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 posted in Build-a-lot World on Apr 1, 15 1:32 PM
suckie100 wrote:i'v got all the gnomes - the only bug i found is on level 44 - it is impossible to get the world goal - everything else is working fine for me :-)

hope, there will be some new levels soon - doe's anyone knows anything about???

love suckie

Have a look at the various Posts regarding issue with Level 44
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Ronni33 wrote:have completed all 104 lots with knomes, world and 3 stars except #44 has anyone gotten #44 and how?

See my posts on this subject (level44)
Have posted to Tec Dept but no action so far first post done last year regarding this issue
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tamster888 wrote:I'm right at the beginning, level 5 I think, and I can't flip a house. I tried buying, upgrading and selling, I tried buying, painting, selling, I tried buying low and putting two others up for sale, then buying, then taking the 2 off the market, and selling. Didn't work. Nothing seems to work to satisfy this requirement. Is something wrong with the game?

At the beginning of the game the Bunglow should be the first to flip with an arrow pointing at it, if this dose not happen possible problem with your game worth trying a reload of the game.
Best I can do for you
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Ronni33 wrote:have completed all 104 lots with knomes, world and 3 stars except #44 has anyone gotten #44 and how?

See my Post to camisinsanty
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camisinsanity wrote:Not sure where to put this as its an in game bug. On level 44 it is impossible to complete the world goal. You can't have 5 tree lots with +100 appeal theirs nothing that gives positive appeal in the level and even building the refinery on designated spot as well as landscaping and painting houses its still not possible.

They need to unlock Fire Station to give you the 10% appeal needed to complet the World Goal or put a Park with 10% in place of the Refinery
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Apr 1, 15 12:49 PM
It is impossable to get World Goal on this level,the Fire Station is Locked,you need to replace one of the others with a Park with a least10% appeal or unlock Fire Station, Only a Park or Fire station with 10% appeal will you be able to achive World Goal.
What I dont understand is there are loads of Posts on this issue but no fix as yet.
We spend the money and nothing gets done.
Please get your gamers to do this Level and then they will understand what needs to be resolved
Many thanks
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Level 44 impossable to get world goal as Fire station is locked, they need to replace one of the others for a park with at leat 10% appeal
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bfgBellerophon wrote:Hi AliceKillsYou,
Have a look at How to achive Goals and How to make game easier also have done a few other posts for people have a look and see if it Helps you, Theeggman

I was splashing along and saw this thread in the pond. I'm so sorry to hear that there is some trouble progressing in this particular game. Definitely doesn't make things fun.

It looks like theeggman was able to offer fantastic tips to get through this level. Thanks theeggman! It is greatly appreciated. I do hope this helps!

Happy gaming!


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If you have a jump start use it and if you have purchased any resourses it will help you on all levels, if you can afford them do buy them i purchased mine over a couple of months helped me a lot.
I have every thing so here is how i did it
Used jump start
Gives me 300.000 cash
7 Workers
1200 Materails
Buy 2 workers and 5000 materails
Demolish Bunglow and Build Hotel to 3 stars and any thing else you can do a paint job is ok SELL
Once sold Demolish Lighthouse Build Hotel to max inspect as properties come buy and inspect do not upgrade these
Demolish another Bunglow Build Hotel upgrade to max inspect
You will have been buying properties there is 2 lodges paint insp. start demolishing properties cheapest first an build Lodges 8 needed your income should be ok from your hotels and the others you have.
Demolis two more add build Solar Tower and Wind Farm
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Level 16
If you have a jump start use it and if you own any resoorses it is easier to complet levels if you can afford them, in the early stage of this game i purchased a workshop, sawmill and real estate.
As I have these hears how i completed level
Build a Victorian and stage sell
Once sold buy materails 5000
Build Victorian and upgrade to 3 stars and stage
As properties come up flip ( if bunglows come up first you on a winner as there cheap to Flip) Add materails as you need them
Build another 2 Victorians and upgrade to 3 stars
this will give you rental income
As you building Victorians buy lots as the appear and inspect
You should achive your 3 star goal
Hope this helps
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bettyjeanj wrote:Hi everyone

I realy need help with level 60 I have tried for a couple days and can not do it. You have to have 1 grocery, 8,000,000 in money and rent of 50,000. Can anyone help me Thanks Have a Great day

If you have a jump start use it.
As I have all resourses i dont need to build workshop etc,if you can afford buy workshop and sawmill will help you in completing levels easier as time goes on purchase the rest i did mine over a long period hears how i compled level using the above
I started with 70.000 cash.9 workers and 1200 materails
Buy 1500 materails
Build Hotel sell
once sold
Buy 3 workers and 10.000 materails
Build Hotel to 3 stars and paint you now have your 50k rent(inspect)
AS your building hotel buy lots as they appear DO NOT buy the Hotels,
On the empty lots Build Groceries should have 2
As you buy each lot demolish when for repair and build grocery
When Hacenda comes up buy and inspect, keep buying materails as needed
Keep demolishing and build groceries you will need 9 to achive you 3 stars and it will be very close have done it twice in the last 15mins.
Hope this helps
As stated DO NOT BUY Hotels will damage you income to much
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If you have a Jump Start use it gives you 30000 cash,6 workers and 1200 materails,
Also if you have purchased resoursrs it will make leve easier if you dont suggest if you can afford them is to buy Workshop and Sawmill this level is then possible.
I started with the above amounts
Buy 1 worker
Buy last 100 Materials
Build Victorian and sell
Buy 5000 materails
Buy lots as they appear inspect,
Build Condos to 3 stars and paint( will give you 50000 rental) Keep uying and inspecting
Demolish cheapest houses once you have 9 inspections total of six and reharvest you should achive 3 stars
Try it and good luck
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On any Level forget the world Goal, WHY?
Well the real Trick is to achive the 3 Stars.
When you enter any level pause game and see what you have to do on the level retunr to game and try to complet level with out worring about World Goal, if you achive the 3 Stars re enter game and do level again and complet all required you will get there as you have all the time you need DON'T worrie if you drop down to NO Stars try to complet if you do so game will end you may have 3 stars or 2 stars or 1 star or none dont worrie when you press continue your 3 Stars will still be there,
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Should you be able to afford to Buy all the Resourses needed it is best to to do so as this eliminates a lot hassel in building them.The odd time is to purchase JUMP STARTS these seem to be better on early levels get very poor on 110 to 128.
As stated only if you can afford to so I purchased mine over a period of time.(9.99 gets you 200 Jump Starts can be very helpefull)
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AliceKIllsYou wrote:Does anybody ever help on these things. I really need it with this one.

Try this. see below
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The real trick to this game is to own all Resourses that is purchase Workshop,Sawmill,Garden Center and any other you can Afford,if you have these its easie to complet levels but not always.
I have done this again for you if you have any Jump starts left all the better,
I have a jump start so I start level with 8 workers.
I bought 2 more
Buy a vacant lot one with a factory, offer double buy materails and build a Boutque.
Waite for money. if a lot comes up for sale(not a tree lot) buy and build another Botque better to have these as they give you most Cash try to build 6 in total to keep you money up.
Once you have 4 sho[s start buying lots as they come up harvest all for materails buy workers as you go along
Build Hotels on Premium lots you will need 5 Hotels in total up grade to 3 strs and paint(if you have garden center landscape) and two bunglows just paint to achive you rental the big problem is the120%appeal try to leave spaces between Hotels and houses so you can build Zen Parks between them,if that means demolishing a shop do and re build else where.
Also when you start levels put your mouse cursor on Menu to right corner and hit it it will pause the game read all you have to do first to save you time when back in game you need to plan this as best you can to achive 120% appeal.
From memory it took me 5 to 6 attempts.
See if this works for you
Best of luck.
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Ugrade Chateau to one star and paint. sell
Buy up tree lots may have to offer double for some harvest for materails.
Build a sawmill and workshop(speed up workers) Buy 1 worker when workshop is up.
Build Chateaus at least 3 needed up grade to 3 stars and paint, inspect
As cash roll in buy properties that come up when the first one falls for repair demolish.
Build 2 wind farms and 1 nuclar reactor
keep buying materails
When Premium Chareau comes up buy back do not demolish yet
Time will be slipping away sell 1 Cheatu demolish all cheap houses build refineris keep buying materails need to keep it at 15000 to keep up eith building
Demolish Cheatu and build lodge.
Took me a few go's
Best of luck
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rrsmith wrote:Hi! does anyone know how to pass level 32.

On Vacent lot build a Victorian and sell once sold, offer double on(if not up for sale) Bunglow on Premium lot demolish buy one worker and build Hotel and up grade to max sould net you 100.000 plus as money increases buy materails 2500 a time and start building parks cheapest first Mini Golf then Picnic and as properties come up for sale on Premium lots buy try not to buy Hotel your funds should be increasing at a good pace so you should be able to offer double on the premium lots start with the cheapest demolish and build the 4 pools necessary
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gamesmygame wrote:Hi there, can anyone give me a hint on level 37 of build-a-lot world? Been on it for days now and my brain's not coming up with any options
Buy Cheapest property om Preium Lot Demolish Build Hotel and sell.
As properties come up buy. Try to build two hotels on preium lots Paint and Landscape and Inspect.Try to keep 2 million plus in account, keep buying as properties need repair demolish and build Light houses(6 needed) keep buying and demoilsh as necessary when you think you are ready to demolish do so to all houses and hotels. you should be left with 6 Light houses and one Nuclar ractor on a lot with no negative appeal. best of luck.
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Mar 21, 15 7:57 AM
When is the next update due?
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