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 posted in Subject 13 on Sep 12, 17 11:37 PM
You need to set it on fire with the jar, after you've put water in the jar from the pitcher plant. Then drag it over the mushroom and hold it until the mushroom catches fire.
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It's 149
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I believe it's just when you pick up the two green artifacts that are behind the doors that open when you offer silver at the altars.
Oh those! I played the game before it was officially released, and I just had to (and could only) click each of them once - there was no trick to it. But maybe that has changed!
The play button for the bonus chapter is in the top left of the EXTRAS menu. You need to click the Extras button on the main menu first (two below the play button for the main game).
I'm not sure which sliders you mean?
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Hit the Play button in the top left corner of the Extras menu.
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You need to move the tiles within each panel around to make a pattern. The pattern is the same on both sides, and you don't need to swap tiles from one side to the other.

...that is, if that's the one you mean
Yeah, this is a tricky one (as well as being way too long, I got so bored).

- You'll see two musical notes on the sheet music at the top, of different colours, say pink and blue.
- You need to find the pink and blue strings on the guitar, and the point where they cross.
- Notes will start streaming down the strings, and you need to wait for the notes of the right shape to come down the strings.
- When the two notes identical to the ones shown at the top are both in the place where the strings cross, click on them.

I hope that makes sense!

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bouncin wrote:I have found 3 of the 4 caches. Can you help direct me with that please?

1 - fire on lowest level
2 - crack in cliff by food market
3 - sand pit in front of silver mine
4 - rock by stone market
You should be able to access the bonus game by hitting the PLAY button in the top left corner of the extras menu. All it requires is that you finish the main game first - no need to find all collectibles.
Maybe you're missing the big PLAY button at the top left of the Extras menu?
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Cameronine wrote:Can someone help me?

I´m a the bear. I have a jug of plantwater, a key, a socket wrench, a flammable mushroom and an open perfume bottle. And I´m stuck! Big time..

Anyone? :-)


You need to set the mushroom on fire using the jar as a lens.
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baronesshunsdon, the memos (can't remember what they call them) are just for storytelling, and if you miss one you can still complete the game.

I also closed the game in chapter 1, after I'd found both memos and before I exited, and when I came back, it told me I hadn't found either memo yet, even though I had. But when I played one of the memos I found, the error corrected itself and it showed the correct number found.
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I think the online walktrhough just missed a number. The three numbers they posted don't add up to 349. Just go with the numbers you have and it will work
This does sound like a bug to me - you should be able to go back to the zoom to open the drawer. But I've seen comments from at least 4 people with the same issue
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It took me a long time and some googling to figure this out. The notebook isn't clear.

When you look at the red numbers that pop up on the symbols, there's a top section and a bottom section. The top section shows the 20s, the bottom section the singles.

The walkthrough I found online does add up to the same totals, but somehow gets there in a different way - I had 4 numbers for the eyes, but they only had 3. But, as I said, the totals are the same.

Highlight below for the totals I found:

Eyes: 32 + 121 + 132 + 64 = 349
Ears: 15 + 23 = 38
Mouth: 27 + 95 + 21 = 143
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It's pretty much guesswork... After randomly moving pipes around for a while I noticed that some of them were at the same level, so I tried to line the others up with those. It's about halfway down the organ. I didn't notice if they lined up with anything specific.
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My general tips for completing each chapter in gold time, even in hard mode, are:

* Always build the storehouse and upgrade it to the max as fast as you can.
* Fully upgrade the camp as fast as you can.
* Don't upgrade your production buildings. (I think there's only one chapter where I do).
* Don't bother with taverns or workshops, but do build the cobbler.
* Leave the vases with gold until the end, and then do them all in one big sweep.

This is my strategy for book 3, chapter 10. This strategy works in hard mode, too:

- Upgrade camp
- Build sawmill and garden
- Collect berries and chop silver – keep chopping in between tasks until all silver by the camp is gone
- Remove blockage
- Defeat caveman
- Remove second blockage
- Chop some stone
- Upgrade camp
- Build storehouse
- Chop more silver
- Push lever
- Chop stone until you can build bridge
- Remove small blockage
- Build quarry, cobbler and market
- Chop silver and upgrade storehouse
- Chop silver and upgrade camp
- Collect time freeze and gold skull
- Chop more silver and upgrade storehouse
- Keep chopping silver and stone so you can start restoring the totem poles
- Once you have enough wood, pay the priest
- Once you’ve paid the priest you can buy silver at the market
- Light all fire bowls
- Break all pots of gold
- Fill burrow
Go to Extras on the main menu and then hit the Play button in the top left.
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