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 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 30, 17 1:47 AM
Hi Darktenyo - Yes we have all felt your frustration but hang in there - the rewards will come. If you need coins perhaps your friends could gift you an egg or two. Sometimes I have excess eggs and am happy to gift lower level players as I know that the excitement of moving onto the next level can be crushed if you don't have enough coins. I am not sure if you play on PC or iOS but I do have some eggs that I am happy to gift - I play on PC - number is 620952 - Yeti's Mum.
If you can change your requests daily I will try and help you. I also have 3 of the winter eggs if you need them. I am sure that if you put them on your wish list many higher level friends will try to help. Also try the consortium numbers - they are so helpful.
Good luck, have fun storming the castle - the battle will be won!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 21, 17 7:57 PM
Thanks to everyone for their great tips here on the forum. I have been playing for about 2 years (I think) and am always interested to know other's strategies.
I came into the event & CC late but have managed to catch up with CC and will now be working towards collecting all those lovely flying tempters.
I do try and do the event HOS but oh boy they get boring after a while. So I set my sights on doing about 25% of my friends (around 80 of them) then maybe one or two areas in the castle, collecting all the while, then back to my friends' rooms. Due to a shoulder injury can't last much more than 1-2 hours before it makes me take a break.
However, I have always managed to get all achievements and pets for every other event and CC with plenty of time to spare so I am not going to worry too hard about these sneaky little critters until towards the end of the CC (if I don't already have them along the way).
But taking on board some advice, might just give the DQ's a miss as the odd wand you get from the chests probably isn't worth it when you can collect from HOS and I have plenty of cards, coins and diamonds.
So thank you all once again - I'm sure Santa will bring you something wonderful as you have all been very good.
Merry Christmas!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 29, 17 2:51 AM
I was looking at where you were at in the CC when you asked for help and decided that you really would have to work your tail off to make it - but WOW! you did. I too was very pleased to see those avatars come up for you. Your poor eyes, arms, hands, and head could probably do with a rest. I am just gifting at the moment so please don't worry about returning any of my gifts to you. There will be time for that later - much later as I will probably be having a little break myself. I'm in Australia so the time difference is a little weird.
Again, congratulations - you are my hero!
Happy to stay on your friends list and will gift as often as I can.
See you storming in the castle (after we have all rested).
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 26, 17 3:42 PM
Happy to help - have a few old inactive friends so happy to have you as "new" friends.
Have lots of inventory so just keep up the posts so we can help out. Sending friend request today.
Good luck and look forward to checking your progress!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 24, 17 4:54 AM
I don't think that one is enticing me too much. Tonight I played all of my puzzles and received 20 diamonds - and that was certainly a lot easier than collecting magic shards!
Perhaps the devs will have to find something more alluring for us to aim for!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 21, 17 6:02 AM
Sending you a friend request - happy to help out with all sorts of goodies. Good Luck
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 21, 17 5:52 AM
OK I give up - what is the Magic Miser achievement?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 19, 17 2:50 PM
Sorry everyone - am at level 78. I could put that down to being a lousy typist or being very tired when I did that post - or maybe just having a "brain fade". Happens a lot at my age!
I too have been very poor in MC and selling off inventory just so I could move up a level. Now I am in the money so have made it my mission to stop hoarding, going off the grid to get gifts, and concentrating on those friends on lower levels who find it so painstaking to move along. We have all been there.
I feel much better now that I have vented my guilt and look forward to helping others. After all, MC is just as much about friendships as it is in challenges/rewards.
Thanks for your comments.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 19, 17 4:33 AM
How much is "too much" inventory?
I seem to be getting to be a hoarder, even though I gift to 15 friends every day.
I have stacks of coin, plenty of diamonds (the puzzles can give me up to 30 most days), more amulets than I know what to do with and I'm still playing a full round + each day. I know it will have to stop as I am now at Level 79. And why are we getting all these lovely blue keys???
I promised myself I would continue with the Trina quests until I reached 500 but that will do it for me I think - she is very greedy indeed. Of course, there might be an avatar for the next level (probably about 3000 quests though)!
I did work out that if I completed 2 DQ each day I would have the lot completed in 2 years - that's a long way off. So now, if they take too much inventory (especially my airship inventory) I just don't play them - yes, definitely turning into a hoarder!
Do other players suffer this dilemma?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 17 4:26 AM
Hi Dot
So glad to have you back in the Castle. You certainly have been missed. I know how hard it can be to catch up as I have had quite a few computer issues and get kind of twitchy after a couple of days.
I think as a rule of thumb you could probably not worry about returning gifts for the time being - we all seem to have lots of goodies stored up. I am only doing one round of the castle each day, then my 70 or so friends from the spring room so have lots ostored away. Like a bear getting ready for winter!
Take care of you!

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 3, 17 1:05 AM
I play as Yeti's Mum so my rooms are named for him - Yeti's Yurt, Yeti's Yule Room and Yeti's Yard. Not very imaginative but Yeti was my special fluffy white Samoyed for around 14 years so it is in his memory. Let's hope the developers don't make any more of the rooms too tricky to match up!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 17 4:24 PM
Will be here waiting in the castle for your return!
My hubby and I moved 5 times in 2 years, it is great for getting rid of stuff that accumulates. Finally decided that some boxes that had made 4 trips unopened just didn't have stuff that was needed. Of course, you will want something that has gone out for sure, I think that's Murphy's Law!
At least you will have a couple of weeks without getting distracted by MC to unpack. Such a laborious task, just finding a home for all our things.
If you didn't live so far away, I could have given you the benefit of my "expertise" . LOL
As with all your friends, I will be thinking of you, sympathising with you, and looking forward to having you back on the ÁCTIVE list!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 17, 17 3:35 PM
Dear Dot
I am with White Butterfly - collective voices of your friends in the Castle must be rocking the heavens! Take care of each other during this difficult time. I can truly understand how you feel. We all offer our support in any way we can give it to you.
Hugs always!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 13, 17 4:17 AM
I have also collected over 1000 energy balls but I do play for 2-3 hours per day on most days (computer willing). As my game finishes at 11am in Australia, I try to collect as many energy balls as I can the previous day and I find that if I can get on to the game between 9am and 11am, they come thick and fast so that it will usually top me up to the 20 in no time at all. But yes, at Level 74, I find that I cannot get 20 in a full round of HOS. I have used the balls to complete daily quests. I use the lists that have been given on the forum and have added new ones as they come up so I have a pretty good idea if I have no chance of completing them before days end.
Tonight, for example, I was 4 into a 10 part DQ and decided to activate my energy balls and was able to complete the 10 part, then got a 5 part completed, then a 3 part and then a lovely 3 part with lots of HOS that resulted in 100 coins each part and a final count of 6 pet medallions, finishing off with a gold chest. I can see how they can assist with 5 and 10 part DQ as recharge time can make this almost impossible. And yes, it is very frustrating to "just" miss out and lose all that valuable inventory.
I will now have a break from DQ for a day or so (especially as we have no electricity tomorrow for the whole day!) and just concentrate on completing HOS and building up my energy ball bank.
Bring on the next event/challenge - going a little cross-eyed in the Castle!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 28, 17 9:55 PM
Cheer up Pilot 1950
I have only waited for one update - the one that took me to Level 74! I think the game can be taken too seriously - it is a game. The developers have given us themed events, castle challenges and mini events as we go along which wasn't on the game when I first started about 18 months ago. Also, when nothing much is happening it gives us a chance not to "bust our boilers" to get everything completed.
You can always keep playing and gift leftover items to the consortiums as players on lower levels could do with our help. I send to 3 consortium "friends" whenever possible.
And look on the bright side, if you complete 2 daily quests every day working towards the avatars (you need to complete 500 x each of the 3 levels) then it should only take about 2 years to get them. Sorry, I wrote a PM to one of my friends (also Level 74) and when I worked this out I thought it was exceptionally funny, but then I didn't think I would be playing this game for over 18 months either!
Keep posting to the forum, it is the place to vent and get some positive feed back. I am with you, Annelliegram, this game is different things to different people. I too thank the developers and people like you who are always ready to embrace whatever they throw at us.
My advice, just keep plugging away - good things come to those who wait!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 18, 17 2:12 AM
Hi all
I have DotJ and DJ1 on my friends list but as I am at level 74 (and holding) have lots of goodies stashed away in the castle and am in fear of becoming one of those terrible obsessive hoarders!
I play on pc #620952 and would be happy to give items to the consortium. So, while Dot is away, can someone else give me their number so that I can keep gifting. Is there a cut off level (ie. under level 60) for gifting? I usually try to help those that are just starting out or are stagnating on the middle levels- when you think you can never move forward!
I play every day and always ensure that I gift my 15 items. I do have some regular friends but I usually have some slots left most days.
If I gift to the consortium, I really don't want anything in return - it's my way of thanking all those who helped me out when I sometimes wanted to give up.
Great job all of you wonderful Elves!
Yeti's Mum/Jackie
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 18, 17 1:47 AM
Hi Dot
Well a special thank you for your lovely PM - I feel very honoured.
I know this can be a stressful time for you and Ron, out of your comfort zone. So you know from all these lovely messages that we are here waiting in the castle for you and we will help all we can as you have given so much to all of us.
Very special thoughts and best wishes to you both for a full and speedy recovery
Yeti's Mum xx
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 16 7:18 PM
Dear Moderators and Tech Support
Firstly, I must say that I am a bit disappointed that my ongoing issue of "unable to connect to server" message which I have had since 5th Dec is still not resolved. I have had the game back up once since then, it lasted about 24 hrs before going off the air again. I have sent 3 emails to Tech Support, including a Dr Felix report and this time I have had nothing in reply. The last email sent 15th Dec.
I also mentioned that I have a message "Record Error 240 - please contact customer support" which had appeared since the last drop out.
I have never had such poor response from Big Fish and really don't understand what the problem is. If my current game is unable to be fixed, so be it, but I would really like to know that is the case as I am at Level 74 with lots of lovely coins, diamonds, inventory and all the rest of the hoo ha!
I am playing on PC - Windows 10 (although game was installed on Windows 8) and hope that this will generate a response from someone.

Not stormin' the castle - yet!
Yeti's Mum 620952
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 5, 16 8:45 PM
Hi everyone, For those of you on my friends list - never fear I am still here. However, have been unable to access game - no connection, since early a.m. today. Hopefully I will be back into the game soon and I promise to return gifts as soon as possible. I'm quite happy if you don't gift as well. Thanks and hope to see you all in the Castle soon.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 19, 16 12:19 AM
Hello to all those who think I have deserted them. Hope you all have your games intact and back up and running. Most frightening thing to ever happen but well done to developers for at least returning our details even if they have lost our friends.
Old friends and new, Yeti's Mum is back so please send a friend request so we can get this ball rolling.
Old ID 482691
New ID 620952
Still under Yeti's Mum - so come on Janine, Queen Boo Boo, Gudders, KenR, Maid of Glass, Marmar, Sissy, Fionna, Katiek, Deena, Dacquois and all the others I have forgotten. I will try to look for you as well.
See you in the castle
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