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 posted in Wanderland on Jun 10, 15 2:40 PM
How long until we see the drop rates improved? Cause personally Im done playing until they are corrected. I have spent the past 3 weeks running around in circles accomplishing nothing and I like playing games that give me some sibilance of accomplishment...HELLO ...THATS WHY I PLAY. It's not that complicated to increase the drop ratio so the items needed either always fall or fall 1/2 the time. it's a very simple correction needed here, and yes it really is very simple to fix. So why hasn't it been corrected Already with Sooo many people Complaining????? ........ AGAIN...WHEN????
 posted in Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey on Apr 22, 15 6:38 PM
I just what to know how they can call it an "Endless Journey" when you can't play it Endlessly??? Or do they mean "Pay Endlessly" for the "Journey"??? I mean come on ppl seriously the title is Completely Miss-Leading.
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