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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 10, 16 9:57 PM
Wow, that is a really good tip. Good observation skills, Marliza! I saw you post it before but I didn't really understand what you meant. Thanks for giving the examples, Vulcaness, they really made it clear.

What I have been doing is to wait until it's time to actually use the items before I try to get them from the creature. I also use a talisman like the Wish Master to increase my chances of finding an object plus I have a dragon that increases my chances of finding an object and I make sure it is fed to the max. I find that these increase the drop rate dramatically.

Yay for forum sharing!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 4, 16 3:15 AM
Martha (Almost) Meets a Caveman ~ From Martha's Diary
Today I went down to the cellar to get some flour, but I couldn't find it on the spot. There was a stone with sharp edges instead of it. I didn't have enough time to take a closer look at it as there came a noise, and someone began to move near the wall. I was scared and ran outside. Who was hiding there?

Chill, Martha. It's probably just a raccoon ~ certainly not a Caveman from the age of dinosaurs, I'm sure. Here, have a cocktail.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 3, 16 7:08 PM
I am constantly amazed by the number of strange men that our Martha just happens to meet on a regular basis and I just couldn't resist creating this atypical thread to document these bizarre encounters.

If it doesn't get deleted, I'll add a post every time she meets another weird guy. It's meant to be funny and silly.

This week's meeting is particularly odd...

Martha Meets a Viking ~ Rune Stone
Has Martha already told you the story of this stone? She says that she met a big man at night who hit her with this rune... Yes, it is not just a stone but a true rune!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 27, 16 2:16 PM

So glad you are back and doing well.

Not only are you one of my most wonderful neighbors but you have one of my favorite game names!

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 26, 16 5:05 PM
Bumping this for everyone's benefit. Please read. Important info contained within.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 25, 16 10:08 PM
We aren't neighbors but I wanted to say that I love your real life name, Laurel. It's just gorgeous. Have fun out there in the real world!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 25, 16 12:48 PM
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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 9, 16 12:43 AM
Because of RL nonsense I will be very busy in for the next week so I won't be playing much, if at all. If I can, I will try to send gifts but probably not every day.

I should be back and playing as usual by Monday, 7/18.

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mistyshadow wrote:WHAT the @%^$!
I thought it was suppose to be easier the longer you play. 50,000 is a lot of points needed to level up!

I'm not anywhere near that level yet but I'm thinking that players who are there can accumulate points a lot faster in various ways than lower level players can.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 6, 16 4:52 PM
msmithnc wrote:Congratulations to my new neighbor, lovesnf, for reaching Level 100 and joining the Century Club!

Thank you, msmithnc! I am honored to be joining the elite club of three digit players! I feel so cool.

Also, thanks to cgiestela and all my neighbors who sent congratulations on PM.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 5, 16 11:30 AM
I have visited both the Hobbit Hut and Ifrit Palace and collected and assembled the five artifacts from each place. I now have everything I need to visit them again but I'm not sure if I should go back to them again or not.

Is it better to wait for some event or a prompt to visit these two places again?
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shastaewilliams wrote:So is everybody in agreement that it's ok for me to assemble those three artifacts now? I don't want to have to do them over again but the 6,000 coin that one of them gives would certainly help. I seem to be constantly picking the one out of three things I can buy each day with my pile of coins. It would be nice to have bells to get through a few rooms AND be able to buy some runes too.

I remember all too well how desperate I was for every single coin, common charge and new neighbor when I first started.

Definitely assemble any of the Voodoo items whenever you want to and assemble them over and over again to get coins and experience. Also, the Talismans, Ghost Traps and the things you can make from chasing away Ghosts (like the Nautilus Pallium) are all good for getting experience, coins and useful items. If you are missing a piece of an artifact you can put it on your wishlist.

Usually you only need to wait for the prompt (on the left side of the screen) the first time you assemble something. After that, if you can get enough pieces together go ahead and assemble them.

When you start playing offers (wait until at least Level 40 for that IMO) you will have to wait for the prompt to assemble for each artifact every time you play the same offer.

A few artifacts use very rare charges, though, so if the charges are unfamiliar ones that you can't put on the wishlist, you probably want to ask for advice before assembling.

If any of this is wrong, other players should feel free to correct me.

I accidentally destroyed my computer with the big, beautiful screen so now I have to play on a laptop with a terrible screen. I literally can't see some of the items, either. Sometimes I just have to click where I think they probably are and hope I get lucky.

One trick I've been wanting to share is, when I can't find some item, I search carefully all around the outer edge of the picture. I'd say about 75% of the time I find it near the edge.
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I remember when I first started, I couldn't chase away any of the ghosts on my own map so I sent a message to a neighbor saying that I had just chased away all his ghosts so would he please help me with mine. He wrote back and said, "It doesn't work that way but it will get easier."

Just knowing that it would get easier kept me going through a lot of agony. And it does! It gets easier all the time but it's still challenging and fun. So don't quit, OK?
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msmithnc wrote:. If players are sleeping, I can't imagine they really want all those gifts when they're not playing at all. From the comments I've read here, it seems to me that the consensus is falling down on the side of "Empty WL = no gifts needed".

I rarely have sleepers but I try not to gift them if I do. I think it's a nice consideration not to burden them with, potentially, 100s or 1000s of gifts to accept.

Although more experienced players with empty wish lists probably don't want the charges, I think that less experienced players probably do. I am very bad at remembering to fill up my wish list but, at level 98, I still need whatever my neighbors might want to send.

I gift everyone from their wish lists and then do a mass gift of a useful charge to everyone else (except sleepers). It only takes a few seconds and, by gifting daily it let's my neighbors know that I am still active.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 30, 16 7:06 PM
I forgot to mention the part about discouraging new players, msmithnc, so thank you for bringing it up. I think the devs are harming themselves in the long run because new players do like to play the offers and will find these new offers way too difficult - especially if they don't read the forums.

I remember another thread where players were complaining about how the new offers are being presented over and over again in a short period of time while the old offers are not available much at all. Some of the easy, older offers are where new players can get experience with expeditions and with playing offer rooms so they are very valuable.

I'm only at level 96 and I have deliberately not played the offers much because I thought the majority of them were over my head. I read the forums and tried to take the advice of experienced players so I have concentrated on playing the ones on the right side labeled "Major." I've also played into The Valley of the Magicians" a bit. These are fun and interesting but I'm almost finished with Japan so I'd like to play more offers now.

If all of the future offers are just like the ones we have been given lately, I won't be happy at all because 1) they are almost impossible to complete with just game play and 2) the cookie cutter design is not very interesting. They have even stopped making different characters (with different names) for the player's maps and the friend's maps which can be very confusing.

I do think the characters, story lines and animation are pretty nice, though.
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I'm trying to play the Magic Carpet offer. I have used 15 of the Vinci's Blueprints to help Nazir at Bellow's Manor and I haven't gotten one single Power Crystal. I know 15 isn't a lot compared to what some players have used but it's all I have managed to get so far. I think this is a ridiculous payoff percentage considering we need to get 35 of them to continue with the offer and it costs 70 crystals to buy them all. I knew I wouldn't get all 35 but I thought I could get at least a few

I haven't played many offers yet (only 4 actually) but I've been examining each one for months to see what items are needed. It seems to me that all of the new offers are being created in a cookie cutter fashion where every one of them requires 35 objects from the creature on the Bellow's Manor map and these are almost impossible to get. The old offers varied in many ways which made them more fun and interesting. Some were hard and some were easy.

This (and other aspects of the offers) forces players to use lots of crystals to keep playing. I think the developers are doing things like this to try to force players to buy crystals. I don't like it. This is supposed to be a free game. I want to win the things I need, not buy them. I might stop playing because I think these kinds of tactics are taking the fun out of the game.

Am I being unreasonable or misunderstanding the game?
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sir_vival wrote:@ lovesnf

Hello lovesnf,

please check your code:
It's declared as wrong code when I tried to invite you

Sir Vival

I checked it. Sometimes there is a space at the beginning that you have to remove to make it work.
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PLEASE, PLEASE! Do everyone a favor and read the "Expedition Advice" thread. It has info you really need to know.

I'm at level 95. I don't run a lot of expeditions yet but I will gradually do more of them. I will feed your dragons whenever I have the opportunity and if I have enough dragon food. I hope you will feed mine, too. I always feed at least 5% (usually more like 10%-15%) of the original amount. I consider it rude and inconsiderate to feed less than that.

I expect you to make sure every expedition you start will be successfully completed. This means you should have enough crystals to buy as much dragon food as it will take to completely feed your dragon (if your neighbors haven't contributed enough). FYI - If you let your expeditions fail, your neighbors will stop helping you.

Feel free to message me in game when you start an expedition so I know about it. I will always help you if I am online and see the message.

I will never take the Blue Chest on an expedition I'm leading (unless I have to in order to complete the expedition at the last minute). If you deliberately take the Blue Chest of your own expedition (except at the last minute), I won't help you again.

I know this is crazy long but I couldn't think of any better way to find like-minded neighbors and, maybe, it will help new players with info they will find useful.

Thanks for the response! I have enough neighbors right now so I am removing my neighbor code.

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Hi Potential Neighbors!

I think that the most important part of building a neighborhood is to find compatible neighbors. That's why, even though it might seem really picky, I'm going to list what I look for in a neighbor because I think we will all be happier if we share the same views on neighborliness.

Most of these preferences I have acquired by reading the advice on the forums and, through my own experience, I have come to consider them the best game play strategies for me. If you are a new (or not so new) player, I highly advise you to read through as much of the "Helpful Links" thread as possible.


Please gift every day. I gift every day as long as the technology is cooperating and I am not too sick to sit at the computer. I'm pretty sure I've gifted every possible day since I started in mid February, 2016.

Please gift from my wishlist if possible. Sometimes I forget and it's empty. If it's empty, feel free to send whatever you think will be useful to me. Flints and ores and red buttons are always great but I'm not that picky.

I don't send Offer Charges unless they are requested. I only send basic charges to new players because I remember how desperate I was for them at the time.

I don't mind occasional mass gifting. I do it, too, if I'm in a big hurry.

I rarely ask for artifact pieces (because I want to acquire them on my own as much as possible) so don't worry much about sending them to me unless you really want to. I gift requested artifact parts if I have them but I try to spread them out over my neighborhood so don't expect me to give you lots of them until I'm at a much higher level.

If you are going to miss gifting for more than one day (vacation, etc.) please post it on the "Upcoming Absences" thread so I know what's going on with you.

I have and will continue to delete players who don't gift regularly or who go to sleep without explanation. Gifting is one of the most vital parts of the game, IMO.


Thanks for the response! I have enough neighbors right now so I am removing my neighbor code.
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I must say, Martha sure does meet a lot of interesting men on her strolls.
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