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Why is this game so expensive? I don't know if Appel Store takes a fee or something from you, but 6 chapters + Bonus game for that price is expensive? I'm from Sweden and I saw this game on your BigFish app for iPhones today and the game was on 40% sale. I was ready to pay for the game on Appel store when I saw the price, 40 SEK= 4,64 USD! (Swedish crowns). That was the "on sale"-price. I buy HO-games from your app all the time! When a new HO-game for iPhones comes out on your app, I buy it! This is the most expensive HO-game for iPhones I have seen so far from you app, escpecially when it is on sale! I buy from your app because of the Good prices you have on your HO-games, but if its gonna be like this then I can buy my HO-games on G5 Games instead, there are games with high quality for a higher price. I Love BigFish! But this is too expensive for the games you sell.
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