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 posted in The Curio Society: Eclipse Over Mesina on May 29, 16 7:51 PM
I am having problems with the suitcase for collecting clues. The first three items did just fine, but of the second three, only 2 items fed into the suitcase unit and the third item, a picture, just made the screen darken and everything stop moving. I can get out of this by using the map and jumping to another location, but it still wont take the picture without the same problem. The third time using the suitcase, the first item, a bird statue, won't feed in and the same problem happens again. Am I doing something wrong in game play? Or is this a tech. prob.? Is there a "fix"? Thanks for any help you can give...and oh, yeah...I uninstalled this game and reinstalled it to see if that fixed the prob, but it did not help at all.
Hi again kh2559,
Well, I finally found my way to the bonus game, and finished it. My bad, just general stupidity on my part.
As promised, (but I suspect you did finally "cut the cane) by now) I am here to tell you how.
First you have to place the oven tile for the baking oven in the cabin in the top left book. Once that is done, the oven tells you to place a cane in the oven to get ash which you throw into the portal to close it. Go to the swamp and take your knife to about the middle of the stalk of the cattail (cane). It says something about sharp leaves so you have to cut the cane with a knife. In my game, it came right off.
I hope you have already resolved this issue by now and my answer is moot. Good luck! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and hope you did too.
Hi kh2559,

I finished the main game of Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown CE, but I dont seem to have the bonus game available to me at all. It isnt even mentioned but I know there is supposed to be one. How did you even get to the bonus game? I have never had this problem before. Other than that, it was a fun game Thanks for any info. I will let you know about the cane and dagger if I get there.
 posted in Demon Archive: The Adventure of Derek on Jun 18, 15 1:04 PM
Not really enjoying this game too much for most of the reasons already cited, but I am determined to finish it anyway. I am stuck in the cemetery. A tree blocks my path and I am short two jewels to open the Fleur de lis, and I cant seem to find anything else to use nor can I go back out of this place. Anyone have a tip for me? Thanks.

UPDATE: Never mind...I found my way out of the cemetary...DUH! But thanks anyway. {:>
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