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May I suggest checking out video walkthroughs on my channel?

Access Youtube and search for the channel Awesome Herding Game Plays,
The walkthrough is right there on my channel. You are welcome.
You need to find the book of Herbs and a basket. And theres a way out into the garden from the kitchen. You pick the herbs from the garden and then cook the potion in the cauldron in the kitchen.

For more detail, I have a video walkthrough of the whole game (excludes the bonus game) on youtube. go to youtube, search for Awesome Herding, then under filters, click channels. And then click on the first search result that comes up. You will find my walkthrough there. Hope I have helped.

For those that are stuck, I have a video walkthrough of this game (excludes bonus game) on Youtube. Not all parts are uploaded as of the time of this post but should not take too long for them to be all up.

Update: They are now all uploaded! Here's how to find them:

1. Access Youtube with your web browser.
2. Type in the Youtube Search Bar "Awesome Herding Games" and press the search button.
3. Click the filter drop down box and click on channel
4. Search again
5. Click on the first option that pops up.
6. Click on playlists and choose the game's playlist if you want to watch them in order or click on videos and choose the parts that you need.
7. Don't forget to leave likes comments and subscribes if you like my walkthrough!

Thank you and hope my video walkthrough will be of assistance to you.

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