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 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 16, 18 9:46 PM
For those having issues at pouring the sand, when you start pouring try and pour as fast as you can and try and stop RIGHT at the end!! There's a bug in the software if you go to slow IT WILL ALWAYS FAIL!!

Eipix is aware of the situation but there's not going to add a skip to this unless BigFish requests them too!! But believe me Eipix does feel bad for the slower and more cautious players.

But you can beat this its just a royal pain in the rear! You just gotta try stopping at the very end and going as fast as possible!! Like I say this isn't a good puzzle for a slower and more cautious player unfortunately!

But indeed if you always go to slow YOU'LL ALWAYS FAIL unfortunately!!

I hope this tip helps!!

Because believe me I've had my good share of cursing at this puzzle myself and finally figured out the hint that it DOES MATTER about how fast you go!! The faster the better!!

But trying to stop at the very end going really fast (without overpouring) is very tricky!
 posted in Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger on Sep 25, 16 2:08 PM
beckykay wrote:I'm unable to get the key from the giant. I got an apple, shot the slingshot, somehow missed, or I'm not sure what happened, but I'm unable to get another apple for the slingshot in order to distract the giant. Now the hint button keeps lighting up the slingshot, so I click on it and get the message "the slingshot is ready, now all that's needed is to charge it". How do I charge the slingshot? Anyone know? This must be a glitch in the game. I'm unable to advance, there's no where to go and nothing left to do.

Yeah I have the same problem, seems to be a coding bug, make sure you get the key from him on your first try or the game bugs and you gotta start the entire game all over again
 posted in Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger on Sep 25, 16 2:07 PM
The game dont crash for me, but when you get to the Magicians house (after several hours of game play into the game) and need to shoot a plum to distract forest giant it wont let you shoot another plum to distract him. Unfortunately i had to delete profile and start game all over again. Im hoping for better success this time
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