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 posted in The Last Dream on Mar 4, 16 5:49 AM
Hi jehar68, I can't post a link here. But you can find a walkthrough on Youtube. Just search for "the last dream walkthrough" Hope that helps.
 posted in The Last Dream on Feb 23, 16 11:28 PM
Snoessa wrote:What is the sequence for the safe

Hi Snoessa, the safe code is "54". Just dial this number.
 posted in The Last Dream on Feb 9, 16 9:32 AM
FudgeChi wrote:Just finished this WONDERFUL game. Played the CE from another site (shh ) but just had to come here to say how much I LOVED it. Excellent job Devs, best game I've played since playing a couple of your Haunted Hotels. Love the cat too and the story sent a tingle up my back.

Thank you, FudgeChi!
 posted in The Last Dream on Feb 7, 16 11:30 PM
westiemama2 wrote:I don't see any new writes since it is now February. I totally loved this game. The cat cracked me up so much that I laughed out loud and my husband came it to see what was happening! I laughed the hardest when I clicked the cat and it shook its head no.

I had so much fun doing this game. An absolute brilliant story line. I will be playing it over again. Thank you so much for making this game and now I will try Haunted

Hi westiemama2. The fact that people are actually like our game gives us a reason to be proud of our work. Thank you!
 posted in The Last Dream on Feb 5, 16 10:24 PM
Thank you, KeysPirat! We will definitely try to do that
 posted in The Last Dream on Feb 2, 16 12:18 AM
Hi KeysPirate,

the key to this puzzle is starting from the center. Central gear can't be moved. So make sure that it's aligned correctly with the next one. Maybe you should rotate all gears with the same number of clicks. Hope that helps.

I'm glad that you enjoy our game!
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 21, 16 10:11 PM
Hi queenjanis,

thank you for your kind words!
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 20, 16 4:24 AM
Hi 9otters,

thank you for bringing this up And for your wishes as well!
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 20, 16 4:22 AM
Thank you for the wishes! They are all delivered
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 20, 16 3:59 AM
heatheranne wrote:Hi, I am just trying this game but I cant get past the options page. The curser is virtually uncontrollable and the options page is very white and I can hardly read the options. I have tried clicking all over and the music volume changed but nothing else will respond. I need to change the curser or it is unplayable for me. Help please. I am using Windows 10 which is uptodate.

Hi heatheranne,

looks like parts of the graphic textures aren't displayed correctly. The options shouldn't be white. At this point I can recommend you to try to update the video card drivers. Hope that helps!
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 18, 16 11:38 PM
Thank you everyone for the wishes.

What I have to add here is that in the Maxim and Julia family a baby girl was born yesterday on January 18th!

 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 18, 16 11:26 PM
Hi faerywings7,

sorry that you have a problem. You are quite close to the end. There is nothing special about this particular moment that will give me a hint about the crash. I'll PM you something that you can try.

Did the ghost give you the part of the object? It should be on the wall where the ghost was.
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 17, 16 10:20 AM
Hi wendylee815,

the photographs and the cat toys are the things that you should look for. You can interact with them in the trophy room.
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 15, 16 11:58 AM
JMKliebert, just wait for the "eye to open". It takes 25-35 seconds. Unless you are playing on the hardest difficulty.

Also there are some walkthroughs on Youtube. You can watch the solution there if you want.

 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 3, 16 10:46 PM
Hi gannie2, are you talking about the piece of rag with a plus sign? In the garage that is locked with a padlock there is a pipe on the table. Combine them to make a torch.
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 3, 16 8:55 AM
Hi sandylewis46, first you must catch it. Combine the rope and the hook. Then apply it to the pole near the swings. Also you need a detail to fix the lawn mower. The detail is on the Porch location in the zoom zone with the lantern. Fire the lantern and you'll see the detail.
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 2, 16 11:17 PM
OhioCrazyCatLady wrote:Does anyone know the name of the song in the last scene and who sings it?

Hi OhioCrazyCatLady, the song is "We Won't Stop Dreaming" by Pinkzebra. It can be found on YouTube and iTunes.
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 1, 16 11:46 PM
Thank you!

tookat, I believe that it is like you described. And will be deeper over time!
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 1, 16 10:57 AM
Braves1lady, you should have the syrup concentrate by now. Get some water into the bowl. Put it on fire and add syrup concentrate. Then put the shawl into this mix. Hope that helps.
 posted in The Last Dream on Jan 1, 16 10:36 AM
Hi Mazou884,

thank you! We are really glad that you've enjoyed the game. The "actors" actually got married during the development of the game

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