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 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Nov 10, 17 5:57 PM
Once a villager has a small blue chunk of experience in devotion, you can check mark that skill and the villager will eventually gain more experience. Otherwise the only other way to gain devotion experience is to have them talk to a Blue Mask heathen.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 7, 17 9:06 PM
Post your problem in the Technical Issues/Problems thread. If the automatic suggestions don't work contact Big Fish directly.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 2, 17 12:19 PM
I don't think so, because:
1.) This version of the game isn't social.
2.) The game is saved to your hard drive.

However, I think if you do some poking around in older posts (like 2012-2015) you might find a more definitive answer.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 26, 17 8:58 PM
No. If I was in your position, I just wouldn't plant anything that isn't a bush or a tree.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 20, 17 1:54 PM
21.Explore the village when you first start the game, there are usually a lot of places where villagers can interact with the environment.
22.Collectible items are visible between 1 and 2 minutes, so if you need a collectible item, grab it as soon as you see it.
23.To collect every collectible item, you must continuously search for them (especially if you have 1-3 collectible items left).
24.The more food that is in the food bin, the more the villagers relax.
25.To fully research all technologies for Virtual Villagers: New Believers you will need to accumulate a total of 373,000 tech points.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 17, 17 9:36 PM
I've never tried it myself, but you can try to sell the animals and purchase new ones (fish included). If that doesn't work, you're going to need the help of one of the moderators.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 17, 17 9:33 PM
Before my hard drive crashed I was at level 36 with a max energy of 72. However, I bought a decent chunk of that energy with gold coins I purchased from the bank. There might not be a limit to how much you can buy, but there is definitely a limit on how much the game will give to you for leveling up.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 16, 17 11:05 AM
16.Villagers that like running do most things fast, the drawback is that it can negatively affect their health. Likewise, villagers that dislike running do most things slow, however they tend to be the healthiest of villagers.
17.Even after a housing hut is built, a villager can get tiny bits of building skill from fixing or examining it.
18.The first housing hut that is built is always the one where the laundry comes from.
19.Doing laundry, resting, and other non-skill activities helps keep the villagers healthy.
20.Female villagers will not nurse if they are 50 years old and Medicine has been fully researched.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 14, 17 6:56 PM
11.If you drag a child onto a child they will engage in some sort of play.
12.Certain heathens are afraid of rainstorms and will leave the location they occupy to hide.
13.If a guard or yellow masked heathen comes across a villager they will stop what they're doing or where they're going to scare the villager away.
14.Blue masked adult heathens are always 20 years old when they convert.
15.There are always 16 puzzles to solve. Some can't be solved until the right technology is achieved or a different puzzle is solved first.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 14, 17 6:36 PM
6.A villager can begin working at age 14, but won't become an adult until age 18.
7.Never let the villagers deplete the first available source of food.
8.Nursing villagers will nurse for 4 hours to 4 hours 6 minutes. When the child they are nursing is finished they will always be 2 years old (at normal speed).
9.Researching science is the only skill that can negatively affect villagers' health.
10.The maximum number of housing huts that can be built is 3.
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I thought I'd put together some tips and helpful information for all the brand new players (this is your first Virtual Villagers game). Below is a mixture of information that is specific to Virtual Villagers: New Believers and what is consistent for all Virtual Villagers games.

1.Starting a fire requires dry grass and wood; it also helps villagers not get sick as often and the fire last 20 hours (even in the rain).
2.Brown mushrooms are worth 6 food points at Level 1 Food Mastery.
3.Red mushrooms are worth 35 food points at Level 1 Food Mastery.
4.Children rarely find mushrooms or collectible items on their own.
5.Press the space bar to pause the game.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 11, 17 12:15 PM
3 Huts and all collections completed.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 10, 17 8:44 PM
Check the developer's website: or google Last Day of Work.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Oct 10, 17 8:40 PM
Drag a villager over to the Noni bush, until they successfully gather a bowl of fruit. It's the bush behind the totem you just dismantled.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 7, 17 5:55 PM
I forgot to add the 3rd way to lose your extra place: technical problems with the game.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 6, 17 10:55 PM
You will have it from then on. The only way you'll lose it, is if you sell the factory, or you start the game over.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 5, 17 9:06 AM
Once you click "Send" on the town, it's too late.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 26, 17 4:24 PM
Has anyone else noticed that by level 3 on Grandma's learning of food, that the percentage of time that is deducted from the overall time on any animal is always 30% (7 hours and 12 minutes)?
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 17, 17 10:01 PM
You can't delete an animal pen, but you can sell one. And like frosteen said, you have to sell all the animals in the pen first. To sell the animal pen, press the tools button, then the button with the "$" on it, then select the empty pen.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 17, 17 9:58 PM
The bronze keys are supposed to be for a future update. But I honestly don't think that update is coming.
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