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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 18, 18 10:16 AM
Thanks to everyone for this thread. I was wondering abou that new area - China! Guess I'll go help the droid and Samari to try to get the parts for the Atomic Heart, just in case it helps lead to the China portal.

You guys are the Best! oxooooxx

Wait Guys. ... I think the atomic heart was an artifact from some other event. When I looked at it I vaguely remember the items that make it up. Weren't they from some space event? - maybe the gardener or the ufo guy? ... I have one already made and I haven't done the events in weeks!!! ... So I really don't think that's it.

Of course, I could be wrong.

(Wouldn't be the first time and certainly won't be the last!)
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Dec 23, 17 10:10 AM
I'm here right now. Peeking in. Or - at least trying.
all i can say is wow about the first page of the forum today. lots of stuff there.
and i'm already stuck at 89% trying to get into the game.
go figure.
not a lot changed while i was wandering this time away.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Dec 18, 17 12:35 PM
[Removed by Moderator] you guys!!!! - I finally came back only to find that my game isn't working properly, either! UGH! I really thought they'd have all the bugs out of it by now! I'm back and am going to try it again, but of course, I'm NOT holding my breath!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Dec 18, 17 8:20 AM
Thanks to you guys!!! I'm back checking mails. Not sure if coming or going - which is a "usual" for me! LOL But I'm here right now - so - we'll see.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Dec 1, 17 8:25 AM
How do I quit the game entirely - so that I don't hang around sleeping, but am actually gone ... and Elvira leaves everyone presents??
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 22, 17 8:04 AM
this way stopped working for me 2 days ago.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 17 2:39 PM
I used to play midnight castle but it was all messed up. so I don't play it any more. they expanded it after I first started playing, and it never updated correctly.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 17 2:16 PM
Mirrors of Albion has been suggested also. I'm just getting that one myself - from the Microsoft store. (Alice in Mirrors of Albion).
It's a download.

I don't think it's downloading for me on my machine.

Took a while, but it downloaded and I've played it until out of energy. Sound familiar???
It's cute. There is a way to invite people, so if you play, let me know your user name - which took forever to delete the word "player" and input my own name - and I will see if we can be friends. PM me is probably best.


 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 17 7:47 AM
I've been looking but can't find anything so far.
I used to play the Zinga games on Facebook. They were pretty cool, but they're all gone now.
I don't like shooting or killing games, either. So they're out.
I'll keep looking when I have some time later. I need to start doing some chores around here. I'll come back and peruse during a break or two.

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 17 7:13 AM
ah. YESSS!!! LOVE tequila!!! AND Sake!!! And ..... just about everything alcoholic!! LOL
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 17 6:42 AM
wodka ... hmmm... how about some good cognac? methinks i need something stronger than wodka today!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 17 6:39 AM
yeah - I'm pretty sure the items from the Space man gardener do not stay for the next time. dang.

I can't seem to get into the game today, no matter how or what i try. sigh ... oh well.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 17, 17 2:25 PM
Does anyone know - if I were to collect more items from the Space Alien after I've completed the event, will I get to keep them? I'm working the next one - the lady with tiger ... and the alien is still open so he's still a creature to help. I just wondered if I help him - do I get to keep what I get for next time he rolls around. Or does it set back to zero? Anybody know?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 17, 17 2:23 PM
TOO cute, Sir! LOVED it!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 16, 17 11:16 AM
I have been able to play all this time through the big fish game manager. It leads me to MS Edge as the browser. Anyone who can't get in yet can try that.

Also, there are instructions on the forum in another thread on how to get your Chrome up and running with the game. I can't remember the title of the thread, but it is the other one like this one - with a different name.

Good luck to you all - and please - let us know when you've been able to access the game again.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 9, 17 5:40 AM
Dang! All that work on this one and I forgot to take the chest!!!
When was it over? Yesterday or today?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 9, 17 3:21 AM
oh man. I need to go back to the musketeer place again. I barely got started when I had to leave the computer. all help to get there again will be greatly appreciated. ... and - sorry - for having to go again. what a pain. - and what a difficult room this is!

wow. Done already!! Thank you Thank you THANK you!!!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 8, 17 5:37 AM
as I recall there is only one place to WEAR one of each type of item.
You are wearing what shows in your GEAR box.
There is one slot in the gear box for each type of gear - a ring, for example. and one slot for a tattoo. and one for a scepter. i'd have to go into my chrome to tell you more. but there is a good post in the forum somewhere all about it. let me see if I saved that url. ....

nope. don't see it. maybe I can find it for you.
nope. can't find it.
most postings about "duels" have been sent to technical support. others that are good are locked. I tried to copy paste urls but was not able to do so.
sorry could not be more help.
I used to be able to be.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 8, 17 3:35 AM
I don't know if you guys are using Big Fish's game manager to sign on, but perhaps you could try that. Getting into the game that way seems to work most times than not. I think that sometimes Big Fish just wants you to input your email and password in order to make sure it's on file, etc.. Sometimes once you've done it that way, the other ways to access become a bit easier.

I know that, for me, the update to windows 10 really made a mess out of my game - getting in, in the first place; and also with the ghost searches that use the magnifying glass. That magnifying glass is the worst I've ever seen now with the update. I used to be able to play in an earlier version of IE where I felt the "play" in that glass was the least. Now, I don't even see anywhere in my browser where that might even begin to be possible. But like I said - going through the game manager seems to work the best.

I also refresh a couple times if I can't get in. I get stuck at 89% a lot. When I do, I make sure I only have one window open in my browser and try again. I also have to wait and make sure my antivirus software isn't running at the time. I guess my computer can't be too over-taxed. It's definitely not the newest machine in town!

Good luck to all my game-mates in getting in and having some time to play! I hope what I've shared here helps some.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 3, 17 2:41 AM
mamapolo, I will also private message you. but wanted to let you know how I find it easiest to get items from creatures.

first - do in minimized mode so you can see creature when you help it.

make sure you do two other creatures in between trying for creature you are going for item from. (these do not have to be from same land or from same neighbor.)
Ghosts do NOT count!

try to match picture of creature with when you hit help button.

use task to help creature. open task and use hand icon. or if need to call, use the small I icon.

will private mail you this info so you have it.

good luck!
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