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 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Jun 11, 10 8:53 PM
I'm over it now. Nothing worked to get it running for me and I am just very uncomfortable with allowing them full access to my computer for a chance at a fix when I know its a BF problem because I ended up purchasing it through another site during all the frustration because it had been a week or so since I bought it and hadn't gotten to play it at all and I don't have a single problem with the game.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Jun 5, 10 1:29 PM
No, it wasn't Reel Quest. It was Fishing Craze I was talking about, but I also found another one called Nab-n-Grab. I hope you enjoy one of those three for more fishing fun!
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Jun 4, 10 8:13 PM
There is a game here on that is nothing but the fishing, but obviously it isn't Sara or Ranch Rush.... I can't remember the name of it, if I figure it out I'll let you know.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Jun 4, 10 8:11 PM
I too have been emailing back and forth a few days and the support person sent my diagnostic to the technicians and I got an email from one earlier wanting full access to my computer..... ..... not too sure about that.... anyone see that episode of Criminal Minds?!...
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on May 31, 10 10:31 AM
I'm glad you got your going. The difference for me is that mine has never run at all, so I have no progress into the game. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no luck whatsoever. Still waiting on a response from since I sent the problem in on Friday. I'll be glad to post any fixes they give me if the game begins to work.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on May 30, 10 10:13 AM
I will definitely give you a heads up if I figure anything out. I too have an email in to bigfish and its been about a day and a half and nothing back yet either. Even my husband can't fix it and he's a networking specialist, lol... I think its bothering him just as much as it is me. Also, OuiOui1, I would appreciate if you would share anything as well. Best of luck to both of us and anyone else having issues.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on May 28, 10 7:22 PM
Mine won't even give me an access violation. It shows the game is open and when I click the icon on my open programs it flashes a black screen for about a second and my screen goes back to my desktop. My biggest problem is this is the full unlocked version. I didn't bother with the demo because I knew I wanted the game so I bought it flat out. Also everything on my computer is fully updated. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it didn't help at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
After you find all the key parts on the top of the chest, the key will assemble itself and then you can click it in your inventory and just move it to the area of the key hole and click. Getting in this chest is imperative as the chloroform bottle is locked inside it.
Good luck!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Mar 12, 09 6:23 PM
I read through the replies and I didn't see this mentioned. To obtain the private jet, yes, it costs $500,000, but I wasn't offered a chance to buy it until I had my first million in cash. It seems that your cash has to be at or above one million dollars to even prompt the private jet offer. Hope this helps you some.
 posted in Build-in-Time on Feb 7, 09 1:17 PM
I fully agree with you. I think at some point they will make a sequel especially how the ending played out when you beat the game. I would love to see a sequel made, I would definitely buy it.
 posted in Shop-n-Spree on Feb 7, 09 1:15 PM
Hate to tell you this, but you can't use hints on those additional objectives. I'll start the game again and when I do that part, I will jot down where I get all the seed packets and come back on here and post them for you.
 posted in Adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Feb 6, 09 6:37 PM
For those of you who have bought this game, how much more gameplay is there past the goat cave with the dragon egg? I got to that point in the trial and am undecided on if I will buy it or not. I was curious if there was much more gameplay past that point. Thanks.
 posted in Hidden World of Art on Feb 6, 09 6:22 PM
I just wanted to take a minute to thank the game designers of this great HO! I took an art appreciation class in college and I greatly enjoyed learning what I did, like for example Da Vinci's birthday, I would never have remembered it except I was pregnant with my youngest child when I took the course and my professor asked me when my due date was and I told her April 15th. She smiled and said, "Da Vinci's birthday, maybe he will follow the same path". I had my son April 11th, but now I definitely remember LDV's birthday.
But, the point of my post is, any of you that read this who have kids, play this game with them! I play with my 4 year old daughter and she's really good at the game, but she has asked us to take her to a museum soon so she can see art in person. My 2 year old son likes to look in the gallery at the paintings as well. Not only does it help kids to enjoy art, but I also found beautiful artwork that my art appreciation course didn't cover, the professor mainly covered Da Vinci and Michaelangelo, they were her favorites and two of the most well known artists.
Great job on this game and thank you, , for having this game. It was a fun way to bond with my kids over something as beautiful as art and see them enjoying it as well.
 posted in Shop-n-Spree on Feb 6, 09 6:10 PM
I beat the game on normal difficulty so I created a new profile and chose hard. Once I got to the mini games, however, I began to wonder why the mode is even different. I rocked on the mini games on normal and on hard I have no trouble reaching the sales goals or doing the additional objectives before the store opens, but on hard mode, I cannot beat some of the mini games. I was just wondering if this is just me or not.
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 8, 09 11:50 AM
This is in response to the person about playing on laptops. I have been running Be Rich since it came out on a laptop and my husband has been running it on a desktop and both computers are Vista. Neither one of us are having problems with the game.
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 7, 09 7:51 PM
I am running Vista and it downloaded fine for me and I had no problems with gameplay. I loved the game and as soon as the 60 minute trial went out I used a game club credit to unlock it. It is a lot like the Build A Lot set or like Build in Time. I have been having a blast with it and I really hope you can all get the problems fixed because it is definitely worth playing. I was so happy to see something like this come out amongst all the HO games and Syberia and such. I figured it was about time they released one I'd actually play.
Hope you all can get it running alright.
 posted in Fix-it-up: Kate`s Adventure on Jan 6, 09 8:48 PM
I have been playing this game for days without problems, now today when I opened the game and attempted to finish the Hollywood location and my mouse will not go to the left side of the screen. With this problem, I am unable to buy and sell cars. Even in the trophy room the mouse will not go to the left side. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that didn't help. Has anyone else had this problem? I want to beat this game so badly and I am so close to doing so, but now this mouse issue!! Any advice?
 posted in Ranch Rush on Oct 12, 08 5:49 PM
I, too, kept getting that error and kept restarting over and over. I could not just finsih the game as I have young children who will "play" it while I am cooking dinner and such and since I use my laptop to play these games, the games will close automatically sometimes if I'm inactive. We have the game unlocked on a Vista system as well and that one has not had problems yet. I finally uninstalled the game due to the frustration, so I plan to redownload considering has record of my account unlocking the full version, so I will see if it turned out to be an installation error, or if it is a bug in the game. If I keep having the troubles though, I will go through tech support as I have been wanting to go back to play that. I was on the second to last day when that started happening to me, so it is very aggravating for me as well.
 posted in Great Chocolate Chase on Oct 12, 08 4:13 PM
Oooh, I know how you feel. I have made like 2600, but I have not been able to beat that. I also unlocked it the first day it came out.
 posted in Cake Shop on Oct 12, 08 4:10 PM
I liked it the first day I played it. I made the mistake of unlocking the full game in anticipation of more game to play. I had hoped maybe I'd get to decorate the interior of the house and buy furniture and things. I also thought there would at least be one or two more locations to play. I was wrong. I seriously regret unlocking the full version game, considering not even an hour after activation of the game I beat it.
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