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 posted in Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise on Jun 17, 16 6:32 PM
I'm getting an error message in the SE of Grim Façade: Monster in Disguise. It happens when I'm trying to "buy" a ride to the suburbs from the cab driver.

The error message is: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

"This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Game freezes in the chapel. Playing on Windows 10.
mouldmom said: "Not sure if this is a tech issues or if I am doing something wrong.

I am in the lock smith workshop and trying to make the key, however, I can not get to the lever to pull to make the indentations in the screen.

When you are in the shot of the whole workshop I can see the handle, but when you click on the key machine the hand is out of the screen shot. '

I cannot proceed. YIKES!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. "

I'm having the same exact problem.
Re: french5029 post: My cursor disappeared also when I got to the baliff's office. Get back to your menu and change to a standard cursor, and it will 'help' the problem. It won't be perfect, but you will be able to play through.
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