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 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 16 8:28 PM
So happy to be back! I see not a thing as changed with you my dear friend!... though i wouldn't have it any other way! hope you and your family are well also and enjoy a most wonderful new year!
i will pm you with my ids so you can keep running amuck in the castle instead of tidying your office!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 16 6:28 PM
Thanks shari as have you been a great friend in return i hope 2017 is kind to you and yours
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 16 4:36 PM
Hello all my lovely castle friends, new and old!

I just wanted to drop by and send all my best wishes and happy thoughts to you all and thank you for your love support and understanding whilst i have been out of the game. your all wonderful friends and i cannot thank you all enough

I'm back to playing daily if time permits or every second day at least and have 4 of my accounts back up and running but unfortunately catman and flash are still having some troubles...hope to still get them up and going in the near future.

Anybody looking for new friends are more than welcome to add my 4 active accounts, just drop me a pm and i will add you.

I have lots of extra xmas items if your needing those plus lots of extra little goodies, crafted, eggs and such so please feel free to pm if your needing something in particular or add it to your wish list as I'm always happy to help!

Again thank you all for being awesome friends and i hope you all enjoy a safe happy and healthy 2017!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 7, 16 4:33 PM
6 out of 6 games have noticed that eggs are now appearing on the yellow spaces in the fortune wheel. All games upon change over have eggs in them and are spinning out for a rather low amount. Perhaps everyone will be the same now and able to get the woodpecker pet
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 1, 15 5:51 PM
aussiegirl1 wrote:I did the update and got the Christmas event, logged out and now it has gone back to normal game.... no events !


Same for me as stated above, still have new xmas room but every time i visit it, normal room resets back to no furniture and no name
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 25, 15 6:32 PM
Awesome General Glad to be able to help the cause Happy Thanksgiving to you and blessed be for all the wonders of great friends
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 14, 15 4:36 AM
Verybadtrip33 wrote:
Angry and so sad, i am too, all these kamikaze think they will be forever in paradise after killing themselves and as many people as they can, what faith is it ? nowhere in the Coran it's said this way, but nowadays they are told by false prophets,
LET US STAND UP and i sure hope our governments all around the world will do what they have to do facing this barbary.

No humane human being could ever hear of such disgusting tragedy, by such barbarians, and not feel the need to stand up and shout to the heavens and stand tall by all those effected. terrorism has touched the lives of many, in the past and present, and with hope in our hearts let us pray for a better future full of love strength and freedom. my love and prayers to all of France and the world. This is not religion, it is sadistic madness.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 9, 15 3:27 PM
Tournament just played, first time in a long time got 4 spins (12 chips) and hit 40+ 40+ 40+ 50+ base around $87,000, finished around $359,000, Usually like everyone else i'm lucky to hit any thing other than that 10+ between the 20+ and 50+. Out of 5 games, Spiderman is the only one to be so lucky, other 4, 2 frees and 1 buy in per game all hit the same 10+ with some tries only gaining 2 spins. except one game that hit the 20+ and a 30+ one try. My thoughts, it seems each tournament,(other than cheats) a certain few players are chosen for the high percentages and every one else gets that dreaded 10+ and low chips. which makes me think that the wheel is certainly not random and just as unfair as ever. For anybody to get $400,00 and above, they would have to get 4 spins and have at least 2 50+ and 2 40+ or 3 50+ and a 40+ or all 4 50+ and start around $86,000 - $87,000 (rough estimate) i would think
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 4, 15 4:26 AM
Your very welcome Lia! As for the very insane conversation, well its quite a long story, probably best to ask the chickenmule, (AKA Scherry, woman or chicken princess just to name a few), who likes to run headless through the castle, wearing a donkey mask (so the coats dont know its her) claiming the eggs are falling whilst having kittens that she cant find her superheros and yelling when she does she gunna wrap that donkey tail clean around the spidermules(me)neck! if i tell it wrong my donkey tail will be stretched some more and well its kinda sore from the last time! hahaha
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 3, 15 3:02 PM
Superheroes Thank you kindly for the mention, but are more than happy to oblige a damsel (or 2 ) in distress! Congratulations LIA for making 66 Scherry my lovely chickenmule , you are very generous in many ways, within the game and in friendship, it has become an honor to be friends with u and this spidermule will always be humbled by your truly amazing grace, and sheer and utter unselfishness.
Now after all that mushy stuff, get that donkey mask back on woman before the coats spot the headless chicken princess and her kittens
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 15 4:43 AM
betslou41 wrote:
aussiegirl1 wrote: Asking the Mod's to shut them down is fitting as they are still testing them so I have given them my thoughts (what I know) so I hope that they will investigate what I have sent them,

Removed by Moderator sorry, It's called a Headline GRAB


Removed by Moderatorbut I totally agree with aussisgir1,just remove the Tournament Achievement and the problem would be solved!!!


we are not talking about the achievement, but the cheating glitch, and people just being down right rude to other players for having a differing opinion.
a spade is most definitely a spade, but if the "glitch" benefits certain people thats okay, but when the "glitch" is of no benefit to them then it is cheating, that is double standards in my book. everyone can see quite clearly that there was no indication from g4il that she agreed with anybody cheating, but comment which has now been deleted was to the effect that she agreed with players being "ripped off" because she didnt want the tournaments shut down. Removed by Moderator
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 15 12:52 AM
yes fitting to share your thoughts, but you are TELLING the MODS/DEVS to shut down the tournaments, as your heading clearly states...... but your not telling anybody what to do???? or do the mods/devs not count???? Maybe a different approach such as " BEWARE TOURNAMENT CHEATING STILL GOING ON" may of been better dont you think? Removed by Moderator

Removed by Moderator
No attitude here apollogold, Removed by Moderator> she was not stating anything other than to leave the tournaments running Removed by Moderator
i'm tired of reading the same few peoples remarks and opinions that are increasingly sounding like bossing everyone around and trying to run the show
The thread heading no not my call, but please dont insult people by staking a claim that your not telling anybody what to do. Your opinion is one of many and just because you think shutting the tournaments down doesnt mean EVERYONE has to agree, or it should be done. Tell me how you think they can fix them if they cant run them to see whats going on? how on earth are they going to tell how or who are cheating if they cant run them, with a crystal ball?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 15 12:14 AM
with all due respect aussiegirl1, just because you say doesn't mean everyone has to follow your lead, i dont pay to play if thats what your point is, so why do i have to be without the fun of the tournaments, because others that pay to play are getting ripped off by cheats?? Removed by Moderator Right now its not the cheats but these sorts of BAD ATTITUDES that is ruining everyones fun. not everyone who plays this game pays to do so and not everyone who plays the tournaments pay gems to play other than the frees. i dont like cheats by all means, but shutting down the tournaments because of a few bad eggs is NOT FAIR for others that enjoy them and dont care for whether or not they win a few cyber gems. Removed by Moderator I think that you are entitled to have an opinion, but to state you know for a fact is down right wrong, unless you have proof of course then pm the mods to deal with it. if the cheating is going on again or still, then let them go for it, if u dont like it, i'm sorry but then dont join in and play them and certainty dont pay to have a go, trust that the dev's WILL sort out the glitch and KNOW who these players are.Removed by Moderator and get on with enjoying the game. IF because of the few cheats your no longer enjoying the tournaments then YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL PLAYER HAVE THE CHOICE FOR YOURSELF not to participate. Those who wish to participate still have the right to enjoy this feature of the game, dont you think. Removed by Moderator
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 25, 15 9:03 PM
Cheers **D**
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 25, 15 6:51 PM
The fairness of the tournaments is a topic that has been debated for as long as there has been a flaw within them. for some that has been since the start of playing others since the cheating scandal. i agree in that you do not need to pay to win, i rarely pay to play, most times happy to wait for free, if friends are in the top i will sometimes pay, to, 1 increase pot for them and others to win,or 2 try to catch them and give them a run for their money OUT OF FUN, not because i want or need to win, just because its a good hearted competition and i enjoy the challenge. and i dont spend real money buying gems. these are both MY choices as an individual player. in saying this since the tournaments have returned i have been in the top 100 3 times, the rest barely made the top 500. it does all come down to the luck of the wheel, whether u find 9 chips or 15, the speed and accuracy issue is one that i dont feel will ever be "fair" for all as the tournaments sit now, although i still find them quite fun anyway. faster players will always have an advantage over the less speedy and so forth, but my thoughts are if we were to be given say a tournament statistic that could be based on our speed and accuracy, past and present tournaments included, and 2 tournaments to be entered, say A & B, then this statistic could be used to calculate what tournament we were entered into automatically by the game. So if you had speed and accuracy your tournament stats may be 50% and over if not then 50% and lower (example). Those with 50% higher go into the tournament with others 50% and higher those with 50% lower go in with others 50% and lower. Stat would be based on your BASE scores b4 the wheel,and be an average so those that improve over time, stats would also improve, to keep them in the right tournament. We then would always be going up against players of equal strengths/weakness. There should be 3 chips in each HOS, across the board, no game should be different, it would then be up to each individual player to ensure they find all their chips. The wheel could be set up,say for example there are 4 0, 4 FREE spins and 4 10+, each time you land on say a 0, that one 0 would then change to a 10+ , land on the 10+ and that one 10+ would increase to 20+,if you were to the hit 20+ that one 20+ would increase to 30+, hit 30+ increase to 40+, hit 40+ increase to 50+ free stays free and allows another spin. each spin then would increase your chance of increasing your score.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 22, 15 3:56 AM
whitebutterfly54 wrote:Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in this game by chance. It's called programming. Everything is programmed to drop or not to drop. I think the glitch was that you saw what you were winning ahead of time, but I think you would have won it anyway.

Just in case, tho, could you please send some of your luck this way. I've seen one egg since Halloween began and double sixes? forget about it!

I've Kissed the dice and now i'm throwing them to you! one for each dice.....CATCH!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 21, 15 3:48 PM
This has happened to me also several times,egg and star too, seems it knows whats going to happen b4 it happens. Also happens with the dice table rolled dice and b4 dropped gave me the double 6 achievement. makes me wonder just how "rigged" the wheel and dice table is, well our entire game for that matter
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 15, 15 6:31 PM
Thanks so much walkingstar!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 15, 15 5:11 PM
friends of sharona id 398062 i have had some pc issues and have lost my old hard drive as a result i have had to transfer game that i have had saved to a flash drive to a new hard drive and now will have a new id number. i am still in the process of doing this so i'm not sure yet what my new id is but wanted to make sure that friends DO NOT GIFT old id number as stated above. once i know what my new id is i ask that friends delete the old game and please add my new i will post my new id here as soon as i know, Thanks friends for your patience and i apologize for gifts you may have sent over the last two days as i will not be able to get them, they have been lost
i tried to transfer/clone the old hard drive but it gets half way through and over heats.
i tried putting it in the fridge prior, a fan blowing on it, and sitting it on cold gel packs, but it doesn't help. still gets half to 3/4 through and stops working.

***YAY!! scrap everything said above, well most everything anyway! i have finished the transfer of my game and it is the same! so same id number, nothing has changed i have all your lovely gifts, and can continue playing where i left off! no need to delete game id 398062 as it is still my id number, so happy nothing has been lost!!*****

Also, thank you all kindly for your well wishes while spiderman was ill, back home now and doing great
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 14, 15 9:01 PM
Thanks a bunch tazruby2000, this is what i'm looking for, your awesome!
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