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Thanks a lot
Ok, one month has passed since the first gamer reported this major bug.
In the meantime this is the 5th thread opened due to this bug.

Reaction: Zero - 0 - Miden - Nada

No update, no information about a possible or planned update, no deadline, no information. Great...

Just closed threads. I will delete now this game and order my money back.

Thanks a lot :-(

BartsisterBut in the meantime - Patience, grasshopper. Or not. Your choice.[/quote wrote:

Thanks for your advice mother. I'm developer myself, so please don't tell me how to handle bugs. When I would do my job as it happens here, I wouldn't have a job any longer.

And it is not the bug itself that is disturbing me, it's the feeling, given by BF, that they do not really care. This feeling is growing more and more within the last 12 months.

Strange. Is it really only me? I don't think so. When I mostly see autotext instead of answers, when people are reporting a bug which prevents them from continuing a game, I will stop reading this one day and so I did.

Maybe, that sometimes within the autotext there is an answer, anyway, mostly there wasn't, I just dont't read that anymore.

Have a nice weekend
OK BF-Team, in the meantime 11 days have passed without any real(!) reaction about your plan to solve this bug. Not even one comment in this thread.

Do you have any plan? Or will you just ignore the growing number of complaints?

Had still noone of you the idea to contact the developers and tell their answer to your clients? Is there planned an update?
demon13 wrote: How can i start a new demo to find out if it helped?

Just create a new profile, than you can start a new Game.
Hi Janet, it definitely is a glitch.

But obviously not interesting enouh to give us feedback whatever BF plans to do.

No information if they have contacted the devs, no info if there will come any update, simply nothing.

Thanks a lot BF...
Ok, now the original thread is closed.

Thanks BF, but is this your understanding of customersupport?

If you had read the comments, you would have found out that obviously some players CANT TAKE the pipe, so the hint to use the flint ist worthless in this case.

But instead of any reaction what you consider to do to solve the problem (i.e. contact the developers) the thread was closed after placing the standardphrases like "play as admin" or "send us xxx-report" and so on which definitely helps noone.

Thanks again...

After having bought hundreds of games at BF I will seek a new provider now. Enough is enough.

Good bye
Next bug. GREAT!

Why the heck do I buy CEs when the bonusgame doesnt work?

One way to avoid this is not to skip the dialogue with the professor, at the end of this dialogue you'll get the key.

I do only know that, because my wife played the Bonusgame in this way and it worked.

Nevertheless, I deleted the game when she had finished it, I refuse to replay a whloe game because of one glitch near to the end of the Bonusgame.

I'm already bored of all the bugs within the last months ...
Next serious bug. Congrats to the QS-Team - NOT
 posted in Haunted Legends: Faulty Creatures Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 16 2:27 AM
Hi katsilve,

exactly the same thing happend to me. Again a showstopper in a BF-game.

When you look at the SG you will read that you need some green acid (or liquid, i dont remember) to repair the key. If you missed to take this ominous liquid on one of the places you visited before (like I did), you're stuck, because you can't go back.

Also the cat was not interested in one of the four items in my inventory.

Because there's no opportunity to restart the bonus game I gave up and deleted the game - unfinished :-(((

One more hige "thumbs down" to the testers. Sense of testing should not be to test only the positive possibilities, but also other constellations, obviously this does'nt happen.

Soory, that I have no better news for you.

Best wishes
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 16 4:01 AM
And still no reaction at all how and when all the reported bugs will be repaired?

Did BF at least report that to the devs? This ist not my understanding of service.

Only to post always the same useless hints will not fix anything :-(

And yes, i know that this is the forum for technical issues, but at least this forum seems to be read by the BF-staff, all the other forums seem to be ignored rigorously.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 12, 16 7:46 AM

I have exactly the same problem. No way to get the heater --> stuck.

I'm really bored in the meantime, the quality is rapidly going down game after game.
As I wrote already. I'm member since 2009 and seriously considering to quit :-(((
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition on Dec 1, 16 2:50 AM
Ok, the new version worke fine for me. Only two little bugs.

Thanks a lot!
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 16 9:29 AM
W7/64 Ultimate.

Cant install too.Loops in "Validating", no popup for "Install".

Great... Again a broken game. And no, ist not my machine, I am IT-Professional,

I am a member since 02/2009 and really angry about the massively sunken quality and seriously considering, to cancel my membership.

What the heck are the testers doing the whole day? :-(((
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 16 1:22 AM
Rob_Blake wrote:I thought the same thing, especially for a CE game.

Nevertheless, after playing the demo, I bought it. But as someone else wrote, this game has nothing to do with the other MCF-games. Strange.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 22, 16 12:29 AM
I never have seen such a meaningless trailer like that for a game before.

A spider crawling upwards a blanket and then a ladys blouse and she opening the eyes when she recognizes the spider.

Is that really meant serious for a trailer? No scenes of HOPs or minigames, nothing. Absolutely nothing what could give only a little imagination, what can be expected in this game.

What the heck?
 posted in Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 16 1:57 PM
Same here. I played the minigame and left the arcivists house,did not give him the scroll and did not get the 2nd clue. and the Prisma. went off with boat and am stuck now in the Archive with only 1st part of the clue.
cant go back :.(((
Stuck in the Foyer after having talked with the Moonpriest. Cannot go Forward to enter the Kingsroom.

Great.. Again a buggy CE.
 posted in Vengeance: Lost Love on Jul 5, 16 11:44 AM
Update: After having reinstalled yesterday and playing with a new Profile I could finish.

Obviously this bug was because of corrupting the game after the 90 minutes where over.
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