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 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 30, 17 9:18 AM
I opened up the countries as quickly as possible and worked to get to the top level on each right away. I also found it frustrating when I was constantly short supplies to build. I found it immensely satisfying to build everything out all at once.
Of course, I think I am an exception to the rule.... I completely finished the game in 69 days. Now I am just killing time waiting for events to fill out my owl collections and other things you get only get during events.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 25, 17 12:13 PM
I have only been playing a short while and I have never played a big event...
I am assuming the reason we have friends is to help with events because swapping keys and doing an occasional auction trade is pretty boring.

So I was wondering how important are friends for the events?
How many friends should I have to help with events?

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 16, 17 4:40 PM
I would love to hear from the more experienced players what we can expect to happen on Pirate Days.
I heard that we should try to upgrade our buildings to the Pirate theme but NOT have them displayed when the event starts.
Are there any other tip or tricks that can help us make the most of the event?

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jun 25, 17 4:33 PM
Being new I have never played any kind of special/holiday event. I see items in my collections for fall, spring, Christmas and pirate's days , but nothing seems to fit an Independence Day event.
Can any of you 'older' players clue us newbies in?
Do we need to build up coins or gold? Should we try to gather more friends/neighbors? Any pitfalls to watch out for?

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jun 14, 17 9:37 PM
When I had to buy the Blue and White plate I really did not mind paying a small fortune in coins. I had to get it to continue the game/quest and I know it is extremely rare. I am fairly new, I am only 2 months in so coins and gold are precious commodities to me. I can not afford to actually buy anything for this game and must plug away to gain the experience, coins and gold I need. It is frustrating when auction 'sharks' jack up the prices of common items I need to continue the game, forcing me to do more and more searches and mini-games to recover from the high cost.
I was hoping my post might reach some of these players and maybe they would feel a bit of empathy for us struggling newbies. Maybe they would become a bit less predatory after they read my initial rant. One can always hope...
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jun 8, 17 10:29 PM
I need to vent!
Often we are required by the game to buy at auction. I have found that many of the items I already own but I am still required to get them through the auction house. But this is not my complaint.
What I have seen is these items only being offered by a few people for enormous amounts of money. So I started really looking and I see that these low-life gaming thugs are buying up all the items placed for auction at the lower prices and immediately turning around and listing them at the much-much-much higher prices. To test this theory I have listed many items at a low 100 bucks. They are snapped up and re-listed by the same people who bought duplicates of many of my former listings. This is so predatory, so mean-spirited. It killed me when I was forced to pay 99,000 for a stamp, I already had 59 of, to continue the game.
I truly wish there was a way to ban these greedy gamers. They are sucking some of the fun out of the game.
Vent completed.

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on May 24, 17 9:50 AM
I give...
No new quests are appearing. I have reached level 55, I have upgraded all buildings to level 5 and customized many. I finished the AES art search and gone in the side door to complete the emblem, the plane is working, I visited several countries until I ran out of fuel. It seems I have done all the game has asked and more.
Yet, I have no new quests. I am just waiting. But waiting for what?
What do I do to make the quests start again?

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on May 18, 17 1:44 AM
I am stuck. I can't seem to get enough bars to continue. I have completed achievements, played in the casino, and rarely used any bars to speed up time or open mini-games. Yet I am short and can't seem to figure out how to get more without buying them outright from Big Fish. Any ideas for a newbie?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 17 4:42 AM
I don't have a solution but I just had to comment...
12 Games! Holy Cow!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 23, 17 2:01 PM
Annelliegram wrote:The constant posts about updates reminds me of kids always asking "Are we there yet?" or "When will we be there?"

My parents always came up with "something" to occupy our little hands and minds when we announced we were bored.......we soon learned to keep our mouth shut or there would be chores assigned. I sure hope the Devs are not "like-minded parents!"

LOL. I was that parent. I hated being badgered about things. Another trick I used was to tell them we would not get there for another hour and when we got there in 10 minutes they were completely surprised.

It is annoying to see the constant stream of complaints and pleas for a quicker update. 1. It is a FREE game. 2. Content in this game is amazing and must take hours/days/weeks to work out the bugs. 3. It has always been worth the wait.

Patience is a virtue that many gamers seem to lack.

aka aMissTory
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 17 9:49 AM
Dbingamen wrote:I have also only used amulets to complete daily quests. But as almost every quest requires at least one time at the dice table, I'm a little confused as to how much the amulets help. For those of you who are completing three or four quests are you using diamonds to be able to go to the dice table so many times?

I just got really lucky that out of the 5 quests I completed they only called for 2 rolls of the dice. It would have been a dilemma for me if I would have had to use diamonds to get back to it early. Calling the airship back for 4 diamonds is one thing but the dice game costs way too much. I really hoard my diamonds.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 20, 17 8:32 PM
I just used a Gold Amulet and in 1 hour I did this:
Completed 3-Five Part Quests
Completed 2-Three Part Quests
Completed 1-Trina Quest
I did pay 4 diamonds to have the Airship come back early because I needed 350 items, I crafted a ton of pet food and I fed at least a dozen pets.
In the past I have only used the amulets to go to the most needed HOS's to stock up on the items I seem to be perpetually short on, like the Murderer's Eye. But I think this is a far better use of the Gold Amulet.
What do you think?

aka aMissTory
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 19, 17 5:24 PM
It took me 517 to get that last silver globe. I really feel your pain.
Last year I missed getting Mrs. Claus by 10 gift boxes. Got her right away this year! lol
Hopefully you will get lucky next year and get it first thing and never have to think about again.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 15, 17 11:28 PM
I didn't realize there was a forum for the first year....
and never realized that MC gave you coins for the items you loaded into the Airship until I read it in the forum.

aka aMissTory
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 13, 17 7:46 PM
Wolfie broke the Friday the 13th Curse!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 12, 17 12:01 AM
I'll play too!

I will do the Dark Tower....

Results after he 'blows me a kiss' (leg to mouth).
Dark Tower Gates - Wooden chest
Dark Tower Hall - Iron chest
Guest Room - Iron chest
Library - Iron chest
Laboratory - Iron chest
Dark Portal - Iron chest

Now I will start over again in the Dark Tower but I will feed him after he finishes his 'happy dance' (after he moves all his legs out and then back in).
Dark Tower Gates - Wooden chest, again
Dark Tower Hall - Iron chest, again
Guest Room - Wooden chest
Library - Iron chest, again
Laboratory - Silver chest
Dark Portal - Wooden chest

So I have run through the Dark Tower twice. I never got a Gold chest and only 1 Silver chest (in the Laboratory after his 'happy dance'). It seems like our little spider does not like this forbidding area.

aka aMissTory
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 11, 17 11:57 PM
Finally! I finally got that last silver globe. It only took me 527 tries!
I think this was my hardest challenge to date.
I started out 2 weeks late because of computer problems, but with a LOT of help from my generous friends, I have achieved all of the event goals.
Good luck to all those still plugging away.

aka aMissTory

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 11, 17 7:45 PM
Put me in the "Unbelievably Frustrated" category.
I just reached 500 globes and still I am missing 1 silver.
In the silvers I have 88 of the Christmas Carousel's and 50 of the Snow Queen Gifts...But will MC pony up a a Skating Fun? -- NO --
I have looked in friends books and some have maybe 1/2 of what I have collected and they have 1-2-3 even 4 of Skating Fun!
What gives?

aka aMissTory
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 30, 16 9:01 PM
FreakieFaerie wrote:I was thinking that you would be getting a new number my bad. I added you back to my list Welcome Back.

So happy to hear that your son was able to fix your game without having to go through the move your game hassle!!!

Thanks for the Welcome Back. I was going through some serious withdrawals!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 30, 16 7:05 PM
My computer broke days before the Holiday Event started and my son finally came to visit and fixed it.... Yay!
But now I am SOOooooo far behind.

I would love to add some event only friends.
My game name is aMissTory and my PC number is 587789.

I would also love some advice from players already getting their holiday achievements... What do I concentrate on? Is one area more important? Any suggestions for my wish/gifting list? Any other words of wisdom?

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy New Year!

aMissTory xoxo
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