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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jan 1, 16 10:27 PM
Quite enjoying the game thus far but I am so over these icicles. To the point I am ignoring them but oh wait I can't cause I have to clear them off all the time. I sell all the toys I get for honestly after the sleigh there is nothing. I actually thought come Xmas day they would turn into some nice presents but no.....

Other than that it is a struggle to get the required amount to clean up the next bit of land but that to me is half the fun. Keep up with sending balloons out, sending the diver down and full filling some orders does not take long to get the runes needed.

I just want to know what comes after that, when is the next underwater part going to be opened for us. I can see myself getting very bored with the game once I have this last big worm out of the way and nothing to aim for.
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