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 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 10, 17 2:01 AM
Oh no!!!
Sending all my good luck wishes to you and hope that you are back in time for Christmas event.
We'll be here for you!

Even if you don't have backup of your games, you can always install Midnight Castle to the new computer, and ask Support to transfer your old IDs to the new ones.
All that you will be missing is your friends in the new IDs, but I do hope that you have a list with their IDs and you can re-invite all of them.

We'll be here waiting for you!!
Hope to hear good news from you soon
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 27, 17 2:28 AM
napoeon wrote:
But, If any of my friends have a problem with this, please feel free to delete me, I can fully understand.

I will never manage to climb up there in the high mountains of 296.200, so the new limit does not make any difference to me either! I still have my personal cap to reach

And delete you?!?!?!? And who will replace your role as one of my most significant donators in my accounts??????

napoeon wrote:Last but not least, thank you all for your kind words, and a million thanks to my beloved friend Nelly for her support, I couldn’t have managed without your help dear.

But this is the least I could do, and moreover this is what friends are for. To help you and stand by you in difficult times.

Welcome back Alexandr@!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 25, 17 8:13 PM
Oh no my friend!! NOT AGAIN!!!!
Is this the 3rd or 4th time?!?!?!?!?

I'm sure you've already contacted both BFG and EG Support and hope that they build up your account soon!

One of the reasons I have never and will never upgrade to Windows 10 is this !@#!@#!@
All upgrades from previous versions (and especially from Win 8) seem to have problems. I have to agree with Dhyani. Native Windows 10 is the only safe way to have the new Windows version.

We all miss you already!!!
Hang on!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 17 4:14 AM
unofrio wrote:As for taking screen shots of inventory -- no can do. Neither this nor any BF games except Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies will play at half screen for me. I don't know why. Changing resolutions etc doesn't change that. And if I take one full screen via all the instructions to the letter, all I get is a screen shot of my desktop. Kind of stinks because I'd like to take game screen shots but oh, well. Not worth dealing with.

At best, I can write down a list of everything but that's hardly proof. I do keep a list of my friends including their ID number.

Unofrio try to find on Internet a very small and light application called fraps.
This will enable you to get very easily the desired screenshots.
It is free and very easy to install and use.
With my previous laptop I had the same problem (could not run game on "windowed mode") and fraps really saved me when I lost my account.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 17 4:10 AM
cbtx wrote:Why not just let us do all 15 at once?

I coudn't agree more!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 17 3:52 AM
apmg wrote:I'm wondering if it's safe to play while wait for the gifting problem to be fixed.
I would hate to do the merry go round and loose progress.
Any thoughts on this please????


Ann, I frankly have no idea. We may never know. I would strongly suggest (especially since we are waiting for an update in the forthcoming days) to take screenshots of your avatars, achievements, inventory and friends list, so IF something happens, at least to have all information available to help the support bring you back where you were.

On the other hand, this gifting glitch is not a new one.
The same problem happened back in February and in May. And no further problems were reported due to this glitch.
See mod's announcement below:

cbtx wrote:Thanks for the clarification, NellyT ---- I went in and did that.
And it looks like the solution is going to come from we players as you suggested ---- just everyone has to restore their wish lists and edit their rooms. Maybe?

ETA: This will sure clarify who's playing and who isn't, huh?

well... if you see the links above it was not exactly my suggestion... I just followed the instructions given back in February and May

As per your question... hmmm ... could be...

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 17 2:39 AM
Answering to unofrio and cbtx:
The reason we need to go and do just a small edit in our private rooms is that as soon as we do this change, our private room is immediately accessible by our friends. This solves the problem cbtx is mentioning not being able to enter any private room but our own.

So now that I did the change my friends are able to access my privater room again.

Hope that the above is clear (I usually tend to write more than needed... )
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 17 2:15 AM
same over here norry...
I forgot to also post here the problem.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 17 1:45 AM
As many other fellow players have already posted in other threads, I entered in my game and all of my friends seem to have empty wish lists, so no arrow to turn over their cards, and my wish list is suddenly empty.

I have already filled in my wish list again.
I suppose that all players must refill their wish lists again.

Nelly-Incognito playing on PC platform.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 20, 17 5:27 AM
Competition (3-part) - done on my second account (lvl 22)
Rusty chest
1 * coins stack (200 coins)
1 * simple food
1 * diamond
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 24, 17 3:22 PM
Oh Dot! So very sorry and sad for your loss.
Words are never enough to ease such a pain, but stay sure that we hold you very near to our hearts.
My deepest condolencies and love.
Please take good care of yourself and don't worry for MC family. We will all be here to welcome you back when you feel that the time has come.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 22, 17 11:38 PM
My dear friends,
I know that some of you have been wondering why a "2 days rest" (my current description in both my game names) have come to the point of being out of game for more than a month....

Well... I suppose that 2016's bad luck with accidents and family problems decided to continue its appearance also in the new year.

Soooo.... following to my accident back in November, my mom's accident and surgery in December, we came to the point that my mother needed my daily presense in the recovery center until Feb 5 (that she got back at home), my brother got operated on Feb 6, and early in the morning of Feb 7 my appendix decided to blow itself in my belly and ended up in ER and got operated on the same date!

I am not blaming my luck, instead I am just celebrating the fact that I was really lucky to find out what was going on really on time! If I would call my doctor few hours later, I would have already kissed this life goodbye!

So after drinking the "disappearing potion", I think that I am ready to login to the game and see all the new goodies that I read in the forum myself, now that I am feeling quite better.

I would like to really thank all of you who tried to contact me through other friends like Alex, or Lia or Dinah to find out what was wrong! Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes!


 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 19, 17 3:09 PM
I've been playing this game for almost 2 years and I started digging this forum quite early in this long and interesting trip.
The one and only "line" that I kept on finding very frequently was "bare in mind that this game is not a sprint but rather a marathon".

I had many cases that this line was confirmed but this winter event proved to me that sometimes it can be both!!!

As you already know I was trying to get Ms.Claus avatar for my "baby" account.
When the event started the account had in its inventory 268 pink boxes (or was it 286...??).
To gather the remaining 732 pink boxes (that means a total of 3660 christmas decorations!!!),
...having already lost one week (due to my mother's accident)
...having only 23 HOS open in a lvl22 account
...not having much time to spend on the game

all one needs to have is:
1. My GREAT and so much giving and clever friends, who kept on feeding my account with christmas decorations
2. The stamina of a marathon athlete to endure 8 to 9 rounds daily, and the speed of a sprint runner to manage to do as many HOS as possible within an active amulet period
3. Those splendid game developers that offered to us (a) the trading option, and (b) the amulets

Thank you all so much

Even if I feel exhausted from continuous castle rounds, I am so so so happy!

Did I say thank you? Well thank you!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 19, 17 1:05 AM
Sorry to hear about Ron and yourself, however happy that things seem to be under control. Take as much time as you need to fully recover. I do hope that both recoveries come sooner than expected and that your surgery is mostly successful.
Don't worry about us!!!

Lots of love, kisses, hugs and wishes for both of you.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 12, 17 11:23 PM
G'morning to all and happy thoughts from Greece (finally snow has melted, at least at my area, and temperature is coming back to normal levels for this period)

Randy dear, thanks so much for your wishes and best of luck with your upcoming surgery (read it in another post)! Get well soon-er!

I also would like to thank Womanfish for her warm and so friendly words and definitely for her gifts! You do help me by gifting my second account (Incognito) who is running a marathon right now to get Mrs. Santa Claus avatar...

Since there is a lot of discussion and urge to open up my wish list in my main account, let me please take 5 minutes of your time to inform you on what I have recently decided.
Both my accounts have big lists of friends - almost all VERY giving and VERY dear to me. I do not intend to remove any of my friends.
BUT. When I do have both my wishlists open, I receive so many gifts that I simply cannot gift back, ending up having a huge Excel file with comments to whom I owe a gift and a gifting plan that even myself cannot understand sometimes
Not forgetting the cases where some friends are asking for difficult items that I can definitely send and I am usually out of free slots, not being able to help them.
Not also forgetting all my "multiple-personalities" friends who keep on gifting me from all their accounts and I end up trying to find out a way how to gift them back all...
Not also forgetting that few of my daily slots during the event are dedicated to the Consortium...

So I decided to treat my two accounts as "one".
This being said, I will have only one list open everyday, and will split gifting back to both my accounts (most of you are present in both lists).

I don't know if this will solve the missing slots problem, but I will give it a try and see how it goes.
If there is an urgent need to any of my accounts, I may open up temporarily both wishlists.

I hope that what I've just written is not so complicated and that you won't misunderstand me.

Best wishes to all!
Off to send my first gift round (only half an hour left...)

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 5, 17 11:13 PM
dlsed wrote:Nelly,
As far as i'm concerned, the 'book of gifts' is all square, if leaning anywhere though, towards me in a big way because of your incredible generosity. you needn't ......'go dark on the gift icon' ; let us support you a bit as you have your friends.

Hope progress on your Mom continues. You and your Mom remain in prayer circles.

Oh Ed!!
Thanks for your kind words and your wishes!
However you DO support me in my second account whose list is open and all full with Christmas decorations, as I have set a personal bet that I will get Mrs. Santa Clauss avatar prior to Winter Event end
I started the event having in inventory only 286 pink boxes and I am almost at 600 out of 1000 for the 3rd level achievement.
If I really manage to get this one, my screams will cover the whole forum!

Thanks again for everything to all my friends!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 5, 17 1:18 AM
Oh I miss them so much!
It is a change from constant merry rounds and as soon as you get used to being accurate and quick it is at least one out of three tournaments sure that you will get some diamonds (PC platform).
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 5, 17 1:10 AM
Thank you all for your wishes and support, and apologies for late replying.

Not easy to fit everything in a day (hospital visits, family tasks, a son that had to be prepared to leave again abroad, not forgetting the castle rounds...)

Lia and Alex, no it did NOT snow over our area. Instead we got tons of hailstones

Sue honey, I've been trying to reply to your last PM, but it seems it comes without a subject line to you. This may be due to the filters implemented in the forum. Currently trying to see which part of the reply creates this problem...

To all of you, let me again express my deepest thanks for all the help you keep on providing to both my accounts!

Best wishes for the new year and may you receive tons of what you desire!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 30, 16 12:09 AM
I'm so so so much happy!

I finally managed to find the time to login to my games!

My tree on both accounts kept on spitting gifts like those automated tennis ball throwing machines
Not to mention that on my baby account, where the list was open even if I was absent I collected around 100 gifts!!!!

It took me 1 hour to write down everything you sent me and I promise to gift you back everything, but it will take some time as you can imagine...
I should normally close down my list to catch up, but due to the monthly challenge I will leave it open and then will close for gifting back the so many owed gifts.

My main account will remail with closed list, to be able to help in catching up.

As for my mother's status, she has finally decided to start cooperating. She is in terrible pains still, but she keeps on trying. It seems that those very keen persons in this center, know very well their job.

Christmas spirit and mood has finally reached me!!!

My sincere thanks for your wishes and support and may we all have a splendid and healthy 2017!!!

Love you all!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 27, 16 11:49 PM
My dearest friends!
Thank you all so much for your wishes!

First day back at home, with a ton of family daily tasks left behind after a week at the hospital.
I'm just dropping by to let you know that your words moved me and supported me so much during this difficult period.

Surgery went more than fine. Doctors said that my mother has the bones of a 20yrs old girl and this is a bonus both for a successful surgery as well as a speedy recovery... UNLESS IF you have to cope with a stubborn mother that refuses to try to recover!
She prefers to stay in bed for two months!
She does not listen to her doctors that explain to her that staying in bed will cause a ton of other problems.

We moved her yesterday to a special recovery center hoping that the professional help of therapists and physiotherapists dealing all day long with "difficult characters" will help her standing on her feet again, since she is not suffering from anything else. Maybe if we (her children) are not around (because this is not permitted in this center), will help her counting only on her own strength and start moving again.

I still have not logged in to the game (have already lost one of today's gifting rounds) since I have to deal with so many pending and urgent family issues.
I really need to find time to see my precious close family members (my son has come for Christmas from his studies abroad and still I did not have the time to share more than 2 hours in total with him!)

I will try to login a bit later today, see how my abandoned Castle looks like, and see how much catching up I have to do with gifting.

Until then, thank you again from my heart for your warm wishes!
May you all have joyful and special moments during this Season
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