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 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 18 10:59 AM
Thank you, developers, for fixing the widescreen problem for my Win10 laptop. Every time I try one of your games, I don't get widescreen until you fix it. It would be great if, in future, the games would be fixed before their release. Thanks again. Will buy it now.
I love this series. I own all the previous games, and bought this one straight away. In these games at least I get to see colours other than dark blue and turquoise. Don't buy those games without decent colours anymore.
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies on Apr 25, 18 11:37 AM
Ooops... sorry, you are right, bobhillman. I didn't think it was, because usually you see the link to the CE on the game's main page. And it's not there for this game.
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies on Apr 25, 18 11:14 AM
There will only be a walkthrough with the SE if the game came first out as a Collectors Edition. This game is only sold as a Standard Edition.
barelyberlee wrote:
nanafraser wrote:This is a bit different then the other "Mystery Trackers" seems enjoyable! Ive enjoyed the last 2 Collector Edition games & I can add this to em! Whereas its a good game its only 4 chapters counting bonus chapter! Info like this is discouraging to fishes in purchasing a game. Do you think this is part of the reason forums are going away? Hmm Lol

So this game only has 3 chapters and then the bonus? Was considering playing demo but if it's THAT short, not even going to try it.

Why would you think this game is short just because it doesn't offer 10 chapters? A chapter can be long or short. I have seen games with just a few chapters that are long, and games that have 6 or 7 chapters, all of them very short. So you should never go by how many chapters a game has.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 18 5:25 AM
gohill wrote:Elephant games has their own site, and someone here said that they are being helpful with questions and concerns.... If I have problems with the game, I plan on going to their site for help.... (at least, that's "the plan")

That's the problem with a site like BigFish, publishing games from different developers, and then taking away the forums to report bugs and such. You will have to register to every developer's site who sells their games here, if you want to get help from them. Elephant Games isn't the only dev that sells their games here, there are lots. And that is why Steam is so great. Every dev is hands-on there to help. No need to contact each one of them directly.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 18 3:52 AM
Thanks for the responses. Yes, I know that I can contact BF support, but when have they ever managed to fix a bug in a game? It's the developers who fix the games. The BF support only advises what you can do if you experiment certain things, or hand out a game coupon, but they don't fix the games themselves.

I am a member at Steam, where the developers of each game are hands-on, giving help, fixing bugs, and updating their games on a regular basis, if and when needed. Much better service there, because it's the devs you talk to and who will let you know when something is fixed or help you in any other way with the games.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 18 1:00 AM
I don't know of any game site that doesn't provide at least some kind of space where you can ask for help and report problems with the games. If I buy a game after the 30. April, who do I turn to if there is a problem with a game?

I put this post first in another forum, but thought that it's more likely that the mods notice it in this, more active, forum.
 posted in Haunted Legends: Monstrous Alchemy on Apr 22, 18 6:24 AM
nwr1948x wrote:Or come to The Island.

Would be nice if some parts of the forum was open to viewing for guests. Nobody likes to register at a place if they can't first see what it's like, and what's available. Before I register somewhere I like to first read some of the posts to see how the members interact with each other. If I see a lot of bickering and fights, I wouldn't want to be a member there.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 20, 18 12:23 AM
And here we go again... When I click on "widescreen" in the Options, a window comes up, saying: "Wide Fullscreen Mode is not available/supported". One of those.

What decade is this developer living in? I had high hopes for this game, since it's a rare one with a decent colour scheme, but I won't buy a game that I can only play in fullscreen mode on my MSI widescreen laptop (using Win10, 64-bit).
 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 19, 18 8:23 AM
All I can say is: thank goodness, here is a game with COLOURS other than just blue shades. I no longer buy any game that consist only of dark shades, and unfortunately, most HOGS have - for a long time now - taken to offer only dark shades in their games.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 8:17 AM
nanafraser wrote:OK got to the part w/ the fight w/ the monster, theirs no skip it started to make me dizzy, so I stopped playing game! Has anyone ever noticed that Epix seems to punish you if you skip a mini game! You have to watch the way it was suppose to be done!

I don't care to see how the puzzles I skip are done either. I don't even like most of the puzzles to begin with.

nanafraser wrote:This is some goofy vampire game! What country are these Devs from?

LOL They are not from Transylvania, but close enough (Belgrade in Serbia) to get affected by the bloodsuckers?

I own all the 3 previous games, but only really loved the first one in the series. For me, the games went downhill after the first one, so I think I will now stop buying these games.
Majestyx12 wrote:I like the traditional hidden object adventure games with relaxed puzzles. More hops than puzzle. Heavy sigh. Not-so-subtle-dis-connect. Just describe what we like as flat. So condescending, that I'm dismayed and not cool. So funny.

Let's just slap happy gaming on there.

I don't mind the odd puzzle or mini game here and there, but lately there have been far too many puzzles in a Hidden Object Game. If I wanted to play a puzzle game, I would buy a puzzle game. But I don't.

To qualify the many puzzles, HOGs are now called HOPA, with emphasis on the "P" for puzzle. I don't like HOPAs, I like HOGs, and when I see one puzzle after another in the demo, I won't buy the game.
 posted in Jewel Match Solitaire: L'Amour on Feb 4, 18 12:29 AM
Those pink hearts behind the cards are there to be collected and then used in the main scene to buy items with to be added to the scene. You don't get stuck if you don't collect them all, you just don't get 3 stars, that's all.
 posted in Jewel Match Solitaire: L'Amour on Feb 1, 18 1:07 AM
I am really enjoying this game. So colourful and truly Valentine's Day themed.

I wish there was an Easter version with bunnies and eggs or at the least a Christmas version of this game. Maybe there will be one in the future?
 posted in Jewel Match Solitaire: L'Amour on Jan 31, 18 12:45 AM
Ooh... I am glad to see another "Jewel Match" solitaire game. I love those, and can't get enough of them. It's an instant buy for me.
I don't have any issues with games, playing on Win10. But I used to get false positive virus detection when I used McAfee. I switched to Norton years ago, and have not had problems with them.
Kamana_29 wrote:Is it Sunward, Valdy? I haven't d/l this game yet (I've just woken up) but I've played a few of their games under A M's banner.


Oh, of course. It's Sunward. Thanks for giving me the proper name, Kam.
Artifex Mundi isn't the developer of this game, only the publisher. The devs are called Sunbeam or Sunstream or something similar with Sun in it - their name comes up in the beginning. It's like the games from House of Fables. They were the devs of games like "Eventide", and Artifex Mundi - who nowadays make mostly games for apps and handhelds - were the publishers.
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