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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 17 5:43 AM
the new quest is find any creatures enchanted eggs, what are they and where are they
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 10, 16 5:30 PM
hi friend code is 452602 I return all gifts
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 8, 16 8:56 AM
I would like to know what the SPRING TERRACE is
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 5, 15 4:50 PM
I have a ? what is the perfect score in a HOS and how do you get it
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 17, 15 9:20 AM
this might be dumb asking but what is a binding egg that frank is saying about I lookin my stash but could not find it, on level 35, is it coming up later in game thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 10, 15 5:22 PM
I got a question? why is it one day I can gift a friend, the next day I can not open there name up to give them a gift again
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 26, 15 3:49 PM
play daily my friend code is 452602
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 25, 15 5:18 PM
I would like to add some friends on PC my # 452602 thank you
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 25, 15 4:55 PM
I was playing on my kindle got up to level 38 read about the changes on PC about butterflys and other things so I downloaded it on my PC I am having more fun on it now than I was on kindle on level 15 so far would like to know if I can transfer my 1,780 diamonds and 100,192 coins from my kindle to my game on the PC
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 9, 15 10:09 AM
Right now I am playing on my kindle. I was wondering if I DOWNLOAD it on my Pc Will I keep playing where I am on my kindle or will I have to start at the beginning of the game.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 26, 15 7:05 AM
I was just wondering when you do a hidden object scene. Is there anyway to influence it to get the item that you need..
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 24, 15 6:59 PM
My problem is when I am in the laboratory making something after its made then the two things on each side spin I always get the lowest thing like if there's a x I get it or coins or pet food never any of the good things.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 28, 15 9:53 AM
Was just wondering if there are other games like. Midnight castle. Where you can just keep playing and playing and playing and it never ends. Thank you
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 27, 15 8:47 AM
Hi have been playing since Christmas on the kindle I got. I would like to know about updates,are they automatic or do have to go some where to look for them. Thank you
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