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 posted in My Singing Monsters on Oct 18, 13 7:00 PM
Does anyone know of a good website that has pictures of peoples islands? I tried doing a web search & was unable to find any.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Oct 18, 13 5:15 PM
You have to sell one of your monsters to make space to place the new one. I usually sell like for like to place a new one & then upgrade it to level 4 as the amount of food is relatively cheap. It's a good way to make a little extra gold while you are saving up gold to upgrade the castle.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 18, 13 7:40 AM
I have 2000 milk at level 47. Do you think it is safe to sell the cow pen at this level? I sure could use another sheep pen, but I don't have the space without selling the cow pen.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 18, 13 7:37 AM
I'm at level 47, and I have never had more than one cow pen. It takes up so much space. After the initial quests, you won't be needing much milk, but you will need much space for plots to keep up with the wheat you need. I have about 60 plots that I use just for wheat, 90 lemon trees and about 50 plots for the other items.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 18, 13 7:32 AM
Mellowfuzz, I sure would like to see a picture of your farm to see how you were able to get all that in. I saw a recent post that said there were links to pictures, but I have been unable to find it. So please, if you can, supply a picture, or if someone else knows of a link to cram that much in the farm I sure would appreciate it.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 16, 13 1:52 PM
I didn't think I would need my chicken eggs, so I sold them all. Shortly after, I started getting quests for the garlic sauce and the custard and didn't have enough eggs to start them. I would guess 2000 is quite enough, and since the eggs are quick to accumulate, when you find yourself getting low on them, just start up the production. At lower levels, silver is an issue, and you could sell them & produce more. For me, when I get to one or two thousand again, I will just stop producing them as I can earn more xp doing other stuff.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 16, 13 1:47 PM
At higher levels, silver isn't an issue. Currently I'm at level 46 with 3 million silver. I still only buy the 5/7 one as I keep the game on throughout the day, & one time I did run out of silver, so I'm a little more careful. But it is very worth it to at least keep the 5/7 one going as soon as you don't find yourself running low.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 14, 13 1:08 PM
There are a lot of good posts on leveling. The fastest way still seems to be lemon trees. The more the better. I have over 90. I also have about 90 plots for other items. One thing to keep in mind is that you can never have too much wheat. I've had 4 of the wheat factories, but I just decided to increase that number to 6 since it is flour that seems to be slowing me down. While those factories are busy, try to plan ahead in your growing. Some of the quests will ask for very long growing items like oats but seem to only ask for about 16 or so at a time. This way the quest will be completed as soon as you get it. One quest wants 10 onion chips. That's 300 onions you will need, and they take 3 1/2 hours to grow, so plan for it.

For the most part, after about level 30, the game does tend to become boring. I'm on level 45, and I do plan to finish at level 55. What keeps it a little interesting to me is to try to anticipate the items I will need and make a game of how many quests I can complete immediately before it stops with 3 wheat factory quests.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Oct 3, 13 1:37 PM
Oh, ty. That's very helpful
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Oct 3, 13 2:28 AM
What does the unity tree costs and at what level can you buy it?
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 22, 13 1:54 PM
Mellowfuzz, I'd sure be interested in knowing how you got so much gold in addition to doing all the quests. Right now I have the quest to make the walnut ice cream, but the walnut trees cost gold, which I'm a little hesitant to do that or use gold to buy off the quest.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 17, 13 1:51 AM
There were 2 quests to make the blue dresses, one wanted 10 blue dresses along with 16 white shirts, and the other wanted 16 blue dresses along with 10 red skirts. If you get both quests, you can first make 16 blue dresses which will complete the requirement for both quests (a check mark will show that portion of the quest completed). So instead of making 26 blue dresses, you only have to make 16. Then you can sell these dresses, and proceed to make the red skirts and white shirts. This save you a lot of wool and earns you a lot of silver. To make this work, you must be on both quests, although you don't have to pick them up at the same time, and that you make sure you have the check marked indicated that portion of the quest has been completed.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 17, 13 12:46 AM
Haven't decided yet. It seems we'll run out of quests way b4 we hit max level. So that would mean that I might as well take my time doing them. I did buy a 2nd cannery cuz the amount of silver you get for selling the items is significant. Then I accidentally bought another one, so now I have 3. Was nice to get so much silver, but now I may have to use gold for the 4 hour unlimited energy just to restock my water. I don't really need much of anything else. I must say that it takes forever for the textile processing. At level 30, I have already gotten the achievement for 180 quests, which means, if I remember correctly from other posts, I only have 35 more left for a total of 215.

I level by planting lemon trees & just selling off the lemons. I started with carrots when I could make them, then I progressed to eggplant, and finally lemons. I also trained up Jennifer as high as I could so growing these would take significantly less time. Because of this, I have over 1milliion silver, certainly enough to buy & build other buildings. But atm husband is busy building my pastry factory.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 17, 13 12:36 AM
No, it's not suppose to take your gold coins. The Kitchen Collection gives you 3 gold coins, which is nice, but would be worthless if it charged you 3 to get 3.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 16, 13 1:49 PM
Shovels will come with time. It's totally random. One of my collections I wasn't getting many blue butterflies, but later on after I had leveled up some, I started getting them. Some say to plant a variety of things with the hope being that you can increase the odds of getting the other items in your collections. But really, I haven't found this to be the case.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 13, 13 11:12 PM
Kim, I think you might have a problem ever getting husband to show up. I think he comes after doing a certain quest, which you cant get cuz you already have 5. Maybe you should check into it as a technical problem.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 12, 13 11:27 PM
I thought mending fences & cleaning the pen decreased the time of laying an egg, or rather broken fences & dirty pens increased the time? I thought that was what I was seeing. Am I wrong?
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 8, 13 11:30 PM
You can also use the collections at these difficult levels to gain xp. Mostly I use them when I need only a few 100 more so that I can determine when I will level such as after I have spent all my energy.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 8, 13 11:26 PM
Mostly it's considered a waste of gold, so most complete it by paying the 2 gold, which is what I plan on doing once I get there. Already paid the 2 gold to complete the chili pepper quest because it required gold for each plant & not worth it to me.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 7, 13 11:59 PM
I would suggest that you not sell one of each collection. I had a quest for a specific collection, and I was just lucky I hadn't sold it.

An excellent use of the collection for me is to sell one when I needed/wanted to level and I was very close to doing so. Came in really handy to control when I would level.

Mostly I hang on to them just incase I run out of something at a most inconvenient time like silver when I am on the 4 hour unlimited energy. That happened the first time, but fortunately the time was almost up, so I didn't need much. Now I am careful to have plenty of silver for it.
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