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Ladies, these are not real trolls, goblins & animals, it is ok to kill them
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 30, 15 11:52 AM
The map the ghost pirate captain gives you is for his buried treasure on Lonely Island & is marked with two crossed sticks in the grass somewhere, NOT Hidden Lagoon, as mentioned in the title of this thread, happy hunting!!!
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Hespera wrote:There are places in the town square that buy items, but you can't get there yet. Sell what fish and crab you can to the merchant in the village. The bread seller on the farm will purchase eggs and the Land Owner on the farm will purchase mushrooms. Be careful and thoughtful about what you sell. You can also sell excess herbs to the Miller's wife (but I can't remember when that happens).

Keep all your blue'll really need them later on. Try to stick to selling just the brown and pink ones.

If he hasn't got past the Troll on the road, he won't be finding/collecting Eggs yet
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memawclay2 wrote:Very carefully backtrack through all the maps you have opened to make sure you have responded to all the requests and missions available because there are enough that you should have collected at least 55 stars to bypass the castle guard.
Now hearts (strength) are acquired by resting @ the farm camp for 2 fish=10 hearts, the Old Man's house for 1 bread=8 hearts and the campfire for 1 basket of juicy berries=6 hearts and the empty basket to refill later. In order to do any work or battle Hero must have enough hearts to use.
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kgustavson wrote:Arrgghh - rather annoying but thanks so much memaw!!

I you want/need money, you have to work for it, same in real life
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Why do people persist in asking the same 'simple' questions over & over again without doing a little research, just plain laziness IMHO....
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Hespera wrote:As the lady tells you in her dialogue, she dropped it in the sewer. (I still can't figure out why she would want it back.) Yuck!

I can't figure out what a lady would be doing in the sewer, meeting her servant lover maybe? heheh
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Hespera wrote:No problem! There's so much going on in this game

Not really, it just takes a little imagination & for-thought, if you start from the beginning again, knowing that the Troll wants 25 Bread before he lets you pass, you need to refrain from eating too much Bread until you pay him off, there are plenty of Juicy Berry bushes around which is free Hearts. Even though you need to do the Crab & Fishing quests to gain more reputation Stars, refrain from collecting extra Crabs & Fish until you get somewhere where you can 'earn' more money, like the Mercenary Stronghold & West Forrest to turn Wood into Charcoal. Don't kill the Goblin as it uses 8 Hearts, give him 5 Fish, you have enough at that stage....belay that last remark, you can just eat 2 Fish twice, giving you 20 Hearts, minus 8 to kill Goblin, leaving you 12 Hearts extra plus 1 Fish....think I need to go to sleep.... lol
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You won't find it, you have to collect pieces of it so the Wizard can make it, when the relevant quest arrives!
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 29, 15 8:34 AM
jcballar wrote:Also selling things that must be made can lead to faster income. Although a hassle to make, a barrel of gunpowder costs ~$122*, and the smugglers underground near the cathedral will buy it for $230.

*based on price of wood after the sawmill is improved to two lines

Sorry jcballar, either there has been an increase in taxes since you posted this in March, or you have got your figures muddled up, I'm going to have to correct you on this one:

1 Empty Barrel 14 Gold (General Store in Square)
1 Sulfur 85 Gold (Alchemist Supplies at Docks)
1 Sack of Coal 27 Gold (1 Wood (17 Gold) from Wood Seller in West Forest, turned into Charcoal by the Coaler at the Mercenary Stronghold (10 Gold))
3 Sacks of Manure 30 Gold (3 Empty Sacks (7 Gold each) from General Store in Square, plus 3 Gold per Empty Sack to fill with Manure, also each sack requires 3 Hearts X 3 sacks makes 9 Hearts total, so if you had to buy food for this 2 Fish from the Food seller in the Square giving 10 Heart at the camp near the Manure farm would cost you 12 Gold
25 Gold to Alchemist for mixing all together

Total cost of one Barrel of Gunpowder:
14+85+27+30+12+25=193 Gold
Mark, in the Basement at the Cemetery, will pay 230 Gold per Barrel, making a clear profit of 37 Gold
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Margali wrote:Thank you for the info! I believe what was causing the problem is that I hadn't finished the starfish quest. After I found the last 2, the wizard triggered. I'm mentioning it in case it happens to anyone else.

Now, for the sapphires...

Misinformation: On my 3rd run through I had already spoken to the Wizard at his tower before I had collected all 12 Golden Starfish.... The Starfish quest is just an extra side quest to gain more reputation Stars, it does not trigger the Wizard appearing
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memawclay2 wrote:The first play through I diverted the goblin with fish because I had no weapons.
But every time I went back to check the cave he would throw his arms up in hungry frustration. This made me feel guilty so I kilt him the next time to prevent him from suffering needlessly.
For all the softhearted people who dislike killing monsters maybe the creators will include some extra coding to tame or feed thieving murderous critters. I can see making pals with a goblin or walking my new pet giant spider down the beach...

Bugger walking a pet giant spider, he would become my new form of transportation lol
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GeorgeTSLC wrote:The text is

Careful Help your sister make a necklace.

You have to do that--by collecting shells, and perhaps delivering them--before you trigger the pirate raid, or it becomes unavailable.

You can still get this achievement after the pirate raid, as long as you have already given your sister the shells, just your sister is not the person who gives you the finished necklace, obviously Doh!
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I have had 2 different scenarios of being given the Rainbow Tinted Shell Necklace

1st, being the most obvious one, is when you give your sister the 10 shells BEFORE the Pirates attack the village, your sister gives you the necklace

2nd is if you return to the village, after previously giving the 10 shells to your sister, but the go else where & come back to village AFTER the Pirates attack, then the villager you first met at the beginning of the game 'finds' the necklace and gives it to you

In either scenarios you STILL get the achievement
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Kirland wrote:Well that's what I assumed.....until I read the post about going back into the game after the Hero's celebration. I was surprised that there was more to do.

By going back into the game, I was able to continue to search and get all 48 trophies. I didn't know if I was going to make the 3,000 gold but read that I should sell everything I could and that is what did it. My 48th trophy.

Thanks fishies for your wonderful posts. Without them I really couldn't have done it. You are very generous and thoughtful. Kudos.

My suggestion is to make money by hunting and fighting zombies, snakes and spiders before the ship building. Visit the thieves' hideout and clear out zombies from the sewers. As a reward, they will teach you a new skill. All of this helps you accumulate gold and treasures. Also, earn enough stars by helping people.

Your suggestion of killing Zombies, Snakes & Spiders is all very well, but it is only a side quest to help gain more reputation Stars, not really a continuous money maker, because once all the foe are dead that's it, end of money pot.

What I do is go to West Forest, buy 200 Logs for 17 Gold each (3.400 Gold) from the Wood Seller, take them south to the Mercenary Stronghold and get the Coaler to make Charcoal for 10 Gold per sack (2,000 Gold), then sell them all to the Blacksmith for 32 Gold per sack (6,400 Gold), making me a total clear profit of 1,000 Gold, yes it is a lot of clicking involved but at present I have nearly 10,000 Gold & only small pockets to carry it all, I have now buried most of my wealth on a small island for safe keeping.... (well come on, we have the tools to do this, Shovels, Pickaxes etc, it would be fun if this was a 'live game' to be able to find someone else's Gold buried somewhere & dig it up rofl)
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Hespera wrote:If you were the destitute widow of a pirate, where would you be living?
Highlight for answer:

The slums! Percy's widow can be found in the top right house in the slum area.

However, be advised, Percy's widow does not initiate this quest. Percy initiates this quest.

How am I supposed to see Percy's widow if she INSIDE the bloody house? Doh!

Ok, let me rephrase the question then, 'Where is Percy's dead decaying body which starts this quest line?
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Ok, I'm stuck on this one as well, where is Percy's widow to be able to get this quest?
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Royal Pearls? What are these? I have completed this game & never come across this item, if you complete a quest at the lake island you will be able to find real proper Pearls in any part of water, I collected 13 in total
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[Removed by Moderator], you CAN still working on achievements AFTER you have defeated the Dark Lord, as I have just done loads I missed earlier
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Wrong forum, you need to post in Hero Of The Kingdom 2
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