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 posted in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls on Aug 3, 12 2:48 PM
I got the gas can when I hit the camp, then later got th watering can. Could not fing a hose to siphen. Finally went to walkthru and found it behind the gas can and now I cant get at it. Neither can will now move out of the way. Anyone know what I can do other than starting over. Dont get a lot of time on this computer so I have to llimit time and it seems like ages since I started (grandson taking college course on computers and need this right now more than myself). Please let me know if anyone can think of something.

 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 11 6:13 AM
Where did you find the emblem #1. I found #2 ok but have searched everywhere for the #1 and have spent hours looking for it. Pls think and let me know if you can

Thanks nanabette
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 11 3:17 PM
where is emblem no one. I have found no two. Have been completely thru strategy guide and there is no mention of no one. Have spent hours on this game and dont want to start over (also spent hours looking for it)

Someone pls help me
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace on Aug 10, 11 5:06 PM
I followed the directions from the walkthru and it is not working what is going wrong. Also the walkthru shows an outline for the ring over the sarcoficus but the walkthru says place the ring on the lions head. neither works. whats up
 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Apr 21, 10 11:54 AM
none of the objects are in the garage but when I go thru to the sign they are there and none of the objects for this door are there they appear to be in the garage. Anyone else having this problem with reverse objects I obviously cannot get past this I am quite far into the game. Please advise.

new - I tried going thru the other soors and none of the object clues match there either. the whole garage scene is out of wack. No hints or ghost in any of them
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