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 posted in Alice: Behind the Mirror on Sep 7, 14 1:46 PM
I was enjoying this game until I came to finding the teapot. I have spent at least an hour clicking and looking and clicking on anything to find the teapot that is supposed to be in the "drawing room"! I KNOW what a drawing room is but I can't tell in this game which is the livingroom and which is the drawing room and I am VERY frustrated that I can't find the teapot anywhere!! I read the suggestions and replies in this forum and looked again and I cannot find an "eye" in any corner or anywhere that I can click to give me a hidden object puzzle to play and find it! Help!! I loved playing the demo so I went and bought it and now I'm stuck!
 posted in The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Jul 28, 10 9:19 AM
This game definitely looks like it would be fun, however it started VERY slowly, at the beginning I could hear the music playing, but I couldn't get to the scene... it was just black. After about a minute of a black screen, I was able to play ok until I got to the first mini-game of matching. I had the outline of where the pictures should all be, I clicked numerous times in different spots only to see 1 inch squares where I clicked... there wasn't anything to match! Finally, the time ran out and I just skipped the game. I had to do the same with the next two mini- games also...
Also, when I used the hint, it would show me what to click, but then the circle just stayed on the screen into the next area for about a minute.
The whole game moved soooo slowly, as I had to keep waiting for the picture to show up instead of a black screen. NO fun!!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on Jul 17, 10 9:27 AM

ChristmasEve wrote:I clicked play in the game manager and it went to the Gameville Entertainment screen and then to the Gunnar Games screen. My screen went black and then switched back to the 60 minutes, play again screen. I clicked play again and the same thing happened. Why is there so much trouble with the games lately?

I am having the SAME problem and I have uninstalled and reinstalled.... I am not going to bother with it anymore... too many other games to try..
 posted in Grace's Quest: To Catch An Art Thief on Jul 11, 10 3:24 PM
(I am not a child nor am I a beginner. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to relax and enjoy a game without a lot of complicated things to do.)

Thank you Jinocchio49..... I feel the same way.... and it's nice to have a fun, light game for a change. I DO enjoy the dark HOG's but sometimes, after a while, they can get depressing!
I personally enjoyed the demo on this game. I'd like to buy it but there was at least one comment about how short the game is. I am going to see if I can check that out first.
 posted in The Inquisitor on Jun 6, 10 11:52 AM
Well I went to the walkthrough blog for this game. Discovered that where I am stuck at on the slider puzzle (WHY isn't there a skip for this one?) is almost the end of the game. Even tho some of you tried to help (thank you muchly!!), it isn't worth the frustration of pushing those silly tiles around for what is left to find! Sooo, I AM glad I got the game at 30% off instead of full price, but this little ol' fishy is going to uninstall it and never look back!! Plenty of other great games to play!!
 posted in The Inquisitor on Jun 1, 10 1:06 PM
I enjoyed the demo so much on this one and I actually had NO problems with downloading it, I took advantage of the 30% off weekend and bought it. I LOVE HOG's but some of the items were just too difficult to find without a hint. I also mute the music on my games (a little too repititious for me), and I usually skip the story when I know what to do.
I was having fun playing the game until I came to the same place as Pani56 did. I really dislike those slide puzzles too! .. I NEVER can figure which square goes where and how to get it there, so I just end up sliding the squares around and around!! I wanted to see "SKIP" but no such luck!! And THEN I couldn't get off of that screen!! Call me a dummy, but I tried to use my ESC key twice.. then I finally had to C,Alt,Delete to get out of it, and of course I am sure that I have lost my place in the game (not that I want to go back to that slide puzzle tho).. unless someone has the answer for it so I can move past it!! Can anybody help us?? please??
 posted in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition on Mar 25, 10 1:04 PM
the demo for this game was so much fun for me!! Enjoyed it and will wait to buy at the 6.99 price. Great game... downloaded nice, played very nicely on my XP. I have been having some issues lately with a few of the games.. sometimes it's very erratic or it won't come up on the screen, etc. But this one was a pleasure to play! Thanks BFG for another great HOG!!
 posted in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition on Mar 25, 10 12:58 PM
I totally agree with the "devil's advocate" LoveMyBichons comment! ! I am on retirement income (low, low, low!) and I find the CE's VERY interesting to play the demo. I haven't bought one and paid the 19.99 for it, but it STILL gave me an hour of play and to decide if I am going to like it or not when it comes out at the 6.99 price. Everyone has different tastes as far as games go. I personally do NOT care for the arcade type or the time management games.. Others may absolutely LOVE them! My thing IS the HOG and I absolutely enjoyed playing the demo on THIS one. I was very disappointed when it ended. I have no problem tho with waiting the few weeks for the regular edition to come out. AND I have no problem with playing the first hour over again if necessary after I have purchased it. It's still a bit of a challenge for an old lady like me after not seeing the objects for a few weeks!! Fun!!
I think the creators of these type of games DO deserve a pat on the back and a monetary reward is ALWAYS nice, so if there are those out there that can and wish to pay for a CE then that's fine with me!! BFG is NOT forcing anyone to purchase them at ANY price!! AND I will stick with BFG if for no other reason than it's terrific customer service and tech support!!
 posted in The Tarot's Misfortune on Feb 18, 10 9:38 AM
After playing the demo on my Windows XP for about 25 minutes, I find it a lot of fun. I was surprised to read that others were having glitches and problems with the game. So far so good for me, and lately I have been having problems with other games that I have downloaded, so it was nice playing a game where everything moved quickly without hangups.
I plan on buying it, but because Big Fish has come out with SO many good games that I have purchased this month (including the Daily Deals) I may wait til next month. (good thing it's a short month) I LOVE HOG's and BFG has been coming out with some goodies. Also, love Mahjongg and Solitaire games. Solitaire Cruise is just a nice easy game that I can play when I don't feel like brainstrain! Thanks BFG for being a great game site!!
 posted in Million Dollar Quest on Jan 25, 10 8:38 AM
Millie31651.. the same thing happened to me with this game! It really messed with my computer in that I had to shut it down cold, and after it came back up, it went thru a series of "CHKDSK" files & found and deleted a "corrupted file". I have since lost the "Google page logo" AND my contact list in Gmail is screwed up. I don't know what else I will find.
I noticed that PlayFirst "joined" with BigFishGames recently and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the problems that are going on with the games. If it is, I certainly hope BFG does something about it quickly or they are going to lose customers. I have been a member since Oct. 08 and have NEVER had any problems with the games til recently.
I have had other games that have glitched on me and I am a HOG enthusiast and am always disappointed when I have to "uninstall" and haven't been able to play a game.
I know BFG will listen to its' customers and if they find a problem it will be fixed. However, with what happened to me with THIS game, I won't be trying it again..
 posted in Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship on Jun 27, 09 10:47 PM
hi everybody... I just finished playing the one hr demo for this game and I really DID enjoy it, however, I ran into some glitches like other members have... I have XP and normally I don't have any problem playing games on it.. but this time the cursor kept shaking and flashing during the WHOLE time I played!! I don't change my resolution for any of the games.. it is always the same.. but that flashing nearly drove me nuts!! (Well, I MIGHT already BE nuts!!) I also had the screen just black out on me and because it lasted up to about 45 seconds to a minute each time, I began to wonder if that was the way the game was designed, or there was a problem with it.. of course I read the comments in the forum AFTER the hr was up and found others have had the blackouts too.
I don't want to buy it if it's going to be doing that thru the game... does anyone know if there is an updated model coming out soon? Or do I just have to have an "oh well" moment?
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on May 19, 09 8:35 AM
to cesse47.... a Big Big thank you!!! I have been stuck for literally MONTHS on this one puzzle... I could get the first 3 but on the 4th one I would get so frustrated I would quit!! Kept going back to it tho... Finally, I went to the forum (ya, shoulda done THAT a while ago!)... read thru some of the posts and came across your advice to go to the website for a walkthrough!! Yayyyyy!! I was able to copy the puzzle pieces shown. Now I can move on with the rest of the game!! Thanks!!
 posted in The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus on Dec 29, 08 8:27 AM
Yayyyy!! I FINALLY got thru the cards!! I love HO games, but if I had known from the demo that there were so many of these kind of puzzles, I wouldn't have purchased it!!
I was ready to give up after getting only ONE of the cards completed, I got upset and just took my mouse and wiggled the cursor all over the card I was working on and all of a sudden the WHOLE mid-section of the card appeared and I was able to finish it!! I did the same thing with the next two and it worked for me!! helped get rid of a little frustration too!! THEN I was able to enjoy a little bit more of the HO part and then I came to the FIREBALLS !! UGH!! Able to figure out two of them but not the third!! I am SOOOOO irritated with this game... I let the last of about 5 minutes on the timer run out thinking I could POSSIBLY ignore it! Nope... any more suggestions out there?? Thanks!!
 posted in The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus on Dec 24, 08 7:45 AM
big big thanks!! So there IS hope!! I'm excited to get back to the game now.... BUT you know what today is, and instead of playing my game, I must do totally last minute shopping & spend Christmas Eve with my family and friends... may everyone enjoy and be blessed and be sure and remember the reason for the season... Merry Christmas!!
 posted in The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus on Dec 24, 08 12:45 AM
debsterling.... GREAT advice!! re: those exasperating cards!! Following your lead, I was able to get FURTHER than I have before, but once you have it filled in all the way around, I am unable to get the correct pattern down the middle without messing up the rest!! Got any secrets??? Also, does it matter which picture is first? Whoever designed this part of the game was a real genius to come up with this!!
Need help!! please! I want to play, but I can't cuz I'm stuck!!
Thanks again for the help so far...
 posted in The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus on Dec 22, 08 11:39 AM
Well, I am certainly glad to see that others are stuck on that mini-game of cards... has anyone figured out WHAT to do? I also used all my skips & now I can't get anywhere.. it WAS fun while it lasted.. I really enjoy all the HO games that have come out, but these little puzzles really get to me sometimes. I am looking forward to BFG coming out with Mystery PI, New York Fortune... LOVE the Mystery PI games.. I played the demo on another game website (shhhh!!) Fun!! Anyway, hope someone posts soon how to get past these cards! thanks!
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 23, 08 6:45 AM
Thanks for the advice... I was afraid it might be a glitch... and yes.. it IS fun.... looks like I need some customer tech support...
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