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 posted in Building the Great Wall of China 2 on May 31, 17 5:31 PM
Have you purchased the upgrade? On the map screen you have to click "Upgrades" in the top left corner, and then the first option in the top middle is "Main Camp". You have to have enough coins from completing levels to buy an upgrade. Unlike other games in this genre, you don't get more options automatically, you get them by earning coins (or points basically) and then purchasing upgrades that you can use on levels.

Then when you are in any level, even previous levels you already played, you can upgrade buildings to whatever level you have purchased up to. Don't forget to go to "Achievements" from the map screen, because you can claim coins there that you can use to buy upgrade with also.
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China 2 on May 31, 17 5:28 PM
The game only has 40 levels. It says so in the game description - just click on the picture of the game above to see the game page.
 posted in Flying Islands Chronicles on Jun 13, 16 7:02 PM
There are no numbers on the levels but I counted and I think its level 21. It's the sixth level on the second island, where you have to shut down the pump that's putting out the poison. The problem is that you need gold to both build the town hall and to have the town councilman get rid of the poison - and the poison is blocking the house that puts out the gold. It costs 2 gold to build the town hall and 2 gold to get rid of the poison in front of the house, but there's only 3 gold available to workers without moving the poison. Does anyone else see a way to make this work or is the game unplayable at this level?
 posted in Flying Islands Chronicles on Jun 13, 16 6:59 PM
The soldiers won't fight the thieves automatically. You have to click on the thief (or enemy soldier when you get to higher levels) each time to get the soldier to fight the thief. It's not actually necessary to fight the thief; you can just ignore them. If your worker picks up what they were going after, the thief will turn around; if not, they will steal it and the worst that happens is you lose the production from that building that time.

When you get to enemy soldiers you do have to fight them every time because a) your workers will finish their current task but won't start a new one until the enemy is gone and b) they can destroy buildings.

I did have a bug where the soldier disappeared after fighting the thieves on one level. I restarted the level and didn't use him for that and successfully completed it.
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