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After placing paints the resin just will not go into the inset.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jun 19, 14 1:20 PM
Ditto - my finger went to sleep but the darn fingerprints didn't appear, nor did the kit disappear. What a pain. This seems to be a fun game. Hate to get stalled right away.
 posted in Detective Agency 3: Ghost Painting on Oct 31, 13 4:03 PM
Can anyone answer either of these questions, please. Thanks very much.
 posted in Amusement World! on Nov 24, 12 8:46 PM
I've finished the four speedtraps in Chapter Two and now, when I go to the slushy stand area, there is no envelope, nor any hidden "eyes.' When I go into the stand itself, Lady Fusion is not speaking to me (I've already made the slushy for the next superhero). Can anyone please help me? Thanks.
I plucked the seed button out of the plant and when I try to play the game on the table using it, it is not in my inventory. I know I'm not the gamer of the universe, but help an old lady, someone, please. Thanks.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets on Oct 6, 12 4:04 PM
I did not pick up the plank of wood in the execution area first time around. Now I'm working in the torture chamber and need the plank, but cannot find it. Please tell me that I don't have to replay the whole beginning of the game! (Or at least let me know if that is what I have to do - I feel like such a dope!).

Thanks very much.
 posted in Cheatbusters on Aug 3, 12 10:25 AM
Thanks very much!
 posted in Cheatbusters on Aug 2, 12 11:23 AM
Stuck at the vase of flowers in the house. Put all the pieces of the arrangement, except for the missing one, into their marked spots. Now I note that I'm missing one flower and can't continue without it. Help! (please)
 posted in City of Fools on Jul 28, 12 11:15 AM
Cannot get to safe because Egyptologist will not accept papyrus. Help!?!! (please)
 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill on Jul 23, 12 12:47 PM
I really don't want to start all over again to try to get the kerosene. Can anyone please help me? Thanks very much.
 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill on Jul 22, 12 2:01 PM
I have finished the 1st HOS, made the plaster print of the footprint, and now trying to complete 2nd HOS in order to get wrench and continue on. However, there are no "sparklies" or anything else to indicate the HOS, so I cannot continue. I am probably doing something stupid, but I hope someone can help me. Kinda like the game. Thanks in advance.

 posted in 1 Moment of Time: Silentville on Jun 16, 12 1:59 PM
Is there any way to reset the mixing scene for the powdered flowers after you make a mistake? I'm stuck after going this far! Thanks.
 posted in Theatre of the Absurd on Jun 5, 12 11:06 AM
Bless your heart! It was on the grave on the other side of the path in the Courtyard. Thanks so very much.

Sandy D.
 posted in Theatre of the Absurd on Jun 2, 12 1:00 PM
Help, please. I got to the emblem reconstruction in Chapter 4, and note that I only have five emblem pieces, rather than six. I have backtracked several times and am still stuck. I opened all the red skulls and the gargoyles indicated, but still come up with only five.
 posted in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood on Mar 24, 12 12:10 PM
Thanks very much. Fun game.
 posted in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood on Mar 24, 12 11:30 AM
Stuck! Can't find the third dial or gate key. Help, please.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Legacy on Mar 6, 12 5:52 PM
Im in Brandons chapter and somehow dont have the crown for the figure in the middle. Can anyone help me please?
 posted in Big City Adventure: London Story on Feb 7, 12 9:36 AM
Fun game, but anticlimactic!
 posted in Big City Adventure: London Story on Feb 4, 12 12:38 PM
THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is a fun game and I was afraid I would never be able to get past those darn stamps!
 posted in Big City Adventure: London Story on Jan 30, 12 12:47 PM
I have gotten to the stamp collection, and somehow had taken the Prince Albert Memorial stamp before the instructions requested it. Now the instructions will not move past the Prince Albert stamp to the next one. Do I have to start over again? Thank you.
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