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 posted in Delaware St. John: The Town with No Name on Feb 22, 15 2:13 PM
I can't believe I am this far behind with the games. There hasn't been a discussion for this game since 2013! Really need help, can't find the coin or the service entrance to get behind the screen. I have had an extremely difficult time finding straight up adventure games like this and would at least be able to play it. Someone PLEASE HELP! bb
 posted in Aspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles on Feb 17, 15 7:29 PM
Hi, I am new at this so I hope I do it correctly. I have been racking my brain trying to find adventure games straight up. No hogs unless used to solve or proceed. I hate to say I just found how and where to post. There is no general forum so here goes, I just downloaded a few game trials, I got them from reading msgs that listed adventure in them,lol. Well I got a few. Art of murder, Casebook, Deleware St. John and this one. Haven't played them yet though. Does anyone have any suggestions of titles or how to search? When I pick on adventure games 99%.8 are hogs. Not bad but I am an avid adventure game lover. Would GREATLY appreciate any help. Thank you bb
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