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 posted in The Color of Murder on Sep 13, 15 10:52 AM
Solved my own problem. Forgot about the notebook, checked and found that I hadn't properly looked at the boots in the trailer. I had had to do a bunch of stuff over because I didn't save once, and overlooked doing the boots completely when I went through there again. Maybe my mistake will help someone else. That notebook--so helpful!
 posted in The Color of Murder on Sep 12, 15 7:10 PM
When I go to the Allotment to talk to Willy he is nowhere to be found. I have consulted walkthroughs and done everything that needs to be done at this point but he is nowhere to be found, so can't get to Lavender Brook. Please help!
 posted in Alice: Behind the Mirror on Jul 1, 15 2:04 PM
I've got the key that hint keeps telling me I need, bulbs are all green, but when I drag the key to the keyhole, it just pops back into inventory. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?
 posted in Alice: Behind the Mirror on Jul 1, 15 1:54 PM
That color change is the future place. As I recall, the egg needs to go into an egg cup there on the table. Hope this helps. I'm stuck on the train with a key that won't go into the keyhole!
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