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 posted in Phantasmat: Insidious Dreams Collector's Edition on Sep 17, 17 6:19 PM

Same thing happened to me....don't give up too soon. Like some of the others I danced my cursor around where I thought it would be and it does highlight and you can then click on it. Good luck
 posted in Cursed on Jan 2, 17 6:04 PM
I loved it.....creepy and interesting. If you like a little jolt of surprise while playing,,,this is for you. Pretty easy playing. The skip key is in the upper right, but you have to make sure your inventory is locked.

A good buy!!!!
 posted in Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver on Dec 6, 16 10:07 PM
Even after the update...I re-installed the game and I am still getting the black screen. I am using Window 7. I hope is can be fixed, looks like a good game. Please help.
 posted in Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver on Oct 28, 16 3:58 PM
same and black screen. I uninstalled and installed again, but there was no change. Help
 posted in Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 16 8:58 PM
Same problem here....only 1 fuse and 4 tubes...can't do much without all of them.

Can anyone help?
I had problems with "runtime error" and getting the amulet on the dreamcatcher....I started over and had no problem. Just finished.....I enjoyed it but it was strange. Whenever I came across a piece of the dreamcatcher I hit the hint button and placed the piece where it was hinted. I think the runtime error has something to do with the clock next to the hint button. Hope I helped.
I am playing on a Window 7....I really like this game. The game kicks me out with a message of "runtime Error" Any help would be appreciated.
It was the same problem with the amulet....I went up and did the turn around thing where I was facing the witch and the the 3 clouds. I tried placing the amulet again and and it worked...but it left the amulet in my inventory but the dreamcatcher was complete. I then continued the game..went to the bedroom with the candle but it keeps coming up with "runtime error" and I can not go any further. I don't know if the 2 problems are related or not. Good Luck!! hope I helped
I have a windows 7...I am getting "runtime error". I get to a certain spot (putting the candle in the cover) and it quits on me. Please help.
I am having the same problem. I got the feathers on but I can not get the amulet.

The hint button shows me where the amulet should be and where I should put it on the dreamcatcher....but it is not working. Please help.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector's Edition on Oct 11, 15 8:53 AM
I enjoyed this game!! Interesting storyline. Wish the bonus game was longer. If you like creepy (like I do) you will like this one. I would give it 5 stars!!
 posted in Dracula's Legacy on Aug 17, 15 11:35 PM
This is the creepy games I enjoy!!!!Had to get over my inventory going up and down....and no map, but the storyline more than made up for it. Good Game!!!!
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 15 4:26 AM
LOVED IT!!!!!!!Like a good Stephen King novel...I take it slow because I know it will soon be over. Hated to see this end. I like a good creepy game and this one fit the bill. If you like creepy suspense, this game is for you.
 posted in Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville Collector's Edition on Jul 10, 15 8:03 PM
First time submitting any review, so I will make it short and sweet. I love this game. I like the creepiness of it. Thank you guys for your reviews...they help me alot and I really take them to heart.
 posted in Surface: Alone in the Mist Collector's Edition on Jun 5, 15 4:57 PM
First time submitting a review. This is the type of game I like. Creepy and some surprises along the way. I was sorry to see it end. Definitely and must buy!
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