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 posted in Downtown Secrets on Nov 7, 10 12:43 AM
sorry not sure how to post here but assistance required pls bfg....Have just downloaded this game intro good but when the game starts i am getting a black screen, the music is good but i'd like to play the game lol....have done a re-install to no avail. i have an excellent comp. with latest graphics card. Hope you can help pls, cheers innerocean
 posted in Downtown Secrets on Nov 7, 10 12:39 AM
bfgFlounder wrote:Discover the Downtown Secrets! After mysteriously disappearing for three years, Marie is back in Alex’s life and needs his help! Using her one phone call, Marie begs Alex to search the scene of a murder and find some documents for her. After asking Alex to deliver the documents to Andre at The Joint, Marie hangs up and leaves Alex in the middle of a mystery! Scour Hidden Object scenes and discover exactly what’s going on with Marie in Downtown Secrets!
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 10, 08 8:02 PM
ROFL, it's taken me an hour just figuring out how to make a question post... the relief of finally being able to do this makes my frustration over the Air Medallion seem trivial, however !! okay have the other 3 meds in the museum, unfortunately have no tools left to get the last medallion, now have the horrors after reading a number of posts from others that i will have to start the game ALLLLL OVERRRR AGAINNNNNN yuk !
Game has been glitching all the way through but with persistence finally managed to get myself to screaming pitch with the air thingo. Hope the help you can give me is not start again lol, cause that would be the pits of Tibet. thnx f any assistance in advance.
Regards Inner.
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