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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jun 4, 15 10:09 PM
I agree and I'm not even that far in. It's becoming tedious and boring. I thought New Orleans was bad but this is not fun anymore. I used to play all the time, now I'm playing once a day, maybe twice. There is something fundamentally wrong with a game that gibpvrs you 42 moves and reshuffles the board 20 times. How can you possibly try and construct points? Never mind the unreasonable challenges. Seriously getting tired of this game.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on May 13, 15 9:51 AM
I've played this game daily for several months now, and I loved it. Until New Orleans. These levels are virtually impossible to win without constantly buying boosts. Instead of being fun and somewhat challenging it's become frustrating and tiresome. I'm not even considering building a resource center because it's so difficult to get pass Intern level never mind attempting Master Builder. Does anyone test play all the levels? Because I cannot believe they did and found it fun. I'm seriously disappointed in the direction this game has taken
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