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 posted in Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time on Feb 19, 18 11:29 AM
Please create and post a walkthrough for this game. It is hard to navigate and the hints can be hard to interpret.
 posted in Time Relics: Gears of Light on Apr 14, 17 9:39 AM
I'v gone through the walkthrough which says to arrange the items according to the screen shot. These isn't one. I've tried all the item arrangments over and over, and I must have missed one. Please, someone, tell me how to arrange the menu to get the right combination!!!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Eternal Emperor on Mar 4, 17 8:23 AM
After MANY attempts, I need help to do this. The instructions are not enough. Help, people!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Lost Paradise on Jan 26, 17 8:27 AM
Big Fish, if this doesn't get fixed, I'll want my money back.
 posted in Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness on Jun 15, 16 10:26 AM
Valdy's earlier help was good, but how do I locate the other things I need to get the wizard's clothes and get out of the dollhouse and continue my game?
 posted in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait on Sep 13, 15 1:26 PM
I can't move on either, though I have several available. After several tries at each word with no luck, I was hoping you'd received help! My task is to make paint.
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