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 posted in Wanderland on Aug 17, 17 12:53 PM
I like the game, it has potential. I am so tired of trying to solve HOS and I can't get the items to do so. I use a whole well of energy and get no where. Then it takes me forever to get enough gold to get more energy! Come on people give us a break. Spending days trying to solve one is crazy. Making them so you have to have a curse then make it so hard to get the curse to solve it gets tiring. I have spent money to get rubies just to move along. It shouldn't have to be that way.
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 11, 17 3:32 PM
I agree with piemomni,
It is getting harder and harder to get anywhere in this game. It gets frustrating when you fight and fight and get nothing, look and look and can't find anything. I activated (2) mirror shards and the curse never went to the room I need to complete a quest!!! Come on people. I think the game creators know and have it rigged so you never get what you need!!!!
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 24, 16 3:25 PM
BillyeLH wrote:This game is the pits! You have a challenge you need to do in a certain length of time & the items that you need to complete it do not fall! There is no reason to make the game so difficult!!!!

On the Golden Idol & Magic Well, you should not have to upgrade if you don't want to at that particular time. For us newbies, it is very difficult to keep upgrading in order to get the coins & energy that you need!

It has great graphics and could be fun if it weren't so frustrating!

 posted in Wanderland on Sep 24, 16 3:23 PM
Since the last update, the ship timer doesn't move. I have to log off and back on and then sometimes the timer starts but the ship is only offering the same two items. This has been this way since the last update. Is anyone else having this problem?
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 16, 16 5:03 PM
I got the fog curse and it went to an area in the game not open to me yet. How stupid is that. Now when I try to defeat the gremlins it keeps pointing to an area I can't even get into.
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 16, 16 4:58 PM
Also after the update I was in one of the rooms and the game paused for no reason and I had to leave the game to get back in. Now I am out the cost of going into the room to try and get and item to defeat an enemy. I feel you owe me that coin.....
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 16, 16 4:53 PM
Since the update, the ship timer keeps freezing up and doesn't move unless I log off and back on to the game. What gives with that?????
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 1, 16 1:35 PM
I really like this game but it is getting crazy the farther along I get. So hard to get things, never ending tasks. I use all of my life at the well just trying to solve one thing and then I don't get the piece I need to complete my task.
Very frustrating.
You have to have lots of rubies to get anywhere and guess what they are very hard to come by. I think it is stupid to expect people to spend money on rubies/gold after they have purchased the game. Give us a break game people. I do not like the game at this point. I am at a level when I fight the bad guys, I don't get what I need you have to spend rubies to get it. Stupid......stupid game people.
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 24, 16 8:41 PM
I have banished many gremlins and not received the curses. Especially the mirror shards. They are not ever in the Hunts mans Hut either?????????????????
 posted in Wanderland on May 13, 16 8:28 AM
I need this help at the Labyrinth Quest as well. Same thing the kettle of water and I can't figure out what to do with it. I am stuck and would like to move on.
 posted in Wanderland on May 2, 16 9:19 AM
I am unable to solve certain quests because the mirror shards are not in the pouch although the arrow keeps pointing to the pouch every time I ask to use them. Any suggestions?
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 29, 16 11:29 AM
maxtricombs wrote:I find this game very redundant, you have to search the same HOS 10 or 20 times to find one item and even then you don't always get what you need. the timer runs out too fast on HOS. After awhile it gets pretty boring
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 29, 16 11:28 AM
Next I am trying to send a full ship. I need sail cloth, I have the option to purchase. It says I don't have enough coin when I surely do????
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 29, 16 11:26 AM
Is there anyway to get the key to the Temple besides buying it? I just started playing and still learning. I don't have enough coin.
Also I don't like having to upgrade the coin statue every few minutes of play. Now I don't have enough rubies to do anything.
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 29, 16 10:49 AM
I have a caldron with water in it and don't know what to do with it. There is a chain and an exclamation point over where the labyrinth is but don't know what to do. Everything is asleep in there except where the pot is spinning.
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