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 posted in Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One on Jun 2, 15 6:30 PM
I give the game 3 stars. I found when it came to the treehouse HOP, I lit the candle then had to beat the hell out of my IPAD to actually grab the candle, it should not require that!
Also, when on the Island & I found the code for the computer 2492, I kept getting booted out of the game (the first time I played I was booted out 4X, that's ridiculous!), the only way around that was to move from one room to another (again 4 or 5 different rooms) before I was able to input the code, without being booted out!
I have played numerous games & after working with the huge number of Computer techies at the University I am at, all of them agree that Big Fish Games really need to have more testing on these games before they roll them out!
I finally got the candle, I just had to beat the hell out of my IPAD before I was finally able to get it!
Well at least you got the candle, I can't it keeps saying there should be a sword in the middle! Huh, where is the blankety-blank sword?
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within on May 25, 15 7:08 AM
I finished the main game & the bonus chapter but I can't open the hidden chapters. There is a padlock on it & no amount of tapping on the book spine lets me in. Help!
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