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 posted in Christmas Wonderland 8 on Jan 17, 18 4:18 PM
Is the game music available on MP3 for the Christmas Wonderland game series?
 posted in Christmas Wonderland on Dec 8, 16 9:49 AM
It is recommended to reinstall the Big Fish application to help fix glitches in the games. Does that mean that all games installed will have to be re-installed? And if so, will progress be lost?

 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 7, 16 9:07 AM
I am waiting for the newest Christmas Wonderland series game to come out. I am trying to find out if there is a release date listed on the previous versions. In one thread, someone asked where CW7 was since it was already Dec 5. Are the games in this series usually released in the beginning of the month?

 posted in Christmas Wonderland on Dec 6, 16 2:42 PM
That's the question I've been asking. Do you know when they usually release this series in previous years? I've gotten 6, then went back for 5, and now that it's the holiday season, I'd like 7.

 posted in My Singing Monsters on Aug 12, 15 3:01 PM
Mike4769 wrote:
trishg55 wrote:any one know how to use a Grumpyre to breed monsters it don't show up when i try to use it to breed it is at lev 14 Does any one else have this problem?

Get it to level 15 and move it to ethereal island. You can then breed it with another ethereal. You cannot breed ethereal monsters with regular monsters.

That's a good question... When you talk about getting it to level 15, are you speaking of the Grumpyre or getting my game to level 15? That would make a difference.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 28, 15 7:01 AM
msmfan555 wrote:25862039NH is my code, add me and check out my layout! I'm a fan of lighting people's tourches!.

Where do we add people, like you said to do? I don't know how to find out who is the player of any of the islands. I'm on a PC, and I know there's no friends op on PC. How would I use your code to find you?

 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 26, 15 1:36 PM
1luvgaming, read your info about sending PM to MODs but can't figure out how to find any of MODs bfgflounder sent me. If I needed help - very basic question, but can't figure out where the answer is - how would I locate a specific MOD?
Are the MODs separate for each game? or do they cover all games in the forums?


 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 26, 15 12:59 PM
DinaTheMage wrote:Hello there I just have an issue with loading up the My Singing Monsters game on my computer. I have it on my phone which I play all the time, however, the problem I have with MSM for PC is the connection issues...I have wifi at home & both my phone & PC are connected to it & I can pretty much do anything no problem. It's just that when I bring MSM up on my PC I click play & it ends up saying "Connection Issues. Please Try Again Later." But it still does it even later. I just want to be able to play MSM on my computer as well as my phone.

Hi Dina TheMage, I didn't have any problems with it loading on my computer. But I don't have a phone, so I am not sure if it is about having the program on two different devices? But you can PM a moderator maybe to find out why that message is coming up.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 19, 15 8:26 PM
Mike4769 wrote:One last tip for now. This is about referrals. Only once, you can put in someone else's referral code and then you each get 5 diamonds I believe (it's been a while since I've done this). On the various MSM forums you will see people posting about a magic code and they will say when you enter it, you will get 1,000 diamonds (or some other ridiculous number) for free. THEY ARE LYING!! This is just the referral code so you each get 5 diamonds. They are trying to sucker people in so they can sit back and wait for groups of 5 diamonds to come rolling in. Don't reward their BS, use someone else's referral code who asks nicely and only promises 5 diamonds.

How does someone get a referral code? I just got here, so don't know anyone who has it. Don't even know if I have one myself.


 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 19, 15 8:23 AM
entbratdefender wrote:Tip for new players: As soon as you get the hatcher, hatch quick monsters like drumplers and maws then sell them to build cash quickly. You can make up to $100,000 your first day by doing this.

I'm getting info that I need to get to level 9 to be able to get certain monsters, and there's more diamonds to get drumplers and maws than I have. Besides buying diamonds, how do I gain diamonds during gaming?

Also how do I get any of my monsters to level 4?

 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 17, 15 6:44 AM
I saw where you can win diamonds. How does that work? Other than purchase, that is.
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