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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Feb 12, 18 3:35 PM
Level 120... awful.
I literally had 40 'no match... shuffling.
This... is not called fun.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Sep 1, 17 4:16 PM
It is REALLY annoying that the 'focus' is always put on the highest finished level.
That is almost NEVER where you want to be...
Except in your current city.
Totally bad.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 25, 17 5:39 PM
Level 92-2 !
Best puzzle so far.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 28, 17 8:41 AM
Who cares.
Everest was a well crafted challenge.
The Gummy-Nerds did GOOD!
Bravo to all involved.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 15, 17 11:55 AM
The 'fly-out' on the right should have a one click button to this the forum.
Also should have a go-to-port button.
After 50 cities it is a pain having to search for the port.
Make these two things easy.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Feb 12, 17 7:59 PM
I think that The Forum should be much more available.
Having it as an option on the fly-out on the right.
Currently, getting to city help is difficult and a pain.
Therefore... i don't use it.
One click on the fly-out should take you to that city's forum.
Come on... make it EASY.
More player involvement has gotta be good.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jan 20, 17 1:50 PM
I have a different kind of question.
Does BigFish get meta-data reported to it about my game playing of Gummy?
Well, not me specifically... but all players.
What does that data look like?
How is it used?

 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 25, 16 10:08 AM
I'm in Tahiti...
Playing on Samsung S6.
The little upward scale of tinks...
When counting bonus at the end...
Has disappeared.
All other sounds are normal.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 5, 16 1:24 PM
I'm playing on a Galaxy S6.
I'm in CapeTown.
Lately, when I've failed a level...
A blue graphic covers the screen...
And the dialog box for more moves is displayed.
The blue graphic does not allow you to see the game board.
Making it impossible to assess whether you'd like more moves.
This started in Mexico City.
And is only on some levels.
What is the small email icon which flashes momentarily at the bottom of the screen?
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