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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 8, 16 1:04 PM
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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 8, 16 7:19 AM
I would like to thank everyone for their inputs on what they found where in what mode etc... Narrowing down the search areas in some cases made it possible for me anyway to find many toy cars and teddy bears not to mention enough pencils to fill a colouring book which in turn helped many of my neighbours

With the help of one of my very good neighbours together our extra pieces helped a much lower level (63 at the time) player/neighbour get through this offer as well

it not only helped many of us this time around but will also no doubt help others who might read this thread if/when the offer comes around again

The chest may be paltry but we can check it off the trophy list
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 8, 16 4:10 AM
Trucker1979 wrote:You got me a little wrong there, just wondering why you collected the prize when you could have kept collecting so next time this quest came around you would have everything

Anyway I can use help with Red and Black Pencil along with Teddy Bear and Toy-car.

The tenth post in this thread from librarian: "Also, it was disappointing to find that all the pieces leftover from last time have disappeared from my backpack, so there are none left to gift."

Why would one bother collecting for next time if the items will most likely not be there if/when the offer Happens to show up again?

Not to mention it being somewhat of a bonus/additional offer to the regular weekly offers it took the spot of one of the "more events" and maybe once it was completed for her and those neighbours who needed the help This time round she wanted to open something else!

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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 6, 16 6:03 PM
Lol no Draperlady i meant did the contents of the chest itself change any... was hoping since the original two years ago wasn't an overly abundant chest they might have added to it
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 6, 16 5:47 PM
Draperlady.. any chance you opened the chest? Did the contents change any ?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 5, 16 5:05 PM
And to answer my own question in case others are curious...

Yes you can get more than one ball, teddy bear and Toy car within the same offer
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 5, 16 9:59 AM
draeko1 wrote:Does anyone know how many times you have to do the cheese yard in night mode and the boulangerie in dismantled mode before you get the teddy bear and the ball respectively? I have done cheese yard at least 7 times and not teddy???????

I managed to find the teddy bear after 4 consecutive searches, complete one tarra card to get back to the direct search mode (not the one or two just before it) etc etc until i got the teddy bear, same worked with the toycar took 5 searches

Not having much luck with the ball however (may have something todo with the fact i hate dismantled mode lol)
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 5, 16 9:45 AM
Does anyone know if you can get more than one ball teddy bear or toycar during the course of the offer (not including from any collected previously) ?? Or is it a one per offer and no more will drop (kind of like the zebras after 10) until the offer comes around again?

I have a lower neighbour who doesn't have TOK or Venice open yet and id like to help her get the offer completed by doing the searches in those areas for her

Id hate to search in vain for something that wont possibly drop.. any helpful advise/previous experience much appreciated
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 16 4:36 AM
Im not saying the chest itself isn't worth it... atleast you would get the trophy and be able to say "ive done that one" lol im saying the chest isn't worth using scrolls/cards to find the items
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 16 4:20 AM
I agree with you for the most part Sir_vival

repeating offers is one thing when its many months or a year apart but only a few weeks or a month? as in the case the turn of history not too long ago where it showed up near to 14 days after!

If nothing else devs make the more events more variety! add some new ones to that or switch them out every few months to give us some change
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 16 3:03 AM
Chest really doesn't have much in it... not worth using cards/scrolls to find items in my opinion

What's in the box?

by lanimur on Jun 6, 14 3:17 AM
Hmmm, not sure this was worth all the aggro.

Box contains:
20 each of white and gold tarra cards
3 ethereal catalyst
10 mountain water
3 magic magnifying glass
1 blue phianite
15 refreshing dew (wah!!!!!! )
15 creature summoning scrolls
Sun trophy
1 Power of Lightenings
1 Old Amphora
3 problem solvers
4 anaglyph glasses
12000 gold
200 xp
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 16 2:24 AM

Its there on the news page when you login (tho it doesnt mention a chest as most do)! Its there on the right side task/offer list!

But there is no Left side task! Nothing when you look at the store!

Most items appear to be gift-able (for now!) and no dragon of sorts...

Finally found the previous (Locked) thread... searching wasn't working earlier for me
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 1, 16 9:07 PM
However i just tried to assemble one now and even tho the pop up does indicate 200 exp the exp counter went up 2000! So you might be well advised to cash in a few of them now while it still works....
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 1, 16 8:58 PM
ratchetr wrote:
tdskm wrote:even if you do not do the event, just collecting the pieces for the folder of papers is worth it. you get the pieces from your neighbors when you visit. the experience is 2000 pts. well worth the work.

Hum...It looks like that has changed . Looks like Folder with Paper is only worth 200 now.

It was definitely 2,000 a day or 2 ago, I remember having to put my eyeballs back in their sockets when I first saw it.

Here I thought I had banked enough folders of paper to level up twice, only to have them devalued to 1/5'th of a level. The coins I spent buying mysterious packages might have been better spent elsewhere.

It was definitely 2000 exp a few hours ago!!! Thanks for pointing that out ratchetr i am sure many of us are in the same boat

 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 31, 16 5:52 AM
Tdskm originally provided the chest contents, added here so others can decide if the chest is worth the offer: 40,000 coin and some gems is a pretty good deal lol

100- silver tarra cards
100- gold tarra cards
1- chain reaction
10- paper lanterns
1- fire dust
10- summoning scrolls
10- blue cheese
1- symbol of unity
1- electric charge
1-crystal molecule
10- crystal harps
5- bells
5- phase watches
10- grapes
5-solar lamps
10-dragon tablets
3-anaglyph glasses
10- dragon coins
10-lumar fireflies
10- fiery seals
1-justice of alert
3- old amphora
5 magic magnifying glasses
3- paranormal traps
40,000 coins
5 crystals
1,000 experience
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 30, 16 8:22 PM
uptownnola wrote:So I'm back to regular online access, but only have less than one full day to do the birthday quest- I have all the red chest items- but past posts say don't assemble because I will lose the artifact and have to do it over again- but is it possible to go further if I don't assemble the red chest??
missed 2 apparantly easy events- had a great trip in RL, but

No unfortunately its not possible to go any further unless you assemble. And regardless if you assemble or not.. For most offers you will have to do it again next time around.

If you have a trusted neighbour/friend who you can send the parts to and have them sent back will save you having to collect again next time round if you do hang on to them.

You might as well assemble and get the exp/coin etc.

Glad you had a great trip! Much better experience in that im sure
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 26, 16 12:31 AM
Happy Birthday RoM

There is no dragon and the room will stay open until the offer ends.

Older locked threads

Additional information borrowed from a deadme post (edited out links)

Wikia for the room:-

wiki Holiday_Living_Room

Wikia for the offer:-

wiki Birthday_of_the_Game

Reward: Bright Chest

The Bright Chest contains:

Summon: 20
Tarra Cards: 200 Silver tarra, 200 Gold tarra
Coins: 50.000
Xp: 1000
Trophy: Cakes and Roses
Energy: 1 Energyoftime, 1 Strawberryjam
Gadgets: 20 Bell, 20 Solarlamp, 20 Hammerofthor
Charges: 20 randoms

Good luck to all and while you are in the Birthday room toss a pomegranate to the face of the butler once or twice for me as well

 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 20, 16 12:59 PM
Its all good Thurber and others

My apology was directed specifically to Sophie, for mistakenly omitting the references. Regardless if she is still playing the game or not the respect and appreciation for past player efforts to provide useful information.

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Btw there is no such thing as htp in web/url formatting no matter what country you may associate with.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 19, 16 6:53 PM
My apologies!! In my haste to post and be on my way out the door so others would have the information on the offer for today i did not realize the top of the post had been cut off/didn't paste properly.

I have always and will continue to cite my sources when borrowing others materials. I appreciate the efforts those that have come before us in the game and provided so much helpful and useful information.

Most of my original/first post in this thread was provided by Sophie0254 on Aug 12, 14 10:40 AM

As to the fact she originally listed various charges, sometimes they are random and in some chests they are straight forward everyone gets the same.

Its got some cards some grapes some blue cheese, coins and experience... im good with what ever else random or otherwise it might contain lol

Happy hunting
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 19, 16 3:12 AM
Set in Paris

There is a dragon, a very hungry dragon:
He wants 24000 food and you can feed him 60 times. The expedition window lasts for 2 hours. The room is open 4 hours.

The chest contains:

100 Silver Tarra Cards
100 Gold Tarra Cards
1 Strawberry Jam
10 Crystal Harp
1 Fire Dust (artifact charge)
1 Flax Seeds (artifact charge)
1 Plasma Battery (artifact charge)
1 Quartz Crystal (artifact charge)
10 Paper Lantern
10 Azure Grapes
1 picture of the place (you know, part of the "Trophies")
1 Neon Water Lily (artifact charge)
20 Dragon Coin
1 Warm Current (artifact charge)
10 Lunar Firefly
10 Dragon Tablet
10 Creature Summing Scroll
10 Fiery Seal
1 Blue Lens (artifact charge)
2 Crystal Molecule (artifact charge)
1 Coconut Tea (artifact charge)
10 Blue Cheese (dragon food in the runes)
10 Latin Scroll
40,000 Coins
1,000 Experience Points

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Happy Hunting
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