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 posted in Sherlock Holmes VS Arsene Lupin on Dec 22, 17 6:10 PM
You have to locate the latch on the skylight in the blue room to make Holmes take notice. THEN measure the footprints in that room.

It doesn't matter if you have already measured.

 posted in Obscure Legends: Curse of the Ring on Mar 14, 17 4:43 PM
I'm near the end. I have an axe (already cleared the path), a shovel (already got the sand for the waterfall), 2/3 sea theme tokens and 3/4 buttons for the temple. It seems I should find the last button next. The hint button tells me there's nothing to do here in every single location. The map shows no actions to be taken. I have one last repair to do on my ship but need more coins. I have gone through every scene slowly looking for the magnifier to pop up on something I've missed.
 posted in Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen on Sep 21, 15 6:22 PM
I am also unable to get back to the Wastelands, with no available hint button. Will there be a fix for this. It shouldn't be available if this problem is so common.
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