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 posted in Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister on May 19, 12 9:32 PM
newlife503 wrote:
bbeaver1946 wrote:when trying to catch mice in the museum I can find no hot spots for the cage. Glitch or no?
Try looking at the Homesteaders display, put your curser to the right and just below the bucket hanging on the coat rack. The magnifying lense should turn red when your in the right spot. When you see the pile of dried corn on the floor you'll know for sure your there.

This worked for me! Thanks for the tip!
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 28, 11 3:10 PM
klee1803 wrote:
vannalle wrote:I've read the reviews but bought the game... It's a strategy game with TM, that's why there is so many complaints. Farm Frenzy is like that, but after 5-6 "seasons" everyone knows how to proceed in that one. Fruits Inc. has a different kind of goals and requires a lot of thinking... It's not like Burger Shop, when you have to be good at clicking(I love BS) It's not like the Dash family, when you need to make color combos, Fruits is a difficult game - and I think it's very good to have a real challenge once and while- but it challenges you to think at every level. Ranch Rush (similar to Hobby Farm) requires another kind of thinking. Maybe that's why TM are not so popular... It looks like a lot of clicking but you need to know what to click and when - before the timer reaches the silver...
To anyone who likes this kind of challenge Fruits Inc is a very good buy, for those who prefer more "calm waters", maybe the HOG is more suitable, you just find a lot of things and then use it in the more obvious way...

To Zemane: Congratulations for a very good and challenging game.

yep, I totally agree - there definitely is a lot of thinking! I have had to try a number of different ways to be able to get the right number of products for each brand and what buildings to build when etc. I love it and it has kept me challenged for ages.

I have been redoing all the levels trying to at least get silver on them all. I have gold on just over half now, but I still have a few silvers, and a few bronzes too.

It seems loads of you haven't bothered with it, but for those that have persevered and are figuring out how to win, can someone please tell me how to achieve $500,000! The gold time is 8.30 mins and silver is 10.30 but the best I can do is about 12 - 14 mins!! I think it's about growing the strawberries first as they make the most money, but not sure how to get there coz I spend a fortune buying strawberries and hiring all the workers.

There is another level where I need to reach $30,000 but also have 60 apples, apricost and grapes in the store. So how do I then achieve the $30,000? This time I think the time limit is only about 5mins.

I am on the same level. I hope the new download provides some guidance on this one. I can't figure it out either!
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 28, 11 3:08 PM
AnnBy wrote:I played this for quite awhile yesterday and really enjoyed it.

I'd like to pipe up about the clock running while Grandma is still on the screen. Another gripe I have is when you do the mini game the clock keeps running. If the water flowed faster that wouldn't be a problem, but when it takes about 1 minute to get through the pipes, that's a bit much. I love those types of mini games, but can't afford the minute off the clock to get it done, plus the fruit harvest either slowed way down during that time or didn't move at all.

HI! Ann...I don't know if anyone replied to this yet, but if you go to the top left of the mini game, there is a wheel that you can click on that will make the water flow faster. Just click as fast as you can and keep clicking until the "bottle" is filled on the lower right.

This was prior to the new release. I don't know if that will affect the water wheel or not.
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