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 posted in ClearIt 2 on Sep 6, 17 5:17 PM
i agree with Lobsterman.. Brickshooter was good, i still play it from time to time.. Clear it not so much. it is missing the puzzle aspect of Brickshooter, this is more an endurance test. still... there seems to be more to this one than the previous version, a few exploding things, but still not up to the buy test.
 posted in Leaves: The Journey on Aug 4, 17 1:40 AM
brilliant game! only just found it, and have lost my entire afternoon playing it. ok, it is not always easy... and i admit to being stuck right now, but i really don't mind playing till i figure it out.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Feb 12, 17 7:15 PM
thank you so much!! i had all but given up on this level, and the game.... thought to have a last look for a clue. and here it was.. more than just a clue, and what i really needed. now for the last of this game!
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 6, 16 7:05 PM
success!!! thank you so much! still took me a couple of moves near to the end of it.. now i wonder what devilish delights are in store for me now...
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 6, 16 6:44 PM
sophies_mom - thank you! i shall go now to try this level again. hopefully i am back again soonish to report success. fingers crossed. even with this level, i have really been enjoying this game, even tho it has taken a lot of time. i even bought Legendary Mahjong for more slider puzzles, and managed to get through that lot. really enjoyed theTemple of Water - Rivers.. used to have a game like that in the late 80's, i have never seen it again before now. i could wish for a whole game of it....
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 6, 16 12:36 PM
stuck in a big way. good grief. above clues do not help me. looks like i have it right, then as the post above, tiles just stack to the side of where i need them to go. this level may be the game breaker for me.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 17, 16 3:34 PM
i see no need for hints.. would take all the fun out of it! patience and thought is all that is needed. love this game!
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 15, 16 10:36 PM
if it helps at all.... i have found that if a tile is on top of another, and you slide the matching bottom tile to touch, they don't leave the playing field. i have three stars on this level. now i am stuck on level 10. for now. btw.. MrsBen has detailed the method i used.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 15, 16 12:47 PM
this is a fiendish puzzle game, a real brain bender. thank you to whoever thought it up. played through the demo without realising how much time i had spent on just 6 levels. i have bought it, and hope i don't lose too much time today.
 posted in Bubble Shooter Adventures on Nov 6, 16 9:48 PM
i have played all the levels, 253/252 comes up at the end with no bubbles.. is there is no way to start the game again?
anyone else have the same problem as i do with this level? every time i try to start level 40, the game quits out to the Game Manager. i don't know if it happens with all game modes, i am playing the relaxed. can't just switch to another mode without having to play the entire game again.
great game.. have loved playing it.. right up to level 40. game ends every time i try to start level 40. ???????
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Aug 3, 16 2:47 PM
yes, i too gave up on 2nd level of what could have been a cute tower defense game because of the glitches.. if they could be fixed..... what happened to testing it out first?
 posted in Prehistoric Tales on May 27, 16 1:16 AM
too short!
 posted in Gnomes Garden on Aug 20, 15 12:03 AM
just don't upgrade the sorceress house. then you have the required jewels.
 posted in Weather Lord: The Successor's Path on Apr 9, 15 7:22 PM
same here with level 12. i gave it three times. exception error. win8.

 posted in Weather Lord: The Successor's Path on Apr 9, 15 7:21 PM
you were lucky to get to level 13.. this is the third time my pc has frozen at the end of level 12.

i give up.

 posted in Toy Defense: Sci-Fi on Feb 16, 15 4:32 PM
thank you. that's probably the answer..
 posted in Toy Defense: Sci-Fi on Feb 12, 15 7:11 PM
i have experienced the same.. i have seen some seem to stack themselves in the same spot. i have sent the men out from the base to sort it, that works..

episode 2 mission 9 had a stuck problem too, no new attackers were issuing from their start point, quitting out and restarting fixed this without losing progress on that level. haven't tried quitting and restarting on stuck enemy troops, good to know that works too.

or use the Finger!
 posted in Toy Defense: Sci-Fi on Feb 12, 15 7:06 PM
thank you for that tip.. the bar will come out but i still seem to have a problem selecting a weapon to buy at times.. i just have to work around it.. still playing!
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