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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 17 9:33 PM
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such detailed answers!!! I'm off to find me some ladies
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 17 12:22 AM
I'm trying to move forward in this challenge but haven't a clue on how to find the ladies enchanted egg... as for finding it in the forums, also not sure how... never find the topic I need at the moment I need it... going through thousands of posts is insane, especially when there's ridiculous ads such as male enhancement ads allowed to remain taking up space.... sorry for the rant but frustration takes hold in the forums often!! LOL ?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 20, 16 9:42 PM
Hi Annelliegram, I've tried to find the link you've posted (a couple places) and no luck... I'm also so confused... I use a tiny iPhone (and struggle constantly with the game on a whole)... I know you're ALWAYS so helpful and thank you for that but can I trouble you again for help?! On top of an iPhone 5s, my phone was dropped (and not even by me this time lol)and I'm dealing with a cracked screen so figuring things out seems to be a bit of a problem... not sure what to do for the event... already spent too many diamonds and I can't figure out where everything went ... Thank you in advance Annelliegram or anybody else that can help... Wish me luck... Happy hunting everybody!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 20, 16 9:21 PM
On my itty bitty iPhone 5s is the only way I've ever played this game and I'm at level 49!!! Hahaha Does anybody know if I'll be able to transfer to an iPad when I finally get one?! I'm really hoping so... that might give me the incentive to stop buying shoes and shopping at Costco!!! Lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 22, 16 10:12 AM
Can somebody please explain how a pile of coins can payout 1 coin!?! I get silver and gold chests and for example, there were 6 piles of coins and 2 paid out 200 or 400 coins and the other 4 piles of coins paid only 1 coin per pile...REALLY?!?! Is there anybody that has been explained this stupidity?! I've searched random fourm pages but can't find this question... On that note... Does anybody know how to do a specific search for a question without going through numerous pages?? I use my tiny 5s iPhone to play and it takes forever to scroll lol... Thanx for any answers
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 28, 16 11:54 AM
What are the pink boxes, I haven't seen them yet... I'm level 45 so I'm assuming there's a few levels to go lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 16 6:32 PM
Me too please!!! Serena i1337468... Please don't think I'm ignoring you once I accept you... Not sure why but I'm not able to open up the wish list of new friends right away ... Eventually they open (all but one )
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 16 12:29 PM
After struggling with giving gifts, I found it's sometimes better to buy the gifts than give them from my supply (unless I have more than 10 of something lol), you can give better things than stamps and items needed for quests ... I'm new to the forums and I've never communicated with anybody in my friends list... Didn't know you could until I started using the forums lol... I give 10 gifts away daily and only see one or two every couple days... I give to help and not really expecting back (although gotta admit, it would be nice to receive ) but just seems not right that there's so many people out here that have big items in their list but never help others in return... Even with the basic items... I'm open to more friends but don't know how to accumulate more.. I've entered names and Id #'s only to be told they don't exist (when I know they do), so if anybody wants a new friend, I'm always open to new friendships
If interested, I'm Serena i1337468 I have invites out (many haven't accepted) and ones that have, I don't even know if they've stop playing the game as I never hear from them (I keep them for the season me more places to search lol) Also quick question... I have one specific friend who gives me the odd gift but I can't open up her list to return any gifts, how do I fix that? It happened once before but fixed its self after a few days and I don't know how... It's been happening with her since she accepted my friend request a month ago...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 16 12:11 PM
Thanx Tzeitel99 and Astra, that answers everything.... I'm leaving that lady alone to find her own shards!!! Lol
I just started using this community and I'm so glad I did, you've all been wonderful with your patience and help... Still learning the proper etiquette on responding to all who answer or how to partake in topics (I've literally never used forums before lol)... I've had so many questions but I don't know how to find the original questions I know have surely been asked and answered before... I see there's hundreds of topics but going through 600 pages seems crazy to me... I can't find the search for a topic in the specific game fourm we're in, only the search for all games, Is there a simpler way to search?
Again, thank you for your help... Hope to chat again
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 8, 16 12:11 AM
Don't know how to search through the hundreds of posts so I'll ask here since the topic appears close... I've spent 3 days and Thousands of coins on the wheel trying to get the one diamond... HOW do I do it?!?! I've been pretty much completing my daily challenges before the next one opens up but 3 days now?!?! Can somebody PLEASE help????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 16 8:32 AM
Woohoo, I UNDERSTAND!!! I finally saw the ring I heard about... I never took notice before and the reason I haven't f is he'd full parts of he quests is because didn't want to wast my items if there was only the little payout that are given after each quest... I wondered why a couple times I actually got more gifts lol... Thank you Gr3esyHalfling
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 2, 16 10:02 PM
I'm on level 41 so maybe I'm missing something but what are blue keys (is it the blue shards)? I'm new to the forums (today is first time)and although I can see that I'll be a regular (since I've much to learn)...
I do notice that Trina takes my shards and converts them to keys every 200 so how do we accumulate them AND keys?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 2, 16 9:14 PM
Now I'm really showing my blondness *blush* .. Just saw what you mean by the letter U... It's on the description page... I'll do some more reading to try to find out how to © lets 3-5-10 part quests... Thanx for your patience in explaining
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 2, 16 9:03 PM
Now I'm REALLY confused ... I don't get letters with the wizard above the pets... Just the creepy dude that always changes from young to old etc...(perfect analogy btw lol) there's never any thing other than the regular challenges... I'm going to checkout the link you suggested... Thank you so much... I'm at level 41 and never used forums (from ANY site for that matter) before so I'm not sure how to use it... This game makes me crazy enough to actually search for other like minded crazy castle people!!! Hahaha it's kind of a love hate relationship with Midnight Castle... I've lots of questions and if I thought I needs a map for the Casle, I DEFINITELY Will need one for the forums... Thanx again Plummiss
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 2, 16 10:46 AM
I'm sorry but I'm still not understanding what the daily quest is... PLEASE HELP!!!??

Ok, I've gone to the forum suggests and I have NO IDEA what is being explained!!! I've been completing the lists but NOTHING?... I've looked at my achievements board and NOT ONE daily quest has been achieved (3, 5, or 10 day ones)... I usually grasp concepts pretty good but I'm kinda feeling like a dummy?on this one... Can somebody explain it like I'm a complete newbie to his game...PLEASE?! ???(forever in your debt?)
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