ur statement tells me is that there are rude fishies in the pond... it makes me proud to be a TM lover

SPOILER: u posted on a game that has only been out a 1/2 hour/check ur time
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 21, 10 10:24 PM
lol i just downloaded it n im gonna trash it, i can see the trial wont do me any good...
 posted in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! on Jul 14, 10 11:44 PM
i love the noises of the actions, by far my favorite is the sound of the italian sausage, the little boy's noise was my fav until i heard the sausage...i wonder what ill hear next.....oh ya...about the nasty little he REALLY digging for gold and eating it????
 posted in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! on Jul 14, 10 10:58 PM
are there really only 3 restaurants? i think im jumping the gun...but i noticed they tell u about the next one when u do like 5 lvls in but im around level 10 of the pizza place and im not seeing a 4th....tell me im wrong plz
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 11, 10 2:36 AM
RainCat wrote:Review from the middle of the 2nd gate.

First, for the players of Magic Farm and Magic Farm Ultimate - game play and setup is very simlar, ... (shortened for space) ... I get back to it. (This game is hard on the wrist/carpal tunnel)

when posting spoilers, i use white letters so if u want it u can highlight it to read it...but i got to reading this and it has changed my mind into giving it a try...ty for the post ill see if i dig it
 posted in Club Control 2 on Jul 10, 10 10:50 PM
silentpages wrote:SPOILER

If you don't pick up the cash at the checkout, it goes poof.

End of spoiler...I only played 5 minutes & was mad at myself for downloading the demo!

If you do not already own My Kingdom for the Princess, Royal Envoy & Burger Bustle...I suggest sending your money towards them.

Happy gaming!

thats a heads up, ty for that but a spoiler is if u tell us how it ends ^.~ good luck n this game is a TM lovers cup of tea!

ok i just found this out too...when u click the money at the counts to ur bonus n i like to get it crowded n collect $ together, if u click the money at check-out too fast it wont bonus, if u let it it carefully to make it count
 posted in Club Control 2 on Jul 10, 10 10:47 PM
princessputter wrote:I must be a real TM addict.. I enjoyed this game... I bought it.. very much improved from Club Control 1.. very fast paced.. no bug and sluggish issues on my computer.. I like the challenge of keeping customers happy

to PP you dont " drag" the customers you click the bubble above their head and then their chosen spot

thank goodness i read a comment in the true light, lol this is an ideal example of TM games. i agree much better than the 1st one, good that the targets are bigger, ty for that. as for not seeing it, i dont listen to the sound, i prefer my local radio station (ty Eddie n JoBo) am off to get gold on every level, n when i come to the level that will make me crash...ill let u all know!

 posted in Burger Bustle on Jun 13, 10 2:39 PM
well, i am going to have a hard time with this game, i am the type where i cant stop playing until i get gold on every level and i tried about 8 or 9 times last night plus a few tries this morning...and i am about to throw my mouse at the screen, lol. u will NOT ever get gold on this level unless someone found out a way to shut down the fry station.....
 posted in Captain Space Bunny on Apr 7, 10 11:26 AM
i cant get expert on lvl 8.5 i tried and tried, any pointers?
 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Apr 7, 10 10:49 AM
16abigail96 wrote:Hi wmidds,

I never buy Collector's Editions, but I loved the demo of this game that much that maybe it is worth it for 30 extra levels, which you may never be able to get in the regular version.

do the bonus levels come with the "collectors edition?" i thought it was the screensavers, strategy guide and making of... im going to wait for the regular game to come out...the bonus lvls have to be the game...right?
 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Apr 7, 10 10:45 AM
i bought the collector's for diner dash....cause i "roll with Flo"...but i dont use facebook, i dont care about "snapshots" wallpapers, animated screensavers etc waste of money....they should give u a choice.....u get a perk from spending $19.95 vs. $20.97 for 3 stamps...or use ur $7 credit and get the basic game(i dont like waiting the week or so to get the game i can play today)

plus, i spend a fairly good amount on goodies id hate to think they were "tryin' to squeeze harder?"
 posted in Captain Space Bunny on Apr 6, 10 9:34 PM for the challenging part...oh yes i give it it is about straategy kind of like farm frenzy im working on getting golds where i missed and it is taking me at least 3 tries each....seems to keep catching u by seconds, lol this is a great buy
 posted in Captain Space Bunny on Apr 6, 10 9:29 PM
TerryMann wrote:
kitty1 wrote:Thank you Donny. So tired of HOG people complaining when ONE DAY is another type of game. It is one thing to complain when a game is poorly done, another to complain just cuz it's not your cup of tea. I personally don't enjoy HOGs but if it's a game that brings joy to other people, then great & I save my money for another day.
If that's the worst part of your day you have a pretty good life
I totally agree with you I am not a big HOG fan myself, but I couldn't say it any better. TMann

u know....there r more HOG than TM it would be different if the M3 or SIM ppl would be hemmin and hawin as for me i absolutely love TM... the game is in challenge and this one in particular is near perfect for my "virtual frenzy"
 posted in Captain Space Bunny on Apr 6, 10 9:22 PM
locomotion22 wrote:Hello everybody, I am new to the forum, but not new to Big Fish games. Thank you over and again Big Fish for this game. It is beautiful and fun an d a game not to drive you crazy because you don't know what to do next.It was a winner for me.

welcome to the pond, glad u like it!i went thru it and now im getting gold slowly i like the challenge of it definite replay worthy
 posted in Captain Space Bunny on Apr 5, 10 12:49 AM
this one is definately a must buy for TM lovers i like the graphics and the goals r what make the kind of reminds me of virtual city where u have a list of things u have to do and within the time limit for the gold...i played part of trial and im going to use a credit for this one...good pick i give it
 posted in My Life Story on Apr 2, 10 8:04 PM
i never been into sims too much, gave it a try but....i came to the forums and i noticed people who like the same games i like r loving this game....i tried it for 23 minutes and im buying it right now! i love the cards i already got strategies brewin' thumbs up for this game, i think im going to try to find this other game "Jones in the fast lane" oh wont be happy to see me fall in love with a new genre they'll prolly offer me stock in the company
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