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 posted in Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm on Apr 10, 16 11:43 PM
I got an error that says I need to update my Graphics Driver, how do I update it, I checked for updates in the tools download, it says there are no new updates. please help. I'm on a pc lap top running windows 10.
I'm still getting the violation error code I'm playing on a pc lap top running windows 10. this game and 2 others have given me problems, Jack the Ripper and Redemption Cemetery Clock of fate collectors edition. please help. I will not buy another game until I get these problems resolved. I will not spend money on a game that doesn't work anymore. I've enjoyed the games here at big fish for over 3 years now and would like to continue my membership but I refuse to waste my money any longer. please respond so I can get these games working and continue to enjoy the games here at Bid Fish.
I'm seeing error violation code 809 every time I install this game. I've tried 4 times. it tells me there is another game running and I need to quit that game or restart my computer, I'm on a lap top pc running windows 10, there is not any other game running and I tried restarting my computer but still I get the violation error window when I try to play and it flashes back to the previous game played screen with this game displayed there. I tried to play again from that screen as well and still get the violation error. please help.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate Collector's Edition on Sep 30, 15 2:13 AM
My mouse is working extremely slow, and I have only bitts and pieces of the scene with a white background. I'm freezing up even though I've reinstalled the game three times. I'm playing with windows 7 on my lap top. It played fine the second time I installed the game until I exited the game and tried to play the next day. Please help me resolve the problems it looks like a great game. also the screen flashes on and off from white to light blue then back to white when I click the play button before the game starts.
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