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 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on Mar 18, 15 12:53 PM
linlu4165 wrote:I am unable to get the key out of the lock on the cable car........yes I have oiled it... some one said you don't have to get the key out it is only chained...that does not make sense either...........I only have matches left........does this have anything to do with getting the sigel out of the ice I cannot do that either..i have liked this game even though the hint arrangement seems a little many problems......ty

I'm hoping that, by quoting this post, I can help them, hitrodhazel, & slgibbs1...

I had a hard time with this also but finally decided to click on the sigil in the ice. When I did that, the fish rammed into the ice from below. I did this a few more times & the fish ended up breaking through the ice & left a hole through which I was able to grab the sigil (the fish ended up in a block of ice on the steps in front of the fountain). Then you need to go back to the stone guardian & click on the sparkling area which zooms in on his chest & the lantern he's holding. You'll then be able to put the sigil in place on his chest. Once that's done the lantern opens & you're able to grab the end of the key from within. Then simply go back to the lock, use the end of the key on the other part of it that's already in the keyhole & as long as the lock is oiled already the key should end up turning itself at that point. I hope that helps. To those people who were stuck in the labyrinth, I'm thinking you may have already figured it out best suggestion would be to watch the walls of the tunnels. I can't recall at the moment, how to get to this point but...I believe the dead end with the gates (& the red candle) is just a bit past the candle/stairs opening. I do recall that I originally went past this hidden opening and saw 2 skeletons hanging from the tunnel ceiling. I believe, if you continue straight past those skeletons, it will take you to that dead end with the red candle you'll need to grab on the gate. I hope that makes sense and apologize if it doesn't and/or I'm not remembering correctly. Also, as I said, the hanging skeletons is one "step" past the hidden opening to the chamber you need. If I wasn't looking for it, I might have missed the break in the wall on the right. Again, hope this helped!
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