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 posted in Fairway™ on Apr 16, 15 11:06 PM
Hi Everyone

I'm a newbie here and looking to get a group of friends to help each other out and send extra lives to in the game.

If you're interested let me know - Or if there's already a group going the please let me know.

Have a great day!


 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Mar 31, 15 9:38 PM
Hi everyone...

I have a couple of questions and if I could get some help I would appreciate it. I'm not that great with Facebook. I've read through the pages of the "Forums". I also play and have been hooked on Fairway Solitaire for quite awhile. On to the questions.

1). Is there a specific forum designated for "Solitaire Blast?" It would seem to make sense but I searched but couldn't find it (if it exists,)

2). Is there an easy way to find friends to connect with to share extra lives with ? Other games like these on Facebook sometimes have areas to share lists and such.
Sometimes there are forum moderators which have the lists I think anyway.

3) In the Cheevos area and you see a persons mini profile pic, you click this and a small box appears. If you click the little + sign by the heart, does this give them an extra life? I assume it does. Every time you are able to click the + sign (after it refreshes) does it give them another life again?

Thanks for any help

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